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Kill Me Kiss Me by starfireone3 Kill Me Kiss Me :iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 0 0 Daibin by starfireone3 Daibin :iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 0 0
Legend's Ladies in Writing
"Guards out," a teenage boy called as his key clanked into a small metal bowl.
"Did you get anything?" a voice called from the next room.
"No I told you: guards out." His knee length blond braid snapped around him as he slammed the sliding metal door shut. "I didn't feel like dying today."
"Like you'd stay dead, Vani." Two boys walked towards Vani, both were on the shorter side of average height; though, the speaker was stocky with remnants of sun streaks in his dirty blond hair and the other was a dusty tan--dark to the others' light--and appeared lanky despite the lack of height.
"I told you before and I'll tell you again: I'm only as vampire as you are. I'm not Clan."
"Yeah. Right. And I'm pharaoh. Only Clan have those purple eyes you and Maddi have and with those visions she has..." Kyle shrugged, " I think you should have risked it; we're short on blood."
"I didn't feel like getting shot." The dusty skinned boy was quickly close enough to Vani to gently hea
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Legend's Ladies by starfireone3 Legend's Ladies :iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 0 0 The Prince by starfireone3 The Prince :iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 1 0
epic misunderstandings
so this is how it ends
an epic of misunderstanding proportions
i’m sorry it had to be like this
the apples falling from your lips like oranges
just confuse me
as i sit peeling the words i’m choosing to send to you
it was a sunday when we met
i remember you glistened like a gold doubloon in the sun
special and golden, a treasure, i thanked God for you
together we were reflective
the languages that we spoke bounced off of each other
we looked at ourselves in the words
then i saw you: walking to greet me when i heard you would fly
instead of flitting away i landed
you wondered when i had learned to float
days went by and you showed me meanings that i never knew
i saw the horse in the sky carrying it’s rider to some far off destination
you showed him to me glistening with perspiration
i broke then: rent
because the pistol in my chest had a jammed trigger
you tried to restart my heart and i took a beat to the head
somehow we survived
standing in circles of recuperation from l
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The Adventures of P and D
       “You shine like pyrite.” She said fingers outstretched towards the sky fluffy white clouds visible just past the round tips from where she lay on her back in the grass. “You know what I mean?” she sighed as her fingers crashed back to the ground. She turned her head to the side with a slight grin and reached those fingertips out towards her friend.
“No,” he laughed as his fingertips touched hers, the sensitive pads barely brushing.
“Your special and everybody knows it, everybody can see,” she frowned, “but then once they get to know you they realize that there are so many special charismatic people out there and your just one amongst them and that doesn’t make you any less special but it makes you worth less so they stop caring, they stop seeing how much sparkle in the sunlight, how you sparkle so much that you were made to be put in the spotlight, because it would be a terrible waste if you wer
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I Fall or I Fly
I am drowning
In a sea of what is to be
Who I am and where I’m from
Matter little compared to who I could be
Take a right or left as you step into life
Get swept up in the current like sea turtles in children’s films
Or spread my nonexistent wings to fly on zephyrs
Gliding next to sparrows and angels
When I wish I could just stand here and sing
Stand here and scream
Because to chose where to go I have to know where I’ve been
And that is hard to know when your memories are gone
Locked on the foggy coast of depression
Finding them is like finding your way back from the coast during a New England fall
All I’ve got are the dreams that scrape my fingertips
Before floating away effervescent
like scraps of knowledge I have yet to learn
Leading to dreams that have yet burn
In the fiery cynicism of this world
That I cannot deal with
Because what the majority agrees on is the truth
Just as wikipedia rules, so my glass is half empty
no matter how many times I say it is half fu
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Cat Miracle Mover
I am somewhere between here and there
Clawing at the fabric to emerge
As who I am meant to be
My feet haven’t been on solid ground for a long time
To long I’ve been stuck between sinking and floating
Unable to walk
Unable to move
Unable to fly
I am wingless
Those wings I have often dreamed of
Those wings I have often dreamed of
Those wings I have often dreamed of
Do not sprout from rounded shoulder blades
That ache from the repetition of flapping
I am clawing at the ropes and the fences
Fighting my way out of the traps of where I have been
I am not those labels
I am me
Me, with the curious eyes who wants to see
Everything at once
360 vision wouldn’t drive me crazy
360 understanding probably would
Satisfaction resurrecting me
Catlike my footsteps would be sure
And if I fell it wouldn’t matter
I’d land sturdy right where I was meant to be
I wouldn’t need nine lives
I plan on using this one to make the world
More liveable
More loveable
More alive
That is my d
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For My Friend
We found our sister unconscious
Left on the dirty bathroom floor
And we cried for her
We found our sister motionless
There all alone
And we screamed for her
We found our sister there
Where she should have been safe
And we were angry for her
Our sister was knocked unconscious
Cowardice in mask her assailant
Cornering an unarmed girl in the bathroom with a gun
Is the act of pig
Our sister was attacked because of her faith
Our sister was attacked because of a little piece of cloth
And we scream
And we scream for justice
Because this cannot go on
I cannot let this go on
You cannot let this go on
But I am scared
I do not share my sister's faith
But I am brown skinned like she is
I do not cover my head the way my sister does
But my hair is a kinky crown
I am not my sister
But I am scared
Because I know
I know there are people who do not like me for who I am
I know there are people will hurt for who I am, given the opportunity
I know that black, bisexual girls who speak out about their belief
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Water Travel
How did we get here?
