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The Chase for Killer Croc

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Blüdhaven/Toronto 2010

Photographer/full shoot: Solar Tempest
Costume: Heroes in Tights

So... I got desperate for poses so I attacked the Toronto Sewer system >.>
Hope you like.

It's not often I wear a costume I don't make,
but for my Birthday this year my friends surprised me with a Nightwing costume!

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Jun 18, 2010, 8:41:52 PM
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Bro, you gotta start wearing this again. :D
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I ... I wanted to write a comment. But then I got distracted. And forgot what I was going to write. XD So um, great job! *blushes*
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My apologies =P
I'm glad you liked it.
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This costume is bad ass.
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This photo is really nice I would say!
And the costume is also spot on ;-) Great work!
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Woo get down and dirty!!11!!eleventy one :iconhurrhurrplz: sorry i'll behave, i promise i'll stop comming onto you lol -cough ahem- This is a great pose, very dynamic. The costume is perfect, what i like about Nightwings outfit is it's perfect for his acrobatic esque fighting skills, no cape to get caught in tings and the like. I like your mask too.
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:D Thanks
I kinda wanna make some Nightwing costumes. I love his new one from Under the Red Hood and as much as it's horrendously ugly, I kind wanna make his old school feathered suit =P
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lol that is well disco! I say go for it, i haven't seen anyone do it, or pull it off but i'd personally lve t see Nightwings old outfit, complete with john travolta style collar! two thumbs up :)
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Great costume! Great pic :D
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ur costume sucks
make a new costume
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Worst critique ever!
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Great photo, I enjoy getting the sense of making a run for it! There would be only 3 things I'd add/change <:D. One, just add a tint to the image so it can feel like it's night and gritty :). Two, have a metal staff laying near by <3 he's so awesome with that! Three, some good boots tight so they don't look clunky :D :heart: :heart: :heart:.

Please don't take this harshly, I think it's wonderful photo. But I always see dA a way for artist to grow from the help of others :D Can't wait to see more of this cosplay you pull it off so very nicely :).
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You are a brave soul.
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I do what I must to keep my city safe...
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How many people have peed on that manhole...? ;A;
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Great costume! You really look the part!
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You. Make. An. Amazing. Nightwing.
'Nuff said.
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I love nightwiiiing... and u look very great in that suit! it just fits you :)
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:D Thanks!
I'm glad you like the look.
More photos to come!
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What a beautiful costume! Vivid colors, nice sheen on the blue. And you make a really sexy Nightwing 8D I love the background on this, great atmosphere.
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The background is the barricades a week before the G20 in Toronto.
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