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(FOTJ NCP) Cambro Zeneris
Basic Information  ||
Name: Cambro Zeneris
Nickname/Alias: Cat-o-nines Cambro
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Umbaran
Current Age: 65
Profession: Military cadet trainer
Physical Information  ||
Height: 5’11 ft.
Weight: 217 lbs
Appearance Cambro has a tall slightly toned figure and is quite strong despite his appearance. his skin is a ghostly white color with light aging and a numerous count of scars from his years fighting. His face is lined with a chiseled jaw line covered in neatly trimmed white stubble, the Umbaran’s eyes are a pale periwinkle with a milky white film over his pupils, there are two scars that cross at the center of his fore head and go over his eyes. Cambro’s hair is a silvery white color shaved neatly into a military cre
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(FOTJ NCP) Tanari Maziku
Basic Information  ||
Name:  Tanari Maziku
Nickname/Alias: Dr. Maziku
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Togruta
Current Age: 48
Profession: Shady Scientist (former field doctor)
Physical Information  ||
Height: 5’7 ft
Weight: 118 lbs
Appearance Tanari has a petite figure with light blue skin that seemingly aged very little over her years. Her face is defined with high cheek bones tattooed with 3 vertical lines going from the bottom of her eyes down and on horizontal across her forehead separated by a dot in the center. Her eyes are always narrowed but reveal a piercing orange color but are constantly covered by a pair of glasses. The Togruta’s lekku reach all the way down to her hips and are white with black rings running down them, her mont
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The Trial of Nerkio
Summary: After the long harsh battle of Zaadja came to a conclusion the Jedi Knight Thalia Nerkio was heading back to the temple when she received a transmission: a sudden holomessage from the form the Jedi Council requesting her to come to a meeting. Confused but all the same curious the Knight agreed and a short while after she found herself at the doors of the meeting hall. She soon learned that the meeting was being held to offer her the trial to master hood to congratulate her for all her efforts in aiding the Jedi in the war. Thalia graciously accepted the offer and was sent back to her living quarters to wait for the trial to commence. A few hours past when the Jedi Councilor Poa Korro retrieved her and the two had a small conversation before reaching the entrance. Poa then proceeded to wish her luck and open the cave’s entrance allowing Thalia to begin her trial. At first the trial seemed oddly quiet but things soon changed when the Knight came ac
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Alchemy assignment 2
the tall shapeshifter quietly listened to the instructions listing them down in order as she heard them then began two right down the ingredients: 1 unicorn horn...ouch, 2 resident verdant, 2 diamond mistletoe berries, and 1 goat bezoar. Once the instructions and briefing was done she threw on her safety goggles as well as her lab coat before approaching her lab partner to introduce herself. After pulling up her hair she gave her partner a friendly grin "Im Lilly your lab partner and might i ask your name?"
Brittany was less than enthused which was quite sad for her as she really did want to learn how do scientifically create magical items. Though something about the idea of harnessing a unicorn horn just didn’t sit right with her. Though her mind was suddenly altered by the voice of a person beside her. “Huh.. What!? Oh! Right... Fuck.. Sorry.” She shifted around trying not to knock over her things in the ensuing chaos of coming back to reality. “Yeah, I’
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Legacy Academy Lilly v4

Lilly Corane 

[Alias/ Nicknames]
Liam (in male form)

[Age/ Age Equivalent]
18 shapeshifter years=18 human years

Genderless/Female (always seen in)

[Date of Birth] 
January 05


[Species/ Ethnicity] 
Mirroring Shapeshifter
It's species is known for having the ability to copy the appearance and voices of those who they have seen or heard. they have a silhouette human like appearance with obsidian colored skin, tails, and horns. though when young they can take on a self chosen form with both genders to walk among humans with out alerting them (though there are also those who live in the wild in packs with other shapeshifters, they are know as feral) . they can absorb flesh from animal corpses to add temporary body mass and can reattach their limbs/head if cut off. in order to defend themselves they can harden their skin by controlling the amount of skin that reverses back to their natural form. oddly enough they don't have any physical organs or bones aside from their heart and brain as well as their blood being an inky black liquid




