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A Contest of Suffering

A Contest of Suffering
A Short Story by Emily Weber

    It was because of the sree that reptiles had become symbols of intelligence in the galaxy. They had no limbs, side-mounted eyes, thick, cumbersome, snake-like bodies, and, perhaps most notable of all: they were covered in electricity-sensing whiskers that looked for all the world like plain hair.
    Sree whiskers sensed electricity so well that it was not unusual for a sree doctor to be able to pinpoint the exact location of a nerve through skin. It was this evolutionary advantage that made most sree born scientists. They often became engineers, chemists, inventors, physicists and the like. Their greatest scientific contribution to the galaxy was the Galactic Speedway (now known as the Galactic Government Speedway) which connected thousands of worlds.
    One such hyper-intelligent individual was a Galact
:icondrzime:DrZime 16 25
No Blanket Required by DrZime No Blanket Required :icondrzime:DrZime 18 0


Meet the Squad
I had originally started on this lineup of the Sagebrush High Colour Guard team a couple of months ago: but I didn't finish it until last week due to random energy bursts and real life getting in the way of things.  Honestly glad I managed to complete it in time as it proved to be a huge help when sketching out the squad for a recent OC pageant entry.  

From left to right, in descending order from the seniors to the freshmen, we have: Victoria Jimenez (captain), Charlotte Osbourne (co-captain), Savannah Mailer, Natalie Borges, Jasmine Foy, Elijah Shapiro, Annie Fulmer, Pearl Huynh, and Madison Kowalski.  
OC Pageant 2018: Round 3- Elijah

For Round 3 of :icontheoc-pageantofda:: Moving Forward.

“Performing their 2018 program ‘Radioactive’, WGAN is proud to present Sagebrush High School.  Is the guard ready?

You may begin.”

For Round 3, our entries would be based on the results of a quiz provided at the start of round 3.  I got mostly A's, so it this mean getting to flesh out Elijah's personality through sport.  

And for Elijah, there are two sports he loves: Color guard and it's indoor counterpart, winter guard.  Although not one for team sports growing up, he's always loved to dance.  There's a kind of release for him when he does.  In fact, prior to his freshman year, he strongly considered joining the co-ed choreo team.  But when he saw the color guard's demonstration at his school's orientation night the year before, he knew that he was going to join them for his freshman year.  It had everything that the dance team had, with the added challenges of the physical demands akin to cheerleading and drill, a stage the size of the football field or a gymnasium, the accompaniment of a marching band and a routine that involved spinning sabers and flying swords.  

And Elijah Shapiro has never been one to back away from a challenge.  

In all seriousness though, despite of the practice mishaps and the innumerable times he got whacked with a rouge rifle and the long hours practicing in 90 degree Vegas heat, Elijah feels the greatest camaraderie with his fellow guard mates
.  The girls on the team (the Sagebrush High color guard and winter guard team typically share the same members) are some of the best friends he has.  They have always hardworking women who give it their all, be it on a football pitch or in a university gymnasium.  Like him, they consider the greatest  thrill to be doing a triple spin with a flag before a live audience with the bridge of their song is pumping through the loudspeakers.  And honestly, while they didn't quite start off on the same note at first, he appreciates how they treat him like an equal member of the squad.  

This year's show is one of Elijah's favorite's so far because of the theme.  Their coach decided to base it on the song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons: which lead to the rest of the team coming up with a story about a gang of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world rising above their harsh reality and making their new world their own.  Though everyone got the same costume, they decided as a group that there was no way the apocalypse was going to be uniform so they decided to go with their own individual spin for their show look.   Although most of their costume and makeup ideas ended up coming from dystopian fiction they enjoy (Mad Max, the Hunger Games, and Fallout were some of the main inspirations), this was considered passable by the judges because one of the criteria for judging is based on how well the aesthetics of the show matched the chosen music (though other elements such as choreography, skill, overall impact, and penalties are generally considered to be of greater importance).  And while they only placed fifth at the stage championships for their division, this only serves to motivate them further for next year's show.  


A/N- I wanted to add this in to give my own explanation for the piece.  Not going to lie, this was by far one of the most challenging entries I've done.  I'm really happy that I got Prompt A because I really wanted to explore Elijah's connection to his guard team though.  In particular, I wanted to depict who his friends and teammates are since a quite a few of them (particularly Jasmine and Annie) are important in his story.

