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PMD: VF - 675: Frazzle by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 675: Frazzle :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 282 86 VFQuest 015: Thinking Things Through is for Chumps by sulfurbunny VFQuest 015: Thinking Things Through is for Chumps :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 60 45 Dragon nest NA IGN : Badmamajama by huzaaa Dragon nest NA IGN : Badmamajama :iconhuzaaa:huzaaa 1 1 BS Comics: Palette Swap by NOTknownlight BS Comics: Palette Swap :iconnotknownlight:NOTknownlight 89 91 What if..? Sagume Kishin by bouteilledeau1 What if..? Sagume Kishin :iconbouteilledeau1:bouteilledeau1 27 62 CLonearmyClem by SharkinaBox CLonearmyClem :iconsharkinabox:SharkinaBox 186 33 PMD: VF - 556: Woods Walk by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 556: Woods Walk :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 235 73 PMD: VF - 357 - Stick by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 357 - Stick :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 245 96 Commission: DJ Mawile (for Keairatona) by PeekingBoo Commission: DJ Mawile (for Keairatona) :iconpeekingboo:PeekingBoo 549 49 Manga Sketch #17 by MysticalEngine Manga Sketch #17 :iconmysticalengine:MysticalEngine 2 1
Stray Kitten - Epilogue 2
“Here I stand beneath the toxic acid rain…
The weaklings squirming painfully all over the terrain…
Eat away hopes and dreams, in the streams of time…
Until there’s no more life and we’re reduced to grime!
In the mud we’re sinking deeper… into a peaceful-“
“Vile human! Stop defiling the sanctity of life with your foul language!”
The woman with the bleached green hair and unhealthy looking skin color turned around to her captive and grinned maliciously, as she raised her crossbow and aimed at the legs of the woman. As she pulled the trigger, another arrow, drenched in venom, got fired towards the woman, penetrating her shoes, before it got stuck in her foot. Under a painful cry, the woman collapsed on the ground and huddled up in pain as well as she could.
The woman who shot the arrow however, turned around and kept moving forward, catching up to her superior, entirely ignoring her captive and simply dragging her over the
:iconyeagerd:YeagerD 3 0
Walfas Custom Base - Eeveelution-Themed Outfits by WaveSine Walfas Custom Base - Eeveelution-Themed Outfits :iconwavesine:WaveSine 23 7 A CHRISTMAS CAROL by RoxleBoxle A CHRISTMAS CAROL :iconroxleboxle:RoxleBoxle 1 1 Oh ma god, Papyrus pls staup by Diamond-waterfalls Oh ma god, Papyrus pls staup :icondiamond-waterfalls:Diamond-waterfalls 1,021 222 Walfas Custom: Even More Backgrounds! by ShinKong Walfas Custom: Even More Backgrounds! :iconshinkong:ShinKong 68 51


Star Emblem Fates - Choose your fighter
"Heh, with the options available to her, there's no way sis won't choose us!"
"T-tanya please..."
"Heh... Smash the rabbit."
"W-what? Certainly no harm upon my daughter's betrothed!"
"That's not the kind of smash you think it is, Auntie..."
"When you think about it, we should be on the left side since we're not exactly related to her and all."
"What even are these options..."
"Why did it have to be soup...
I wanted to make this a serious drawing but... Eh, guess who says what XD
Happy Birthday to :iconroxleboxle:
feat. her OC's and mine.
I love you this much!
A inksona named Aster that belongs to a mutual on Tumblr ^^
A Trick and a Treat
(Pose and BG based off Jim Benton’s ‘Full Sized Snickers’ Photo) a Birthday gift for :icongr1m-r3ap3r-008:
Anabelle didn’t know what the weirdest part of this encounter was.
It probably tied between having to give a demon she once was up against some full-sized 3 musketeer bars.
Or the fact that it summoned an exact replica of the girl it once masked just to get even more full-sized 3 musketeer bars.
The demon must really like 3 musketeer bars.
Luckily, the meeting was swift and held (surprisingly) no signs of ill intent, for as quickly as the duo came, the arachnid-like being summoned a portal filled with malice, darkness, and whatever demons keep in their weird domains, both being swallowed up inside.
She hoped the next batch of Trick or Treaters wouldn’t be as odd.
Drawing spiders are haaaard…
I’ve honestly thought about drawing this last year, but Inktober had me busy.
Anyways, Happy Birthday man.
Legion and Sally belong to him, Anabelle belongs to me.
Inktober 2017 Week 4 - Above the Stratos
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"Nye he! Sorry Muninn!" Tanya chuckled, having almost blasted her Valkyrie friend's little companion, though it wouldn't have mattered, it would've regenerated itself anew later anyway.