Water running over the bathroom floor
Passed out amid the waves
How did we get here?
Flying silently over the water
Gliding wordlessly over the waves
Dreams left on the bathroom floor
Dreams left in ocean water
I miss you
I miss dry-land
The amphibian children are drowning
How did we get here?
Watching the memories
Faded black and white
Washed away
How did we…..
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You sparkle
I want to pluck out your eyes
And wear them like the costume jewelry you are
You shine
So I knew who you were before you said it
But I didn’t ask for an autograph since I didn’t want to be too forward
I am hypnotized by you
Caught in the web of your smile
Charisma ties the rope around wrists
I am your hostage
A moth to the flame you draw me
Screaming for your beauty I fly
Tie me to the blaze with your eyes
I will be your hostage
Dreams fly and so does time
Time flies as I fall
You’ve got me paralyzed by your sparkle
You sparkle
I want to pluck out your eyes
And wear them like the costume jewelry you are
You shine
So I knew who you were before you said it
But I didn’t ask for an autograph ‘cause I didn’t want to be too forward
You’ve left me with no more senses than a spaniel
Spurn me and still I’ll beg for your love
‘Cause you’ve taken me hostage
I see you travel on your stage
Flying high, the lights follow you away
I wish I
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Rain Dance
Its the brush of our fingertips that make me realize we shouldn't be doing this. The glow from the window lighting you up like stainglass argues otherwise. I don't want to break this. We are delicate, a glance could break us and the writing on my heart would scar forever. If we could go back to the ebb and tide of the dance we could stop this but now it's more powerful than the moon and we are weaker than the water. They can't know; I want them to know. You are mine, my seashell, protect me from the storm, for one is coming.
:iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 1 2
Slow Burn
Green Eyed Envy
Peers out from the clear blue sky
A crystal peal of light, of truth, of danger
It is the difference
Between good and evil
Teeth marks on bare flesh
Raised and red the next day
Show how close it was
Sow close it was to cannibalism
Grazed flesh is smoother
than the untouched
than the unmarked
The burn mark of your soul
Imprinted on my flesh
so that
all can see
I am yours
:iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 1 0
Your awkward phrasing makes things clearer than any eloquent could understand. You do not belong to me. You sold your soul to the fiery pit of her eyes. You fed your heart to her smile. Incomplete you pry yourself away from me knowing that you will by her when you were supposed to die with me. Her fire engine red claws draw blood from your arms for her gymnast of a tongue to flick out and taste. You like that. Nails on a chalkboard song-birds were always your style. You don't want the stigmata you want the cold iron to penetrate your bloody flesh. I can't let you have that. You did belong to me once. I will prove that, you know.
:iconstarfireone3:starfireone3 0 0
The tears come quickly now
The dams been broken
A river flood swimming with cholera
The knot in my stomach swells like its filled with breeding tapeworms
This isn't me
Who is looking out from behind my eyes
Am I sure there is a way through this?
I pray, "He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world"
Is He in me?
Is that who is guiding my steps,
Bringing the fork to my mouth when every nerve is trying to expel the nourshiment
If only living bread and living water could sustain mortal flesh...
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Hey, so I'm editing my gallery here. Taking stuff down and then I'll be reevaluating what I want here and start putting things back up.

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