131lbs/trueform: 262lbs

she is a generally sweet person but seems very blank emotionally having a constant empty look in her eyes that some find off putting. She can become your loyal friend just by asking her but her level of trust depends on how long she's known a person. Her go with the flow attitude makes her more relaxed, she’s a helpful individual and is very friendly. Lilly doesn’t normally talk much but she can still get through a conversation with gestures. Despite her appearance she actually considerably philosophical and usually has an answer for most issues. She does hold plenty of secrets behind that mask at which she has a tendency to hide things becoming a bit rude when people snoop and pry in her business. Lilly will get defensive and sometimes even violent if people mess with her friends or even associates but with not care if they mess with her. she does know when people aren't kind so she won’t usually talk to them (less than she would talk to someone she actually likes). Senseless violence is never her motto but if something pushes her enough to do it she doesn’t usually know when to stop having to be ripped from the fight in order cease her attack.

Lilly lived in a small town with her parents until her parents suddenly packed up their things and brought her to her aunt and uncle's home at the age of two. she never understood how dangerous the situation was at the time until years later but all she knew at the time was that they were leaving her. before they vanished into the night her mother hugged her telling her one last thing: "no matter what do not reveal the creature that you and your family are." and just like that they were gone.

As time went on she hid her abilities more and more while her guardians tried to teach her as much as they could about being a shapeshifter. she had only a small amount of friends and there was only one in particular who was actually aware of the fact she wasn't human. And everything seemed to be all right until the day she snapped. she was at the playground when a few kids started picking on her. she ignored them at first but it got to the point where they were hurting her. she changed back to her original form and scared them all away. she ran home to her aunt and uncle who had to think up of an excuse to tell the other people. when they came knocking at their door demanding them to hand over Lilly, when her aunt closed the door on them they busted it open hitting her aunt in the process. after seeing them hurt her aunt she changed into a monster and attacked them. when she changed back she was horrified to see that she had hurt so many people. they soon moved away from that town.

a few years later her aunt and uncle started noticing that she was becoming unstable. she started growing black veins along her face and the more unstable she became the worse the condition would get, and the couple were very aware of what they had to do if it got to far. her aunt gave her a mask to hide the veins but they knew at this rate it wouldn't be a permanent fix. they had to find a solution fast. that is when the received an interesting letter 

 [Attending the Academy]

after receiving the odd invitation she realized that she was not going to be able to maintain a stable life with out learning control. her aunt began to encourage her to go, so she could learn and be with people who would accept she decided go to this place to learn how to maintain and use her abilities to help people.
Its been a while since they got there but its certainty been the best school experience she ever had. she learned so much about others, made friends, and had been shown a kindness that they was never offered at their previous school. she's gotten a bit more comfortable around others which was unusual for them to do.
After spending almost a year at the academy it feels almost like a second home to her. she's built up friendships with people, learned how to create potions that can help others, and other things that will help her in the time to come. in staying there she's even seen that the instability has completely halted which she would have never expected to happen anywhere else.

[Ability (ies)  / Power(s)]
Shapeshifting: she can take on the form of another creature after seeing them. her weight doesn't change when she shapeshifts only her size and shape does. 

Voice change/mimic: she can mimic the voices of other people after hearing them talk

True form: she has her original form as a shapeshifter is a eerie black figure with ram horns, violet eyes, and a long tail her skin is also denser in that form so she is a bit more durable and hard enough to withstand things like bullets and allows her a greater amount of super strength. this how ever slows her down and she could have a tendency to loose track of enemies and friends making her attack anyone around her

reattachment: when her limbs cut off she can reattach them as long as the flesh is not completely ruined. her heart and brain have a "magnetic relation" so if she was decapitated the body instantly knows where the head is; though if another limb was removed she wouldn't have a clue where it is. (must be conscious to reattach limbs and etc)

Flesh absorption: she can absorb dead flesh to add to her body composition but foreign tissue will decay at the same rate until completely being gone. when she does this it allows her to shapeshift into larger things