"Almöst twö birds with öne stöne, hönestly Tanya, Huginn's pröbably havin' a mini heart attack by nöw!" Aleda berated her, all the while dodging the laser the cat youkai swung about.

Tanya stuck her tongue out, "I'll go hunt for some worms or something with Rue later t' make up for it then, best 5 outta 9?" she grinned apologetically.

"Tsk, yöu're ön!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

(These two totally love each other. Also REALLLLLY late because I wanted to fix up Aleda's wings =_=)

Inktober 2017 Week 3 - Drop Dead Dreamer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I don't really feel comfortable about t-"

"Tell me, now." Benedict said, almost demandingly.

The jackalope youkai shuffled nervously in her seat, "...S-sometimes, I tend to have this dream where I'm standing on this really tall pillar thats glowing from the sides, and I can tell it's glowing, 'cause theres also a buncha other glowy pillars surrounding the place too, but then I see this girl standing on the edge of the same pillar that I'm standing on, and... I dunno, all the ever does is fall backwards! Every time I have that dumb dream, I never get the chance to talk to her or even save her! I always end up wakin up before she even hits the ground..." she shook a bit as she finished speaking.

"...Alright then, tell me Tsuki, how did you come to be?"


"Did you have a family who cared for you? Did you become a youkai of old age? Something along those lines." The mermaid explained a bit further.

Tsuki pondered for a moment, "Honestly, all I remember is waking up in front of this weird lady, she had this ribbon on her hat and ribbons on her long, blonde hair too. She kinda creeped me out, but she helped me during my time here in Genny, before I got separated from her and found my way here..."

"That's all I need to know then, you're free to go about your business." Benedict waved her off, to which her guess obliged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(I honestly didn't really want to upload this, as to why it's kinda late.)
I was 'tagged' by some odd character named KB :iconkrawkley:, I don't know what that means and honestly, I'd much rather be out patrolling the entirety of Polaris than doing... Whatever this is, but Tsuki say's it's important for the good of Polaris and that's enough for me I suppose.

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 (or whoever is on your mind) other characters who can become magical girls. W-what kind of rule is this?
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars.

Fact 1: I am a wolf youkai, raised in the forests of Polaris when I was just a cub, I never met my real mother and was instead taken care of by another in my pack. They all saw me as odd because I would not consume any prey brought to me, but instead relied on berries or other fruits.

Fact 2: I met Sophie whilst she was playing in the forest (She actually got lost, but would not admit it) She offered an apple to me and our friendship quickly grew, she and her mother are the reason I'm a youkai... And why I have immorality.

Fact 3: My ability involves Willpower, I can drain my foes will to fight and use it for myself to battle for much longer periods, or I can transfer willpower to another to strengthen or calm them. This combined with my immortality makes me dangerous, however, the former is rarely used, as I may be seen as a threat to Gensokyo's youkai hunters, which in turn, is a threat to Polaris.

Fact 4: I. Hate. My. Immortality. The feeling of watching those closest to you perish, and there's nothing you can do but live on for eternity.

Fact 5: No petting, I mean it.

Fact 6: The white mask I wear is a symbol of those who wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves, I rarely have it off. It's also pretty good at masking emotions.

Fact 7: I (apparently) have a daughter named Nimey, I did not birth her, however, and Benedict won't tell me where she came from.

Fact 8: As one of the Stargazers, my job is to ensure the Goddess, Empress Fyora, is kept alive through her believers, mainly through 'Wishing upon a star' ("Thank god for 'Disney'", as Sandra said once, I still don't understand what she meant by that) though, it is not only our world we have to ensure believers through, but other worlds as well

Alright, finally... Look I guess I can tag SOME people...

:icongr1m-r3ap3r-008:'s Legion
:icondeltareverie:'s Kali

Alright, I'm not forcing you guys to do this, but I gotta 'tag' someone.

Now shoo before I get Benedict to send you somewhere unpleasant.
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