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The People's Cry
Good Queen, good Queen!
The people cry
We’ve come so far
To beg your favor
Please grant us food
And easy labor
Good folk, good folk!
The Queen declares
I know your plight
I’ve heard your prayers
But food is scare, labor hard
And now my fancy dress you’ve marred
Good Queen, good Queen
The people cry
From these costly wars
Our children die
Please grant us peace
Our blades to sheath
Good folk, good folk!
The Queen declares
We’ll soon all feast
At country fairs
Though battles rage throughout the night
In due time you’ll get respite
Good Queen, good Queen!
The people cry
We’ve had enough
Our well’s run dry
Please grant us a different route
Step off the throne; get down and out
Good Folk, good Folk!
The queen declares
Please grant to me
Some time to prepare
I’ll give you food; end this war
My glorious reign, you’ll long to restore
Good queen, good queen!
The People cry
We’ve come so far
To see you die
:iconstarell:starell 9 7
Treasure Hunters
Leave land before
The sun has thought
To make it's way 'round
Their motor whirring lowly
Chopping though dark waters
Until almost too far from the coastline
They stop
Suit up,
It's still black,
But threatening dark blue
Dive in
Deeper than they should
Where it's still dark as pitch
And breathe
Breathe air in the water
As it bites them with the cold
Currents carrying them
Farther and farther out
Until the water becomes turquoise
They rise
Treasure found
:iconstarell:starell 5 6
Graveyard Grand Jete
The rotted stairs groaned as I slunk through the house. Clouds of dust swirled in the night air. My eyes could barely make out shapes from the drab interior, but I did not stumble. Slowly I picked my way through the house to the hidden staircase, Carrie trailing behind me.
The latch rasped as the tumblers freed the catch and the door jolted open. Squeaking slightly, the trapdoor opened and Carrie and I slipped out onto the roof. Moonlight striped us silver and illuminated the grime of centuries on top of the old house. And then I danced.
Forgetting the impending doom tomorrow would bring and how Madame would yell at the grit caked in my slippers. My arms floated high above my head as I flirted with the edge. Spinning closer and closer to the very edge of the roof I would leap and twirl with the night. Carrie whimpered, cowering against the chimney eyes widened with fright, pleading with me to come back.
It was getting late. I slipped off my shoes grabbing her hand I guided us out of th
:iconstarell:starell 5 9
devil's in the details
crescent moon slivers of fingernails litter a desk
sweat trickling down a man’s face as he kneels and pulls out a velvet blue box
an old woman’s hands barely holding onto a silver hairbrush
a small girl with a pink hair bow desperately clutching her father as he stands tall in his uniform
flour smeared on an apron draped across a well used chair
the street right before sunrise, heavy with dew
a puddle of drool on a sleeping boy’s white pillow
a sign covered in peeling gold paint declaring the shop below it sold antiques
golden wheat waves rushing over hills interrupted by a tree
rumpled clothes and harsh breathing, suddenly shy
girl on the ground with a spooked horse
equations written on the white board
crumbling towers the only vestiges of a fallen city
blood oozing out of bullet wounds
slowly melting cherry chocolate chip ice cream in the hands of man in a gray pinstriped suit.
:iconstarell:starell 9 13
Six Word Story
I stayed awake last night
:iconstarell:starell 7 10
The Smallest Vacation
It started on the longest day
Of the year we were all still at home
And the temperature broke records
When at eight o’clock that evening
The sun was still hanging high
But the day felt already over
We swore we could reach the horizon
If only we could muster the strength
To get up out of the shade
As it was we settled for tracing
The edge of the sky with the tips of our fingers
Until our arms got tired
And we laid them back across our chests
But you put yours near mine
And our fingers entertwined
:iconstarell:starell 6 10
Would that you were closer,
So I could read aloud
The words I’ve only written,
The thoughts I haven’t dared.
Speak my desires
Onto your lips and into your mouth
So they might wrap around your tongue
And maybe travel to your heart.
Would that you were closer,
So I could catch the notes
You shout from high cliffs
That travel over oceans
Until they get to me,