Some of the biggest challenges included not only coming up with the outfits everyone was going to wear but creating their winter guard show.  I was inspired by guard performances on youtube, so I wanted to make it look like you are in a high school gymnasium, watching this team execute their performance.  I also wanted to show off their guard equipment, so that meant coming up with a piece of choreography that would have everyone using some time of instrument be it a flag, a saber, or a rifle (Fun fact- the part of their routine in which this entry takes place is meant to go with the stanza: "I raise my flag, and don my clothes... It's a revolution I suppose."). 

Costumes were also another challenge.  I went with what their performance costumes instead of practice clothes because I've never designed dance wear and wanted to try it out (also, the Sagebrush High marching band budget doesn't allow for the colour guard to have matching practice track suits,.  And that route would have been everyone in t-shirts and shorts).  I also really liked the added task of doing a single uniform outfit but for a group with a diverse range of body types, in addition to figuring out how to make the sole boy on the team coordinate with his fellow members while still standing out on his own.  

With all that said, I am pleased to present to you the Sagebrush High winter guard team.  From left to right, we have: Victoria Jimenez, Savannah Mailer, Pearl Huynh, Annie Fulmer, Elijah Shapiro, Jasmine Foy, Charlotte Osbourne, Madison Kowalski, and Natalie Borges.  I might go back and post a reference pic of them in civilian wear during the week. 

OC Pageant 2018: Round 2- Elijah
For Round 2: Starry Dreams of TheOC-pageantOfDA

Whoo-hoo, I beat the deadline!  I was afraid I wouldn’t make it this time (it has been a pretty lousy month for me).  

This time we were challenged to design a sleepwear look that incorporated stars.  And Elijah is really thankful that his marching band shirt from freshman year (the Sagebrush marching band did a show based on the Zodiac, in which they placed fourth in their division at the state championships) and color guard-themed pajama pants fit the criteria.  Sure, the ensemble would look tacky but he’s not going to lie, it’s really freaking comfy. And who wouldn’t love something decked out with flags, rifles, and sabers? This guy sure doesn’t!

So far, there are at least thirty six stars included in the outfit and nineteen in the background.  Personally, my favorite part about this entry was designing the background. We were encouraged to use any kind of star as long as, and quote, “your OC can clearly identify with the symbolic meaning behind it, then it is a good way of presenting your OC’s personality/history/background/identity.”  So I went with that suggestion when it came to decorating the scene: among other things, some of the photographs and postcards are from his and his dad’s travels, souvenirs from overseas, an Israeli flag sticker to mark his tablet as his own, and stuff that he just really likes.

That said having lived in apartments for most of my life, you can’t experiment with paint or carpeting unless you want to invoke the ire of the landlord so I based it off of a really drab flat I grew up in, which in the end proved to be a pretty good canvas for his collage. And honestly, I couldn’t resist adding the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets pack.  Glow-in-the-dark-ceiling-stars are dope.

OC Pageant 2018: Round 1- Elijah Shapiro

My entry for Round 1 (aka Winter Feelings) of :icontheoc-pageantofda:.

For someone who has never been to the mountains, let alone see snow, Elijah thinks he did a pretty bang-up job putting together a winter-appropriate outfit based on what he could find at the local thrift stores (and his dad’s closet).  Finding that novelty inner tube sled that looked like a giant donut at Goodwill was an added bonus too. His look may be ridiculously bright and colorful, but at an age where his emotions are all over the place, he thinks it accurately conveys how he feels being in the pageant.

Colours used, as ranked by prominence

Orange:  Not only does the color orange best sum up his feeling about participating in the pageant, it’s also his favorite color.  He feels very optimistic about his chances and is going into Round 1 with the same the energy and enthusiasm that he brings to a color guard performance.  It’s said the color also represents “adventure”, which is how he views both Round 1 and the pageant overall: one big exciting adventure. Like him, orange is warm, attention-grabbing, and loud and he couldn’t think of a better color that represented himself the best.  

Blue:  Blue and white are typically associated with Hanukkah, which his family celebrates and which is the first thing that comes to mind when he thinks of winter.  Although it can symbolize confidence, blue is more of a reminder of his family and where he comes from and to not let his ego get the better of him if he continues to advance forward.  

