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SGA Fans!!!

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A fanclub for fans of the scifi tv show Stargate Atlantis.
Founded 14 Years ago
Mar 16, 2005

North America

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Fan Club

769 Members
1,090 Watchers
206,774 Pageviews
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elektra - Marvel by maremellis

Mature Content

elektra - Marvel (2) by maremellis

Mature Content

Elastigirl - The Incredibles by maremellis

Mature Content

Ashe - Overwatch by maremellis
STARGATE-ATLANTIS: Planets of Triangulum by ulimann644
STARGATE-ATLANTIS: Faster than light by ulimann644
CatWoman Face by maremellis
See you on the other side by Ellysiumn
Icons, Manips, Sigs, Banners, Crafts, Memes
Lights on the water by karla90
The city remembers by karla90
Chaya 02 Space by karla90
Chaya 01 Atlantis by karla90
Rodney McKay stamp by Shaka-malaka
Apollonia Vanova by AdaDirenni
Rachel Stamp by AdaDirenni
Weir Stamp by Trounced
Fancomics - Doujinshi
Hive 53 - COAR - Page 10 by Draco-Stellaris
Happy 10th anniversary Hive 53! by Draco-Stellaris

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Join Me On Patreon by maremellis

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Agent Liana by maremellis
Dead Hearts by ArcherBlack
Resources, Ships, Space, Stargate, Atlantis
STARGATE-ATLANTIS: DAEDALUS-CLASS - for Lightwave by ulimann644
Tech Journal 03 - Daedalus-class [CANON] by NepsterCZ
Atlantis Tower Wip (three light variations) by SheppardOneill
304-class battlecruiser USS Odyssey by NepsterCZ
Flash, Gif
Wraith MGM 02 Animation by karla90
Opening screensaver from SGA (gif) by tatyankaWraith
Wraith hive.(gif) by tatyankaWraith
Wraith scout ship 2.(gif) by tatyankaWraith
Stargate Competition by Stargatefanatic123
Contest 2 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 3 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 4 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
John Sheppard
Lt. Col. John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis fan-art) by DarkenLyght
Joe Flanigan miniature by whu-wei
Routine V1 by DoktorSkiffian
Routine V2 by DoktorSkiffian
Teyla Emmagan
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Teyla Emmagan 1 by JonDjulvezan
Rodney Mckay
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Rodney McKay by JonDjulvezan
Elizabeth Weir
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Elizabeth Weir 2 by JonDjulvezan
Carson Beckett
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Carson Beckett by JonDjulvezan
Radek Zelenka
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card  Dr Radek Zelenka by JonDjulvezan
Jennifer Keller
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Jennifer Keller by JonDjulvezan
Adien Ford
SGA/Terminator - Aiden Ford by tarlanx
Ronon Dex
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Ronon Dex by JonDjulvezan
Evan Lorne
Lorne - Doppelganger 2 by Murtibat
Samantha Carter
Stargate SG1 Sam Carter Sketch Card 4 by JonDjulvezan
Richard Woolsey
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Richard Woolsey by JonDjulvezan
Daniel Jackson
Stargate SG1 Daniel Jackson Sketch Card by JonDjulvezan
Jack O'Neill
Stargate SG1 Jack O'Neill Sketch Card by JonDjulvezan
Wraith, Asgard, Aliens
Wraith Anatomy Studies 1 - Work in Progress by Ganjamira
Groups - Team
Sgareversebang 2013 by tarlanx
Way back home by BlackyKitten
Other Characters, Misc.
Iratus bug by T-Nightingale
Contest 8
Competition Entry Power Ranger by Stargatefanatic123
Contest 9
Three Little Pigs - SGA style by GeniusBee
Contest 10
Be All My Sins Remember'd by The-Black-Addiction

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Request: Lucius X Todd (Valentine's Day Special) by Beyworld101

Mature Content

The New Order by maremellis
Goku vs Jiren by VMJML1er
Conventions, Sets, Photography
ZPM by talpimado
Original Characters
Ruins of Larris by talpimado
Contest 11
Jennifer Keller by Melody-Kondrael
Contest 12
Contest 13
Atlantice couple by Himitsu4Schuu
Contest 14
Broken Pieces by Fun2day
Contest 15
Wraith Calendar Project
December 2015.Wraith Calendar. by tatyankaWraith
Contest 16
Skateboarding Atlantis by Mella68
Contest 17
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89
Past Contest Winners
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89


Stargate Atlantis  Cosplay [medic] by SilverVelvet Stargate Atlantis Cosplay [medic] :iconsilvervelvet:SilverVelvet 4 2 Stargate Command ~ Tribute by Ellysiumn Stargate Command ~ Tribute :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 420 48 The Raccoon Queen by SilberKugel72 The Raccoon Queen :iconsilberkugel72:SilberKugel72 2 3 Stargate by Gustvoc Stargate :icongustvoc:Gustvoc 3 0 Stargate - testing colours part 2 by FireVerseCeramics Stargate - testing colours part 2 :iconfireverseceramics:FireVerseCeramics 17 6 Staaaaaaaaaaaaargaaaaaaaate Pumpkin Light Version by johwee Staaaaaaaaaaaaargaaaaaaaate Pumpkin Light Version :iconjohwee:johwee 63 26
To keep you safe
When we stepped through the gate, I instantly knew it had been a mistake to even come here. We were under fire in an instant and could only save our lives by finding shelter behind the DHD (Daniel) and some rocks loosely lying around on the ground (the rest of us). It was dark all around us, so I assumed the Jaffa were firing on luck alone, because they could have hardly seen us in the brief moment we emerged from the event horizon.
‘What the hell are we even doing here?’ I shouted out angrily, putting on my night-vision goggles, grunting about the impressive amount of Jaffa I got presented with as soon as I could see.
‘The Tok’ra say there are prisoners here, Sam.’ Daniel reminded me.
‘Can’t they free their prisoners themselves?’ I heard Jack growl somewhere to the right. His personal ongoing quarrel with the Tok’ra was all too understandable, especially at times like this, but we didn’t have a choice whatsoever. ‘Or ar
:iconananya-talvi:Ananya-Talvi 1 0
Starwars gate by Kelowanablue Starwars gate :iconkelowanablue:Kelowanablue 31 7 Rhys, the Wraith by the-evil-legacy Rhys, the Wraith :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 125 138 SGA - Vegas by the-evil-legacy SGA - Vegas :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 107 119 Todd the Wraith by starxade Todd the Wraith :iconstarxade:starxade 132 39 In the Pale Moonlight by astridv In the Pale Moonlight :iconastridv:astridv 245 70 Todd by GvonR Todd :icongvonr:GvonR 112 65 Spike, the Wraith by the-evil-legacy Spike, the Wraith :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 71 112 009 Start a fire by BellaBlackCullen 009 Start a fire :iconbellablackcullen:BellaBlackCullen 1 0





Don't forget to go wish David Nykl @DNykl aka Radek Zelenka a very happy 48th birthday on February 7th!!!
Don't forget to wish these lovelies a happy birthday next month.

JoeFlanigan (Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard): January 5, 1967
PaulyMcGillion (Doctor Carson Beckett): January 5, 1969
rachel_luttrell (Teyla Emmagan): January 19, 1971
Claire Rankin (Doctor Kate Heightmeyer): January 23, 1974
andersonrdean (Major General Jack O'Neill) - January 23, 1950
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