Where I wait on the sand,
And only grasp faint whispers
Carried by the waves.
Would that you were closer,
So we could count the freckles
That dot across our noses.
Which we got from waiting
Every night in the moonlight
So we wouldn’t miss the love letters
Hung by the other
On the evening breeze.
Would that you were closer.
:iconstarell:starell 5 12
Merchandise Marketing
The general studies speech class that I was forced to take was filled with mostly business majors. And, you know, me.
Today was the day we were going to begin working on group projects and I had brought along my sketchbook in the vain hope that by keeping my head down and busy everyone else could partner with each other and I would be left to work by myself.
The teacher assigned partners. I got stuck with a girl named Nicole who was eyeing my batman backpack with the same apparent trepidation that I was eyeing her false eyelashes with.
The assignment was for an informative speech on something that we both felt passionate about. It was a pretty broad outline and neither of us quite knew where to start.
The few ideas that we did throw around were quickly dismissed. She had never heard of Stargate. I had no idea who Kate Spade was. The only thing we did seem to agree on was Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting skills and the fact that we couldn’t actually do a presentation on that.
:iconstarell:starell 5 17
I’ve been declared a puzzle piece
Society’s definition of humanity as a whole
All tiny unimportant souls
Quite different and unique
Just waiting to be inserted
In specific spots designated just so
But it seems to have gotten mixed up
Because this isn’t where I go
And while it’s true my right side
Meshes with another piece’s left
The bottom part is all wrong
The left like house arrest
Don’t even get me started
On the top where nothing’s there
The finished piece constructed
By a partially blind child
Who forgot to wear their glasses
Because it looks okay
from far away
But lumpy and bumpy and all jammed in
If anyone cared to come closer
And commit the mortal sin.
:iconstarell:starell 7 17
Seaside Holiday
I am content
to stay
a caterpillar
Who says
you have
to change?
What's so great
about being
a butterfly?
:iconstarell:starell 13 11
Mature content
The Best Orange She'd Ever Eat :iconstarell:starell 180 139
Name the winds
That roll the clouds
Across the sky;
That give the mountains
Voices to cry out with,
And whip your hair
Around your face
Call out to the west
And south, and east
Howling; crying
It will scream back
At you
Carrying with it
The shouts and tears
Of a thousand before
Name the winds
Give them being
Feel their fury
Hurricane wrath
Tornado apocalypse
In particle waves
Wrap you in stories
Breathed out in faraway lands
The gentlest breeze,
That brought you
To me
:iconstarell:starell 7 12
Different Languages
Poisoned waters can
Be the sweetest and most clear
And rain clouds pure white
:iconstarell:starell 14 14
Real Women Have Curves
Or they don’t, or they’re not “technically” women.
What makes a person who they are? What defines their identity? In most people it is a combination of a great wide variety of a great wide variety of a number of things. It’s very difficult to determine. Some things are physical and some are mental. Some things that define you cannot be changed and others you wouldn’t change for the life of you. But they are all there, these markers of who we are and whom we have the potential to be.  
Teenager. Woman. Whovian. Person of color.  Gay. Christian. Book worm. Boy.  Lover.
We all have these badges of self that we display proudly or hesitantly or consider of grievous import or barley none. And as people we understand the pain of being attacked for who you are. The terrible, almost unearthly, hurt that can permeate our very beings when things that we cannot or will not (I admire your convictions!) change about ourselves are attacked. It seams amazing that in
:iconstarell:starell 6 12
Champagne Wishes
Wake me up
I seem to have grown old
With sleep
And long to be young
In dreams
Wake me up
I'm fast asleep
Trapped in a nightmare
Of reality
Longing to return
To dreams of sugarplums
:iconstarell:starell 7 10
Servants of the Sun
Come home
Or go away, far away
And take me with you
I don't know
I don't grow, I don't want
Fire in a different language
I didn't like it when I first read it
But now I do
It sort of grew on me and got really good
:iconstarell:starell 6 8