Green: He heard that green is considered to be “good luck” in some cultures, and in a way he feels lucky that he gets to participate in the pageant.  In addition, his school’s colours include green (as well as gray and white), so for as long as he’s here, he is representing Sagebrush High and hopes to do his friends and classmates proud.    

Grey:  Like the dull gray, Elijah considered winters in sunny Paradise to be pretty bland.  Having a “white Christmas” (or in his case, Hanukkah) just didn’t happen when the weather outside is a relatively cool 60 degrees.

White:  Aside from being part of his school’s colors, white is said to stimulate openness, growth and creativity.  One of the reasons why Elijah joined the pageant was to develop his personal style and push the limits of his creativity.  Not only is he looking forward to see how his taste in fashion can grow and evolve, but he is pumped to making some friends with his fellow contestants.  

Yellow:  Yellow signifies joy and happiness, two more things he feels about his current situation.  All in all, Elijah is taking everything in with a sunny, positive outlook.

Red:  Overall, he feels very excited.  Although he is looking forward to starting the pageant, this sentiment has more to do with the winter get together.  It can also symbolize an “inner-passion” and how he feels he can go far as long as he brings the same passion he has for performing to the pageant.  It’s not much, but even a little bit of effort can go a long way.

Brown:  Like most people, he associates brown with home but in a rather unexpected way.  He associates it more with sand, the desert, and the barren mountain ranges that surround his hometown and how everything remains the same year-round.  

AN- Sorry, that explanation took way too long.  I may have put too much thought into this entry.  I also apologize if I haven’t been as active lately.  February has been a pretty weird month for me and included, among other things, going out of state for a few days.  Coincidentally, it was snowing while I was in Portland, so that gave me a lot of inspiration for this round.

The following websites really helped me out when doing some research into what each hue means:,…,…

From left to right, Elijah belongs to me, GEM belongs to threatened-angel, Phoebe belongs to hermiethefrog, and Danny belongs to MeganMosier.

OC Pageant 2018: Round 0- Elijah Shapiro

Another year, another entry for :icontheoc-pageantofda:.  There's a couple of things I want to work on, drawing-wise, this year; hence why I'm submitting an energetic teenager who participates in one of the most physically demanding high school sports ever known.  Plus this is another character that’s been in my headspace for a while and is one that I’ve been meaning to develop more.  

Name:  Elijah Shapiro

Age: 15

Height: 5’2” (1.6 meters)

Gender: Male

Species and origin: Human | Paradise, Nevada, USA

Personality:  Elijah, first and foremost, is a goofball who best brings out his energy and enthusiasm at practice and on the field.  His cheerful friendliness and playful sense of humor makes it easy to make friends, but his immaturity and capriciousness makes it harder to keep them. In spite of this, he works hard to make the ones he's the closest to feel like they are appreciated.  He is observant and, even though he doesn’t mean it most of the time, inadvertently ends up passing on bits of gossip during practice just to have something to talk about.  Unfortunately for Sagebrush High, one of Elijah's teammates just so happens to be one of the biggest gossips ever known to the student body.    

Relationships (family, friends, lovers etc.):  He lives with his dad Oren, a history professor, in an apartment building that is close enough to the airport that he can hear the planes passing overhead.  His parents divorced when he was a toddler: last Elijah heard, his mom had remarried and was living in New Jersey with her new husband and stepkids.  His aunt Yael (Oren’s twin sister) and her daughters, Elijah’s cousins, Ella (12) and Bar (7), live in the same building as them.  He’s good friends with his teammates, but is the closest to Jasmine Foy and Annie Fulmer.  His best guy friend is Corey Larwasa, a junior who plays saxophone in the marching band.  He also has a crush on a girl in his Spanish class, but knows that is will likely never go anywhere: she has a boyfriend.  

Hobbies and Occupation:  Elijah is a high school sophomore and a member of his school’s Color Guard team.  They are currently competing in the Winter Guard circuit (which is similar to Color Guard, but instead of performing on a football field with the marching band, they perform before a panel of judges in an indoor setting to pre-recorded music).  He signed up for several clubs at the start of the year, but is only really involved in two: the literary magazine staff and video game club.  
Outside of class, he enjoys watching TV, playing video games (particularly adventure games in the vein of ‘Gone Home’ and ‘What Remains of Edith Finch’), collecting things (pins, jewelry, records, coins,  knick knacks his dad brings back from overseas), and reading (usually fantasy, horror, and science fiction).