Hardening: she can harden up parts of her body without having to fully revert back to her original form, in doing so she can prevent attacks from tearing through her that under normal circumstances easily could and increases her strength based on the amount of skin. a bullet would dent her skin instead of going through it


  • White mask given to by her aunt to hide her veins
  • an alchemy bag stocked with an alchemy book, a few ingredients, flint and steel, pedistal and mortar, and a few glass vials

[Weakness (es)/Downside(s)/ Allergies/ Health Concern(s)]

Shapeshifter: if she doesn't have complete focus she would mess up physical traits like adding extra body parts or forgetting some parts. if she keeps the form for to long then it puts stress on her mind causing temporary memory loss, the longer she tries to keep it the longer it takes for her to get her memories back . she can't shape shift into things too much bigger or smaller than her or it puts stress on her body.

Voice change/mimic: she can't copy personality or abilities special to the things she copies.

True form:When she hardens up she can become slower and more vulnerable to other attacks, Fire and electricity causes her skin to soften making it vulnerable 

Physical: fire and electricity can dismember her and damage her flesh beyond repair, once her flesh is badly damaged she can't use it anymore. if her heart or brain get hit it can kill her.

black veins: they occasionally give her sever headaches as well as making her a bit volatile and hemoptysis (only brought on by a lot of stress, excessive fighting, or high levels of anger)

 [Guide / Familiar / Pet] 

Zei (bewitched doll)

[Homeroom Class]


Dorm Room

Floor 2, Room 4

[Optional Information]

 Sexual Orientation 
heterosexual (based on apparent gender)

Parents: Antionio and Luna (Missing)
Grandma Amaryllis
Uncle Mateo and Aunt Carmine (legal guardians), 
Aunt Mia & Uncle Isaac (currently living feral)
Dante & Gabriel: twins 13
Lucas: 17

Celio Jourdain: "the first encounter wasn't exactly the most pleasant but we got past it and despite our clashing personalities we get along well" 
Renati Rursus: "she's a sweetheart, great listener, and fashionable. I can trust her with secrets and to help pick a last minute outfit that will turn heads... except for the last outfit she got me for Halloween was too much for me"
Russel Nilson: "we haven't exactly talked a lot but he's friendly and quite knowledgeable so if i ever have a question I know who to ask. but I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him since our last interaction under that spell... i can't believe i said those things to him"
Theodore Kent: "he's so sweet to have not let me spend the first dance I attended at the academy by myself"
Miki Tatsuko: "she's calm and polite, though our conversations have been limited she has always been respectful and helpful"
Ferra:"I defiantly got lucky in the roommate department she is quiet, respectful of others, and not crazy. we never have issues and we never really bother each other"
Brittany Gibbs:"we did an alchemy assignment together when we first met, she's intense and a bit intimidating but I can respect the fact she's willing to try and understand others better"
Sean Douglas:" he's quiet, sweet, and a great listener, if i ever needed to have a chat he'd be one of the first people I go to"

 Likes / Dislikes 

+Kind people
+learning new things
+making sweets
+Natural outdoor spaces
+animals (especially small ones) 

-brutal people
-People messing with her mask
-People treating her like a freak 
-wearing dresses or skirts

[Other Random or interesting Facts]

Tidbits: Her eyes glow in the dark
the black veins cover most of the right side of her face
Her favorite flowers are lotuses 
she rarely takes off her mask
She has a Spanish accent
her voice is always monotone no matter what she feels, and she has the same look on her face only changing her expressions slightly


Lilly Winter Solstice 2017
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeefinitely like this one better than last years



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

 Well i just got my wisdom teeth out this morning and i can bearly deal with simple objectives so do not worry if im not on quite as often in the next few days as i will be sore and a bit out of it also it is not to big of a deal i only had to do it once and they are gone so i will be fine but i can't operate correcty im having my friend type this up and im telling her what to right down. I will see all you lovelies soon and have a fantastic day 


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i am a total geek and nerd, i love animals and nature. i love music and video games.


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