The Library
i. Connoisseur
She trails her fingers along the dusty tomes,
wondering which to pick, wandering among
the shelves. Spying one, smiling, she prepares
to prise it from the throng.
(It’s oystering for her, or blood-red wine swilled
from a crystal glass, held up to capture starlight.)
She pulls it away; it edges out, painful, gradual.
She grasps its spine, tight.
Opening it, she runs her fingers along its razor,
sharp as horizon’s edge, a paper cut soul-deep.
Fighting against the undertow, she surrenders:
gives up her mind to keep.
ii. Waiting
I wait for him outside, in the car,
while he’s inside with the books,
studying supposedly, but I don’t mind.
There are worse places to be, surely?
I tap the wheel, letting songs spat out
by the stereo score the soundtrack
of my soul: ‘Jesse’s Girl’ is my Great Gatsby,
‘Hungry as the Wolf’ my Call of the Wild,
‘Fast Car’ my Jack Kerouac,
:iconblakecurran:BlakeCurran 16 26
Little Owl by AnnMarieBone Little Owl :iconannmariebone:AnnMarieBone 1,113 188 Frost by Auri3 Frost :iconauri3:Auri3 99 26
There were always cupcakes
There were always cupcakes.
If she remembered only one thing about her childhood, it was that.
Her grandmother had fallen in love with baking when she was younger. It was strange, because the woman had hated all other forms of cooking, but had loved to bake. So each week there was a new pile of fresh home made cupcakes sitting on the counter when they arrived at her house.
Then they had moved away from her grandmother when she was in her teens.
Her mother had never liked to bake. She was different from grandmother, capable of making stews and roasts and any other type of food they could possibly want for dinner, but not bake.
There were no cupcakes other than store bought ones, after that.
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 5 16
Sandor+Sansa by LanaVdV Sandor+Sansa :iconlanavdv:LanaVdV 131 30
please, don't tell me how beautiful it is that i've parted my thighs like the sea. 
because there is nothing pretty about the tears in last nights dinner, or the way my hands shake around silverware. i am not poetry, but a language lost --in the spaces where flesh used to occupy lies everything i needed to say, kept as the only thing i could ever bear to swallow. if you try to write sonnets about the scars on my knuckles or the arch of my ribs, i will tell you in nine syllables less that this is more than abstinence and foggy reflections. i will tell you how my little sister can carry me in her arms like a child, and how my father can hardly navigate my bedroom floor without touching the brown vomit stains that makes his brow heavy. i will tell you how it feels to hold your own heart in your hands, to feel it break and skip like an old, worn cd. i will tell you how i am nineteen and fishing through musty boxes of clothes from my childhood, only to find that not a single pair of sh
:iconalloendreams:AlloenDreams 283 117
The sky has vanished
these dense, light-reflecting fumes
kidnap the heavens.
:iconalecbell:AlecBell 7 10
Plucking Art From Dirty Streets
If I can pluck an unripe note
From the nocturnal urban beat
Of sneakers thumping on concrete
Pulsating of the guttered streets
And find the rhythm of the blues
Streaking through a midnight sky
The blacks and whites within the hues
Of children's laughs and con-men's lies
If I could hear the mellifluous twinkle
Of falling freezing stars of snow
Find the whispers of dying embers
Telling secrets I would never know
And call back to ghosts of seasons past
Of death and cheer alike so frozen
Their fingers clapping and reaching out
To fates both wholesome and unchosen
If I can see the roaring waves
Within the rolls of roaming flames
And find the crinkles of the heat
but still can hear the ocean's name
Than maybe there is hope for me
to see and hear what isn't there
to find the beauty in the dark
Uncover true art everywhere
:iconemerald-alexandria:Emerald-Alexandria 15 18
Where am I going, what will I be,
Heading towards a future I can no longer see?
Will I wander in the dark all alone,
Leave the comfort of the seeds I thought I’d sown?
Do I really have time for remorse and regret?
If I don’t move forwards, that’s all I’ll get.
Must I go and decide what I need to do now?
I can’t see where the long road leads, anyhow.
I guess I’ll just kiss today goodbye, and welcome in tomorrow,
And try to laugh and love, live my days without sorrow.
:iconbirdman-hwah:BirdMan-Hwah 2 5
Red Lips, Blue Lips
Crimson lips of sultry nights
Lush and smooth and kissable
Seductress tools to tease and temper
Caressing, irresistible
Blue and purple lips, like death
Your eyes are closing off the day
Grim claws are closing on your throat
Until you feel life slip away
Pink and pretty lips, so young
Fresh and elastic with honeyed youth
Lips not afraid, yet, of this world
With no fear to speak the truth
Busted lips of hopeless nights
And screams of feeling weak and small
Terror of being hurt again
When he towers over you, so tall
Black lips painted with the times
A metal ring pierced on the lower
Misunderstood, not yet a woman
Make-up caking, until you're older
Smoking lips of green cigars
Sitting on the street all night
A lighter running out of gas
Asking strangers for a light
Bitten lips, excitement flowing
Trying hard to get a grip
But that gets impossible to do
When face to face with Crimson lips
:iconemerald-alexandria:Emerald-Alexandria 26 19
Come closer
                                         Come closer
Within my arms a haven
                                         Stay with me
Let me be your sanctuary
                                         Release your fears
I will be your refuge
You just need to
                                  Come closer
:iconerco71:erco71 5 2
Kraznys the Slaver by CalamityJade Kraznys the Slaver :iconcalamityjade:CalamityJade 2 2 Raven by HabitualNocturne Raven :iconhabitualnocturne:HabitualNocturne 1 5
Circling Wolves
I told myself
I would quit
before the smell
stuck to my clothes,
but I'm here
on this bench with him
or, really, standing
next to this bench,
and we're eyeing the cars
that pass through
this neighborhood.
There's a forest
and a path right
behind us, but he
doesn't want to walk it,
he wants to
watch and see if
anyone is going to swing around
that blind corner
and crash into
the back of his
father's car.
I was hoping
would pass by, but
we're alone out here.
Staring into someone's
fertilized lawn;
there's a pile of ash
on my shoe
and it looks like
we're just waiting
for our bodies to die.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 16 1
brain squeals
I beat depressions in the earth
for my brain squeals and waves
that burst in my wet ears
until something makes me drown.
I will. (again) V.

