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Birthday cake -18 years old-

I made this pic with my mobile phone xD
I allways want to cut the pharaoh xD

[Pic] - [link]
[Yami/Atemu/Yuugiou/Yu-Gi-Oh!] - Kazuki Takahashi
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LG Electronics
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4 mm
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Nov 30, 2001, 12:00:00 AM
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Jaar... Jaar.. Je bent een Nederlander!
Celiyan's avatar
Yay! I'm not a loner! ;D
StarFlucks's avatar
You never will be~!! :dummy:
Celiyan's avatar
Yay! Okay, nu heb ik zin in tosti's ;u;
Tilsha-Rune's avatar
Hehe Awesome. I had a Marik/Malik cake for my 19th b-day.
ObliviusMoon's avatar
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SO COOL!!! you are so lucky!!! I wanted to do a Yuugi-Cak for my birthday but my parents looked at me like I was stupid and said no XDDD
My god I want a slice of this cake!!! >////<
Jacky-Hell-Oween's avatar
coolest birthday cake ever. >u< <3
StarFlucks's avatar
and soon there will be a another one :dummy: n.n
Jacky-Hell-Oween's avatar
Oh really? can I get one piece? X'D
Fisukenka's avatar
Omg that's cool! 8D Wonder how did you made that picture. It is just a paper? O 3 O
StarFlucks's avatar
The cake was made for me by a company that do that here :dummy: you can put everything on it you want :happybounce:
Fisukenka's avatar
Oh cool : O Why we don't have anything like that in here gnaa.
StarFlucks's avatar
XDD I like yours at least you made it yourself <w<
yugiohfreakXD's avatar
waaaa!!!!! dat looks sooo delicious!! (in a food & sexual way) :drool:
Lazy-Gamer's avatar
That's the sexiest cake I've ever seen. :icondemtittaysplz:
StarFlucks's avatar
I know right xD >3
Els-e's avatar
OMG I want that cake XD
StarFlucks's avatar
to bad for you xD
I cut his nose first then xD
and I eat his eye xD

Man i sound like a maniaca o.O
Els-e's avatar
Doet me denken aan een 25 jarig jubileum bij mij op werk XD De receptioniste was 25 jaar in dienst en had haar foto dus op de taarten.
Was een collega die haar niet mocht, die meteen de kop eraf sneed XD Heel creepy op zo'n moment.
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