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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Copyright of Warrior Cats goes to Erin Hunter
Copyright of The Characters goes to me



Leader- Coldstar, a light grey she cat with blue eyes and a missing tail

Deputy- Brackentail, a brown tabby tom with a black tail and amber eyes, distant relative to Redtail

Medicine Cat- Yellowleaf, a grey tom with brown eyes, name in memory of his great great aunt, Yellowfang
Apprentice- Harpypaw, a small tortoiseshell tom with no eyes

Deadtail, a black tom with a limp tail
Brindleheart, a brindle she cat with green eyes
apprentice, Hollypaw
Beestripe, golden tom
apprentice, Mumblepaw
Tumblewing, a sleek looking orange and brown tom with green eyes

Hollypaw, a dark russet she cat with amber eyes
Mumblepaw, a dark brown tom with green eyes

Juniperfur, a russet queen with green eyes
(Mother of Hollypaw, Harpypaw, Thrushkit, a grey tom, and Smallkit, a small grey she-kit)

Veridian, a blue she cat with blue eyes
Olive-eye, a grey she cat with green eyes
Violet, a grey tom with no eyes


Leader- Splashstar, orange tom with blue eyes

Deputy- Shellfur, a brown and white tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat- Troutfang, a silver she-cat with blue eyes, cousin to Silverstream, part of Mapleshade and Crookedstar's promise....; Jaycry, a grey tabby with brown eyes


Leader- Dawnstar

Deputy- Smokefang

Medicine Cat- Hopeheart, a white she cat with one eye
Apprentice, Nimblewind, a brown and black tom, blind

Jaycry felt a slight itch in his paws when he saw the small cat. "He has to only be four moons, Yellowleaf!" Troutfang hissed. Hopeheart sighed, her white flank falling as she turned her head towards Jaycry. The horrifying face of the she cat haunted him in his dreams, yet he was even more frightened by how the she cat never spoke a word to anyone but him and Nimblewind. "I was only four moons when Dapplestar made me an apprentice!" Nimblewind growled. "Hush!" Hopeheart snapped, cuffing the apprentice over the ear. "Harsh," Jaycry heard his sibling mutter. She thrust her muzzle to touch the cold pool. He followed in suit of Troutfang, and he heard Yellowleaf's quiet mew. "Touch your muzzle to the pool and close your eyes." Jaycry dreamed of Harpypaw, of a horrible fate for the young tom. StarClan just watched him in dismay as he was ripped to shreds.

Harpypaw stood up, shaking his pelt. "Get to work, Harpykit!" Hollypaw jeered. Harpypaw snorted. "Hope your mentor heard that one, mouse-doung!" He shot back. Brindleheart muttered something to Hollypaw and she rolled her eyes, stalking out of camp. Harpypaw saw Yellowleaf watching him with a look of disapproval. "I'll be the best apprentice ThunderClan's best apprentice, just you wait and see!" He hissed. He stalked into the den, his paws sore from trodding on thorns all day.
"What's wrong with you?" Yellowleaf asked him, a bit kinder than normal. "I'm tired of being treated as a kit!" He muttered, sorting herbs. "Everybody thinks because I have no eyes, I need to work from sunrise till Moonfall!" Yellowleaf nodded. "You're a medicine cat, Harpypaw, and a young one at that. You need to prove you can do well if you sleep then if you're exhausted." She licked his head, sighing.
"You deserve a rest, you must be aching." She muttered. "I can't," He whispered. Yellowleaf sighed, frowning. "Poppyseed." She muttered, fetching smalll brown seeds. She sat them down. "Eat these." She murmured. He lapped them up quickly. His limbs started to feel heavy as he laid in a nest.


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