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Witch Woods | Chester Elderwood
App for :iconwitchwoods:

Name: Chester Elderwood
Allias: Cicada
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Vessel
Rank: Practitioner
Height: 5'11”
Job: Hunter
Orientation: Gay

Witch partner: Glad

+ Positive: bold, motivated, brave, proud, loyal, enthusiastic
+ Negative: stubborn, bossy, hedonistic, impatient, overambitious

Chester is a lively boy that thrives on meeting new, exciting people, especially cute boys. ; ) Despite having strong opinions (that he WILL tell you about) he is easy to get along with and strives to keep things loose, casual and fun! He speaks first then thinks about the repercussions later, but is too headstrong to admit being wrong. This can make him a bit of a trouble maker but hey, if that's your jam he'll love you forever. 

Chester grew up in small fishing villages along the coast of the continent. Within the secluded villages, witchcraft was practiced in small quantities, always quietly and secretly. His relationship with magic, and as a catalyst for it, has always been a good one, and he wondered what he could achieve in the hands of stronger witches. Hearing the rumors of a witch haven, Chester went on an adventure to find it. He eventually did, approaching the witches to offer himself as a vessel. They accepted and he found a job in the community hunting and fishing. While being used for occasional magic by various witches, his hope was to undergo a trial and be bonded with a powerful witch, somebody from the council, who could truly show him his potential as a vessel. He’d eventually get that wish.

Likes: adventure, booze, parties, working out, bugs, cute boys, hearing himself talk
Dislikes: being idle, reading, riddles and mind games

+ Practiced archery and sword fighting over the years.
+ Good with sailing and boats.
+ Almost always is shirtless, even when it's cold.
+ He’s a pescatarian!

**Art by mementomortea
DnP : Cicada

Application for :icondragons-and-princes: !


Chester Elderwood

Nickname: Cicada, Tzitzíki, Chez, Ceece,

Physical Age: 28

Dragon Age: 1700

Height: 5'11" (Size 11 Dragon)

Time Period: 319 AD

Birth Region: Europe

Elements: Gold


  •  Positive: bold, motivated, brave, proud, loyal, enthusiastic
  •  Negative: stubborn, bossy, hedonistic, impatient, overambitious


  • Motivated and ambitious
  • Brave, good perseverance
  • High tolerance to physical pain
  • Generally optimistic
  • Fair in terms of teamwork and leadership
  • Moral compass is still pretty good, despite his history


  • Stubborn as heck
  • Acts on emotion, not the best self-control
  • Kind of dumb
  • Weak to psychological torture
  • Isn't quick to trust deeply
  • But once you're important, he's devoted to a fault

[Plays a sugar daddy to nobles for centuries, plays pirate for an era more, takes a nap and enjoys the 70s. Life is a party.]

Cicada was raised in the secluded islands of Southern Europe, surrounded by the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. He was known as Tzitzíki (Cicada) due to his excellent ability to mimic the insect’s sounds as a young dragon. His favorite past time was brawling with the other dragons of the island, as he was always full of energy and quite the adrenaline junkie. Eventually, he grew bored of the secluded lifestyle of the protected islands and flew north, entertaining himself with Europe’s Middle Ages.

Taking the name Chester from an old Roman settlement in Britain, he used his human form as a disguise and began to mingle with other humans from the area. It didn’t take long for him to learn of their obsession with gold, something as a gold element dragon he was able to create easily. Using this to his advantage, he made a new game for himself, seeing just how far up the ranks of nobility his gold could take him.

When a wave of dragon hunting swept through Western Europe, Cicada moved east, courting and playing the nobles, princes and emperors of Asia, always mysteriously disappearing before anybody caught on to his peculiarities. He eventually circled back to Europe, finding the drama of the politics there to be quite entertaining... at least for a while.

The Age of Sail and Exploration couldn’t have come at a better time. Cicada was growing tired of tempting nobles with gold, and found a new, more exciting and greedy demographic to offer his skills to: pirates. He signed on to a ship and quickly learned the ropes, and became the “lucky charm” to any crew that hunted for treasures. Within a decade he became captain of his own ships, continuously "finding" them more riches than they could ever dream of. All was going well until a fatal battle with the Spanish armada sunk his ship, and killed his crew and confiscated his gold. Unable to survive without transforming, Cicada used his dragon form to wreck the enemy vessel before escaping to an island, hoping nobody would come to track him down the golden dragon of the sea.

Thankfully, no such hunt came. Cicada went into hibernation peacefully, awakening in the 1970s and integrating back into society. The modern era was wild, fast-paced and fun, but eventually some old floating islands caught his attention. Time to go see what that's all about; onto the next adventure!


  • Likes: adventure, treasure, beer, parties, working out, fight clubs, bugs, cute boys, hearing himself talk
  • Dislikes: being idle, reading, riddles and mind games


  • Practiced archery and sword fighting over the years.
  • He’s a pescatarian!
  • Can mimic the sound of a cicada in dragon form, hence his nickname
  • Highly superstitious
  • TBC



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

What to say here.. I usually post most of my stuff to tumblr and only post finish illlustrations up here. So I apologize if I fall off the face of the earth for long periods of time.

I went to school for game design and development with a focus on concept and texture art. I love doing both of these things, and incorporating textures into my illustrations. I'm always looking for ways to improve, so if you have anything you want to point out please feel free to let me know!

Do you ever just want to clear the journal that was on your front page, but just don't know what to write about? Happens to me ALL THE TIME.

:iconlicchan: :iconkobbie3:
  • Drinking: Tea


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