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SGA Fans!!!

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A fanclub for fans of the scifi tv show Stargate Atlantis.
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Mar 16, 2005

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SGR Chapter 273: Iskh and Ishkus by SheldonOswaldLee
SGR:IG Chapter 32: Ida Galaxy Sternogata Network by SheldonOswaldLee
SGR:IG Chapter 30: The Arsenal by SheldonOswaldLee
SGR:NID Chapter 68: North Africa Baal and Carthago by SheldonOswaldLee
Daedalus - Galactic Shephard by djvoltz
SGA-S2Ep1-221120 by Catzen
SGA-S1Ep12-161120 by Catzen
SGA-S1Ep1-031120 by Catzen
Icons, Manips, Sigs, Banners, Crafts, Memes
(SGA) Lantean men uniform 2 by KaHa-77
(SGA) Lantean men uniform 4 by KaHa-77
New Alterans - white green women and male uniform by KaHa-77
(SGA) Lanteans/New Alterans uniform 1 by KaHa-77
Apollonia Vanova by AdaDirenni
Rachel Stamp by AdaDirenni
Weir Stamp by Trounced
Carson Beckett Stamp by Maridia99
Fancomics - Doujinshi
Hiveship Holidays 2020 by Draco-Stellaris
Trouble with Earth Authorities by Draco-Stellaris
Just your ordinary day on Hive 53 by Draco-Stellaris
The real reason why Wraith don't tell names by WhirlwindVio
SGRK Chapter 19: Goa'uld Space Station by SheldonOswaldLee
SGRK Chapter Nine: Repliorg by SheldonOswaldLee
SQM Chapter 292: NID in control? by SheldonOswaldLee
SGR Chapter 260 Terran or Tauri Patriotism by SheldonOswaldLee
Resources, Ships, Space, Stargate, Atlantis
(SGA) Green world by KaHa-77
Lantean Warships by Euderion
Stargate - Beyond the Gate - Size Chart 1 2022 by Mallacore
Tau'ri overall Sepat Nome sector province map WIP by SheldonOswaldLee
Flash, Gif
Stargate Competition by Stargatefanatic123
Contest 2 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 3 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
Contest 4 Voting by StargateAtlantisClub
John Sheppard
Joe Flanigan miniature by whu-wei
Routine V1 by DoktorSkiffian
Teyla Emmagan
(SGA) Teyla Emmagan costume by KaHa-77
Rodney Mckay
Elizabeth Weir
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Elizabeth Weir 2 by JonDjulvezan
Carson Beckett
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Carson Beckett by JonDjulvezan
Radek Zelenka
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card  Dr Radek Zelenka by JonDjulvezan
Jennifer Keller
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Jennifer Keller by JonDjulvezan
Adien Ford
SGA/Terminator - Aiden Ford by tarlanx
Ronon Dex
#Selfie With Aquaman by Beyworld101
Evan Lorne
Lorne - Doppelganger 2 by Murtibat
Samantha Carter
Stargate SG1 Sam Carter Sketch Card 4 by JonDjulvezan
Richard Woolsey
Stargate Atlantis Sketch Card Dr Richard Woolsey by JonDjulvezan
Daniel Jackson
Stargate SG1 Daniel Jackson Sketch Card by JonDjulvezan
Jack O'Neill
Stargate SG1 Jack O'Neill Sketch Card by JonDjulvezan
Wraith, Asgard, Aliens
Nazi German Jaffa by SheldonOswaldLee
Groups - Team
Stranded by Ganjamira
Way back home by BlackyKitten
Other Characters, Misc.
Inktober Day 15 - Legend by WhirlwindVio
Contest 8
Competition Entry Power Ranger by Stargatefanatic123
Contest 9
Three Little Pigs - SGA style by GeniusBee
Contest 10
Be All My Sins Remember'd by The-Black-Addiction
Fooled Around and Fell in Love - Sparky Wedding by Lantis-Erin
Wraith Queen with crossed arms by WhirlwindVio
Nobody Wants That by WhirlwindVio
Conventions, Sets, Photography
ZPM by wanderer1988
Original Characters
Ruins of Larris by wanderer1988
Contest 11
Jennifer Keller by Melody-Kondrael
Contest 12
Contest 13
Atlantice couple by Himitsu4Schuu
Contest 14
Broken Pieces by Fun2day
Contest 15
Contest 16
Skateboarding Atlantis by Mella68
Contest 17
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89
Past Contest Winners
SuperWraith Tania by Hellraiser-89


Stargate Atlantis  Cosplay [medic] by SilverVelvet Stargate Atlantis Cosplay [medic] :iconsilvervelvet:SilverVelvet 3 2 Stargate Command ~ Tribute by Ellysiumn Stargate Command ~ Tribute :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 448 49 The Raccoon Queen by SilberKugel72 The Raccoon Queen :iconsilberkugel72:SilberKugel72 1 3 Stargate by Gustvoc Stargate :icongustvoc:Gustvoc 3 0 Stargate - testing colours part 2 by FireVerseCeramics Stargate - testing colours part 2 :iconfireverseceramics:FireVerseCeramics 17 6 Staaaaaaaaaaaaargaaaaaaaate Pumpkin Light Version by johwee Staaaaaaaaaaaaargaaaaaaaate Pumpkin Light Version :iconjohwee:johwee 61 26 Starwars gate by Kelowanablue Starwars gate :iconkelowanablue:Kelowanablue 32 7 Rhys, the Wraith by the-evil-legacy Rhys, the Wraith :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 128 138 SGA - Vegas by the-evil-legacy SGA - Vegas :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 105 119 Todd the Wraith by starxade Todd the Wraith :iconstarxade:starxade 133 39 In the Pale Moonlight by astridv In the Pale Moonlight :iconastridv:astridv 262 70 Todd by GvonR Todd :icongvonr:GvonR 115 65 Spike, the Wraith by the-evil-legacy Spike, the Wraith :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 69 112 009 Start a fire by BellaBlackCullen 009 Start a fire :iconbellablackcullen:BellaBlackCullen 1 0 Samantha Carter by I-Tharbad-I Samantha Carter :iconi-tharbad-i:I-Tharbad-I 4 1





Don't forget to go wish David Nykl @DNykl aka Radek Zelenka a very happy 48th birthday on February 7th!!!
Don't forget to wish these lovelies a happy birthday next month.

JoeFlanigan (Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard): January 5, 1967
PaulyMcGillion (Doctor Carson Beckett): January 5, 1969
rachel_luttrell (Teyla Emmagan): January 19, 1971
Claire Rankin (Doctor Kate Heightmeyer): January 23, 1974
andersonrdean (Major General Jack O'Neill) - January 23, 1950
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DoctorVeruct Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2021
Page 473 July 30, 2021 of "Science" Issue 6554 Volume 373 has a an article called "A Hunt For Alien Artifacts" describes how a Harvard University Physicist is conducting a "Galileo Project" where they take Eric Von Daniken's  "Shaggy God Stories" and Ed Wood's "UFO Flying Saucer" stories seriously. 

Executive Producer of  "Ancient Aliens" would be impressed.        
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