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It's been a while since I've actively used this website, so I'm cleaning house a bit. I shoved almost everything into Storage, if there's something of mine that you wish was still in the gallery, let me know and I'll restore it. I just wanted a bit of a clean break.

If you want to keep up with what I'm working on, I'm on Twitter way too much: or you can join me on


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Gun Experiment I went through Ahoy's Iconic Arms series recently. I'm not a gun buff, but the series is excellent, going over the history of each gun featured, and discussing the pros and cons, and how they translate mechanically into games. I've been thinking a lot about player progression, and how difficult it is to make the player feel more powerful, and yet make things consistantly harder for them. In liniar, skill-based games, this isn't actually an issue, player progression is in the meta game of trying to get to a higher level or trying to finally beat that puzzle. In more nonliniar games though, often you have a character that becomes
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Lasterday I spent some time digging holes in the back yard to hide bad compost from rats in. I just want to let you all know that these were some quality ass holes, all square and three feet down. Seriously, I felt bad dumping a bunch of putrid meat that the upstairs neighbors decided was compost in there. Today, I’m really sore, mostly in my palms, upper arms and core, and I can’t believe how much of a wuss I am about it. I guess, when your job and all your hobbies are sedentary, and you cook and eat to feel better about the world, your body gets weak. I know this to be true. And yet, the motivation to go for long walks, or ride
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Sleepy Saturday

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I had to wake up early today, and so for the most part, the day was pretty blah. however we did eat really well, so that’s a thing. There’s a new spanish restaurant in town, Samantha and I got some food to go that was probably too saucy to get to go, but mmm! Also, for dinner we made Beet Burgers that I’ve been wanting to try forever. And they were wonderful. I made biscuits for buns, and topped them with feta, cheddar, onions and coleslaw and they were enormous. ^^ Also, Samantha out of the blue made some juggling balls out of balloons and flour, (She’s done this before) and we spent some time trying to learn to jugg
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Happy B-day, dude.;):iconcanadaplz:
Happy B-day, dude.;)
Happy birthday, dude.;)
Thanks for the faves! :heart:
Thanks for the favorite! <3
Happy birthday,man.;)