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SA: Battle for the Skies! by stargazer-eyes SA: Battle for the Skies! :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 4 0
SA: Wing Ceremony II
I watched helplessly in tears as Hoja was ensnared and carried away, the dark clouds below beginning to close in to swallow me. I quickly pulled my sailcloth out of my bag pouch and latched it onto my shoulder ring before a turbulent wind violently ripped it away from my grasp. The cord whipped against my face cruelly as if punishing me for losing Hoja to the Bokoblins. I turned myself slightly to the side to see how much distance I had left before I met with the surface, to see how much time I had left in this world. What a mistake that was. I slammed into the soft warm dirt against my arm - the one the deku baba so gladly chewed up for me - the one I was told not to put too much pressure or force on.
I let out a muffled groan as my sailcloth landed softly over my head. How was I even still alive? I laid there for a bit, bruised and sore, trying to recover myself. The environment was different, yet familiar. Warmer than Skyloft, it reminded me of home for some reason.
'...Home! Tha
:iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 0 0
Bad Fashion by stargazer-eyes Bad Fashion :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 2 0 CD-I and Animated Series by stargazer-eyes CD-I and Animated Series :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 4 4 Zelda 2 Sketches by stargazer-eyes Zelda 2 Sketches :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 0 0 Color Pencil Practice by stargazer-eyes Color Pencil Practice :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 28 4 Zelda 2 Link Felt Doll by stargazer-eyes Zelda 2 Link Felt Doll :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 8 6 OoA: Mermaid Suit by stargazer-eyes OoA: Mermaid Suit :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 17 9 Smile! by stargazer-eyes Smile! :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 5 0 Colors by stargazer-eyes Colors :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 22 0 Bleed by stargazer-eyes Bleed :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 16 3 Winter Link by stargazer-eyes Winter Link :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 2 0 Winter Rin by stargazer-eyes Winter Rin :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 5 0 Winter Rinku by stargazer-eyes Winter Rinku :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 5 2 DoFD: Secret Santa by stargazer-eyes DoFD: Secret Santa :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 6 3 Classic Me by stargazer-eyes Classic Me :iconstargazer-eyes:stargazer-eyes 5 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I love the Legend of Zelda, specifically the old handhelds ones.

I ship ALttPxAoL. Respect my opinion and I'll respect yours.


I've been here for 6 years. Mostly fanart, I do have some original characters and original ideas but I'm terrible at writing and can't get it down in words before I draw it out so I don't get off track. All the ideas I have get stuck in my head and no one really knows about them except for my little sister. She knows all the spoilers.

Used to draw Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Vocaloid, Portal, and now I'm on the Legend of Zelda. I don't think I'm going to be going back to some of that previous stuff anytime soon hahaha. As usual I have ideas for everything but it's never going to be drawn or written out. The farthest I got in anything was Naruto but that came to a screeching halt due to personal reasons.

I think I've improved over the years, but not much. Drawing isn't a career option for me so I never tried to really's a hobby, I do it for fun, and improvement comes whenever I guess. Some traditional works, some cardboard crafting, but mostly digital drawings since it's a bit of a hassle to scan and upload images.

Looking through the gallery I do see some literature works with some ideas, some poetry, some darker thoughts and words...some of them are actually from dreams I had that sounded like good story ideas, they just need some cleaning up.


NaNoWriMo 2011Nine minutes left on the clock. Another month wasted, another month gone past. What have you been doing the past twenty nine days? Nothing; that's the answer you're looking for.
Seven minutes left. Time is not kind. It has no regard for feelings. If you're not cautious time will slip through your fingers like water.
Six minutes. Why am I counting down? This is stupid. I'm stupid. I've lost so much time, wasted so much time. What am I going to do now?
Five minutes. I'm not sure what to write down. I never meet the goals that I set. Sad is it not? It's a terrible feeling, not meeting your own criteria.
Four minutes. She said not to think, to just write everything out, to spit it all out onto paper. I have but a few minutes left. What should I say? I'm not sure.
Three minutes. Did you know I like music boxes? They're interesting. Please don't buy me jewelry. Yes, they're pretty, and you might find me eyeing them, but please don't buy them for me. I will never wear it anyways.
Two minutes.

No thinking, just writing.

Strong and DarkStrong and dark
Not quite outspoken, yet bold in a way
Leaving fame for those seeking attention
Creating a path for others to follow
Leading down many adventures
The ups and the down
The strong dark figure was always there
Helping them along the way
But then one day strong and dark disappeared
The left behind began to dissipate
Creating new paths
Paths of their own
Strong and dark was lost
In a world known to some
Stuck in a delusion
Ready to pull the trigger
Too full of pride
Yet not bold enough
Unable to ask
Scared that strength would leave
Strong and dark
Hopeless and weak
Alone and lost
With no hope left
Trigger to the head
Finger to the slip
Diamonds crashing to the floor
Strong and dark has one last request
"…help me…"

Still yet to make a real story out of this.

SA: NomNomNom by stargazer-eyes    SA: Hey! by stargazer-eyes  Hard Landings by stargazer-eyes
Skyward Sword OC for a role-play group. Sometimes I forget she only has one hand...

   Clock by stargazer-eyes     Do you think... by stargazer-eyes Flash Comic: Where Do You Belong? by stargazer-eyes    Flash Comic: Difficulties of Link by stargazer-eyes  Save the Earth Demo by stargazer-eyes
All Flash stuff.

Drops of Jupiter by stargazer-eyes  *grumble grumble* by stargazer-eyes  CD-i Zelda by stargazer-eyes  4 is better than 1 by stargazer-eyes
Classic Chibi Links by stargazer-eyes  Dancing by stargazer-eyes   Defiance by stargazer-eyes  No More Tears Link by stargazer-eyes
Legend of Zelda stuff 'cause that's more recent stuff that actually looks good...

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