Their usual/preferred style of clothing:  He usually goes with clothes that are comfortable, casual, and if possible can be worn to both class and practice.  This is not really much of a strict preference (when it comes to thrift store shopping, beggars can’t be choosers), but he typically goes for things with bright colors and fun patterns (food, animals, and plants are some of his favorites).  He collects things ranging from enamel pins to bracelets to necklaces and likes to mix things up by wearing some of his favorite pieces.
On a side note, most of his friends and his cousin agree that he dresses like someone’s grandpa or a crazy cat lady trapped in a teenage boy’s body.  

In case of interactive rounds and fanart for this pageant (please choose the option that applies to you and your OC):*

  • YES, it is okay with me if someone else is drawing my character and makes them interact with other characters (granted that my OC is treated in a respectful manner)

Likes: His friends in Guard and marching band, performing, some forms of social media (i.e. reddit, tumblr, and instagram), vinyl records, sriracha sauce, travelling with his dad, cats, cooking (pasta and pizza are his favorites), and writing.  

Dislikes:  Screwing up during practice or at a performance, getting hit by a flag or rifle (it hurts like a mutha!), history class (because Coach Branson only covers the bare minimum before spending the next half hour of class watching ESPN), makeup (he can deal with wearing it during guard performances, but it makes his skin break out like crazy), the fact that two of his favorite shows are on hiatus until 2019, the guys in his first period class who bully him, and YA fiction. His biggest annoyance is thinking about what he wants to do after high school (he knows that he still has two more years until graduation, but his dad, guidance counselor, and teachers are already starting to ask what he’s going to do.  And the thing is, he honestly has no idea).  

Any other important details we all need to know about this OC (special abilities, strange obsessions etc.):
*Elijah holds dual Israeli/American citizenship.  His father is Israeli and they travel to Haifa every couple of years to visit family and friends.  In addition, Elijah can speak Hebrew.  And he is one of the reasons why the Sagebrush High School's marching band’s ‘swear jar’ now requires anyone who curses in a foreign language to pay a dollar per infraction.  He didn’t realize that a junior in the pit just so happened to be learning Hebrew…
*The Winter Guard's song for 2018 is "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.



United States
Me at my uni's zombie tag game earlier today.
Part of the game included having codenames, and I chose Potter because I love reading the Harry Potter books so much.

Current Residence: College in Norcal
Favourite genre of music: Rock, classical, big band
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: mother of pearl
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever floats my boat
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny McCormick
Personal Quote: A Plot Bunny is like Kenny from South Park. No matter how many times they die, they always return
This is week oldish news, but :icontheoc-pageantofda: opened submissions for 2017.  Feel free to check out the link below:   

OC-pageant 2017: Auditions [CLOSED]EDIT: Please, if you have any questions, remarks or any other pageant-related message, either post it at a comment on one of the group's journals, the front page of this group or (if you do not want your message to be shown publicly) in a note to this group. Please do not send any pageant-related notes to my private account!
Thank you kindly,
your hostess
Welcome to the OC-pageant 2017!
This is a pageant for OCs (original characters). Each round you have to draw your OC with a new outfit suiting a given theme!
Each round several contestants are "kicked out" until one OC remains to claim the title of "Mr./Mrs. OC 2017"! (there are also a second and third place to be claimed)
EVERYONE is welcome to join!
Requirements for joining the pageant:
you need to be a member of this group (membership is automatically approved, free and can be terminated anytime; all you need to do is hit the “Join our Group” bu

In addition, don't forget to read the rules below:

The official rules and guidelinesHere are the official rules and please be aware that this is my one and only warning about them! You will suffer the respective consequences right away should you fail to follow any of them. I do not give any warnings, as the great majority of the rules is rather obvious.
The general rules (applicable for everyone—members, non-members and watchers)
Rule #1: Be respectful!
:bulletwhite: You are not allowed to harass, insult or spam any member, their artwork or their OCs (original characters) without any apparent and good reason. If you are still insulting, you will get banned from the group.
:bulletwhite: Do not insult or make fun of the pageant itself. If you think that the pageant is stupid then keep your opinion to yourself and let the people here have their fun. Any abusive and insulting comments on the group’s homepage or on any of the submissions will get flagged as spam. Repeated insults will lead to a ban from the group. (constructive criticism is welco

Thank you for reading.  I hope you are having a good 2017 so far.  :)


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