put rocks in pockets
and walk right in --
I'll drink your overcoat
until your throat weeps
and your soaked hair
weighs you down.
I promise.
with love,
brain squeals are from cold sweats
sleep well.
:iconnosedivve:nosedivve 51 71



Are getting ridiculous! I have three to do! I'll start with one though!


< Post the rules.
< Post 10 things about yourself in the journal.
< Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
< Tag 10 people and post their icons on your journal, and then go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

Q I think tiaras are acceptable headwear for most situations. 
Q I have four really pretty tiaras.
Q Cat ears also count as acceptable headgear.
Q Ditto mickey ears. 
Q Especially when you go to Disneyland as often as I do.
Q Although, I actually don't wear hats and such that often.
Q Most of the time my hair is just loose with maybe a princess braid or two.
Q Flowers are also nice things to wear on your head. 
Q This just turned into a what I wear on my head information session. 


1. What's your favorite movie?
    :bulletpurple: The Red Balloon I watched it practically everyday when I was little. It is magnificent! 
2. If a farmer has seven chickens, nine ice cubes, and forty-three aliens in a bucket, what is the force with which a banana peel will attack a squealing fangirl?
    :bulletpurple: The circumference of an elephant's waistline on a tuesday after he has had a vasectomy. 
3. How do you reanimate a lifeless form?
        :bulletpurple: Clapping and saying you believe in them! 

4. What's the square root of your favorite color?
    :bulletpurple: Arctic Polar Bears
5. In your opinion, what is the best sexual innuendo you've ever witnessed?

    :bulletpurple: I am actually pretty terrible with recognizing these. Usually everyone laughs and I don't understand why. But. Harry Potter ones are always good. Like when Tom Felton said he was going to bed and a fan asked if they could Slytherin! Pretty great! Or, is that a pun? 

6. Who wins? Superman or Goku?
    :bulletpurple: Um, Aang? Harry Potter! (I know next to nothing about either of those characters...)
7. What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
    :bulletpurple: HARRY POTTER QUOTES!!!!!!!! I am squeeing at the moment! Hm, to entertain a child in the bath, smuggle drugs, look adorable, who knows! 
8. Name/List at least five of your favorite tv shows/animes/mangas.
    :bulletpurple: Stargate! (All three!) Game of Thrones! Walking Dead! Vampire Knight! Avatar the Last Airbender! (Legend of Korra too!) 
9. What color is your hair?
    :bulletpurple: Brown. But I would like to think it's a nice brown. Dark and very curly.
10. TomAYto or TomAHto?

        :bulletpurple: TomAYto. Also I pronouce coupon QUEUEpon. Weird, I know! 

(And a couple commands...)
  1. Do you practice writing and completeing other tasks with your non dominant hand? 
  2. What are the names of your closet monsters?
  3. If you had to perform a monologue in your underwear how would you style your hair for a flight on a whale? 
  4. Did you know some people don't believe in magic?!?!?! Outrageous!
  5. Do you think the explanatory gap is caused by a lack of necessary words?
  6. Which finger do you think is your most attractive one? I think my ring fingers are especially pretty but second place goes to my pinkies.
  7. You know that feeling on lazy afternoons where the sun is just setting and you've been napping and are just waking up?
  8. Do you take the last cookie? 
  9. Are you better at building rocking chairs or incinerating small objects with your mind?
  10. There isn't an element that starts with the letter D! Please come up with possible names that start with D for an undiscovered element.

Feel free to do it if you want, or not do it since I will not be tagging anyone. Breaking the rules. Again. I would love to see anyone who wants to do it do it though! 

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