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These are important
!!Before Joining!!
!!Making the Warrior!!
!!The Clans!!

When cats die, they become stars.

They shine brightly in the sky, they watch over and guide their kin and clan mates. But many cats have said, the oldest of cats fade away. The dark forest says they fade to nothing, but Starclan believes their spirits live on. They were right.

When a cat's spirit fades away, they are reborn in a new era of warrior cats. A star will fall and reborn a new cat of its spirit. The 'star fallen warrior' will have no memory of their past life, but will have the benefit of the instincts of a warrior born a thousand times over.





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stranglerfig here, Pineclan's not-so-faithful-leader

because of school starting I'm trying not to overwhelm myself with other things to do. So I'm dropping being leader of Pineclan, and because it has so little members anyways, we figured it'd be best to get rid of Pineclan altogether.

Cats of Pineclan, please don't leave the group because of this! You can always move your cat into a new clan or make a new cat. Any questions, feel free to ask. I will be editing everything down so only three clans remain.

Now just a regular kitty cat with one life,

<3 Ali

Here's the story

Three adult males wandered into the Pineclan woods. They set up a tent near the border and started to fish and start a fire in the pit and clear away all the debris for their site. After a successful first day, the trio piled into their tents and slept to the sound of the fire slowly crackling outside. Sparks rose and fell into the dry air, glowing embers landing in the soft dirt just outside the firepit. The fire crackled loudly and a large ember flew out away from the campsite. A pile of old leaves curled up from the heat, the grass shrunk away and a stray branch caught fire. It caught onto one tree, then another and soon a line of oaks and pines were under orange flames, licking at treetops and spreading the fire. The campers awoke and fled with terror, bringing some of their belongings back. All through the night, the forest blazed gold with flame and sounds of flickering fire and howls of cats could be heard. By morning, all that was left was a dark blanket of ash and charcoal, no living creature in sight.

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