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Character  C-3PO and R2-D2Location  Coruscant
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It's 'Way Back Wednesday' and today we go back to January 2014 with a card for my nephew Thomas.
Tom loves robots (Why not? They're so cool.) and who better to put on the card than C-3PO and R2-D2. I also did a robot mystery challenge inside the card where he had to find one of his favourites in a picture and like a total Gonk Droid I forgot to take a shot of that before I sealed the card up. I guess my intelligence circuit had melted!
So, keeping it Clone Wars as we both loved the show we have the droids on a hunt for that elusive robot required for the party!
Done with polychromos pencils and built up in layers, utilising my pressure application and layering techniques, the picture consists of 21 colours.
C-3PO was done with white, lemon, light cadmium yellow, walnut brown, nougat, bistre, brown ochre, light ochre, burnt ochre, black, cold grey 6 and warm grey 2.
R2-D2 was done with white, light ultramarine, cobalt blue, light phthalo blue, black, deep scarlet red, warm grey 2, warm grey 3 and warm grey 5.
The sky was done with white, light ultramarine and light phthalo blue.
The buildings of Coruscant were done with white, light ultramarine, cobalt blue, light phthalo blue, grass green, grey green, Payne's grey, black, warm grey 3 and warm grey 5.

Completion time: 44 hours 3 minutes
Original image: Star Wars The Clone Wars

I didn't do from my desk shots back then but there's the framed card before I posted it :)

A big thank you to everyone who faved this. Unfortunately as the DA spam filter makes thanking you all individually almost impossible, I've done it in a journal :)
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