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This extrapolation from "The Fall of White Owl" (which itself is tangential to a MC pic i completed last year) has the Avian Avenger fa...

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This inaugural 2019 pic is illustration in mind's eye of one of my "petrigrams" i used to share with various willing ladies back in the days when Yahoo Petrification Parlors and other 'old school' groups were in full swing.  Hope everybody had a restful and enjoyable Holiday Season, and may your wishes be granted (as Monique's secret dream is coming true here?) in the coming year ahead.  Moral of this story:  You are what you DRINK!  Happy New Year!!  -sgr

NB:  Thanks to the wonderful posing and facial expressions of anonymous Tumblr (pre-purge) models who play the roles of Suzette (i.e., Mademoiselle's last-week acquisition, now statically serving "Pink Lady" cocktails to unwary thirsty shop customers)... original base pic found here:

Mature Content

60a891d7-c0c8-4cb7-b713-45b5f97e03ea[1] by staregazerrod
, as well as "Star of the Show" Monique (another anonymous pre-purge Tumblr pic), whose foundation photo is to be viewed here:

Mature Content[1 by staregazerrod
.  If any DA members can identify these sexy sweeties, please feel free to educate me in a comment or note, so that I may more fully comply with crediting courtesies.  
Posted a make-shift New Year's commemorative pic (actually recycled, but brand-spanking new on its way) in the Core 'featured' pic on my profile page.  Have fun ringing in the New Year!!
It's been WAY too long since i posted a journal entry.  Have had an abrupt career change (no, beautiful witch or villainess pranced up and ZZzzappped! or spellbound me into statuesque immobility; although there might be some degree of fairness in such an outcome, and- being a bit of a switch myself- wouldn't object too terribly if that's where i'd been "stuck" for the past six months) and I am seeking re-establishment of my scholarly and teaching career at one of the best schools in New York State.  Have had to prove myself in the classroom at the graduate and undergraduate levels by successfully teaching various technical economics courses, and- with a little luck and some political 'playing of my cards' i might even end up in a prestigious Directorship at a near- renowned school with infinitely-better colleagues, research resources, higher quality students...  wish me luck?!?

I've had a handful of my statue/freeze photomanips (which, i freely admit, DID push the envelope of DA TOS) either removed or forced to be edited in order to remain posted at DeviantArt.  I am truly astonished that these pics are considerd "violations" when I observe time and time again (see my "foundation pics" and "stupidray contort" DA gallery sub-folders for obvious visible proof) I run into rather blatant X-rated or NC-17 suggestive poses and vaginal close-up photographs.  In my edits, the 'naughty bits' are usually somewhat obscured by the stone, plastic, metal or other similar transformation medium, so I simply DO NOt understand exactly where DA censors are coming from.  OK, that Midas Dido which froze :iconsuburbanqueen95: Julie/Rewire solid upon climax was a bit 'bend the pale', so to speak; but DA was kind enough to allow me editing out of the inserted sex toy, and they now seem to be content with the level of "raciness" of the three-frame visual story.  I do believe, however, that Julie may well have re-posted the original herself, should you be so inclined to view the original R-to-X-rated pic (I was accepting Rewire's dare or challenge to see if i might shock her with a rather explicit statue transformation... she sure does look cute in :iconmercymc:'s Gallery of Eternal Beautyv(the Gilded East Wing, of course). 

After some thought about these apparent inconsistencies in censoring treatment, I've decided to 'up the ante' and begin a new series starring a long-lost descendant of the Mythological Greek demi-god Stethne (one of 3 women transformed into turn-to-stone-hideous Gorgons by Hera (?) or Artemis (?) or Athena (?) following their excessive vanity and possible impropriety with a male (God or Man) the horny Goddess herself had designs upon...   Let's call this modern-day 21st-century demi-god-descendant Mr. Steve Gorton, who- upon his "coming of age" and graduation from NYU Art School, discovers that his 'sowing of wild oats' has rather unexpected results.  A mutually-timed orgasm now creates a (thousand-years-dormant DNA catalyst) within his potent sperm and a woman's lubrication such that instant paralysis of both lovers, followed by slow, agonizing, self-aware petrification of Steve's "Gorgon Seed" recipient over course of several hours inevitably ensues.  This leaves the woman caught forever is a rather un-lady-like contorted rictus of ecstasy (Steve is able to move again after ten or twelve minutes of statuesqe "bonding" with his partner, orten surreptitiously filmiing the joint freeze amid mutual climax for posterity) which transforms into permanent stony sexy testament to the human joie de vivre...

A bit different from the "moon dust" series (wherein exposed females/males have only moments to achieve orgasm before becoming saucy bent-round irradiated and aroused victims to the "Life Bloom" spores embedded in the Apollo 16 moon rock samples... almost the opposite, where, now orgasm and ejaculate of the 'Gorgon Seed' will petrify should the lady also cum), bizarre, half-clothed and O-mouthed orgasmic statues have begun to emerge all across Queen City...  The police themselves are baffled as to how fine upstanding (and generally shy and reserved) young women suddenly succumb to on-the-spot and often-outdoor risky sex, only to end up (sometimes quite literally) as lewd permanent decoration to a park bench, rocky beach shoreline, city pedestrian overpass, darkened alleyway, abandoned vehicle, etc., etc., etc..  What power of seduction and arousal does the perp (or is that perv?) possess or employ to have these women-now-erotic artwork let down their guard (much less their panites)?  First installment in the "Gorgon Seed" series coming to a DA gallery near you.  Comments/suggestions/pics welcome.  -sgr
  • Listening to: "Turned to Stone" by ELO(wish for sexier MTV vid)
  • Reading: Outlander Books (in order). Time travel is cool.
  • Watching: Amazon Prime's "Man in the High Castle"
  • Playing: frisbee golf in my yard(18 holes, 5 real targets!)
  • Eating: too many BW3 "Asian Zing" boneless... wow!
  • Drinking: Scottish Breakfast Tea (the Outlander Thing again)


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Rodin aka Bruce Barrett
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Hypnophile, Statuophile and MC artist... photomanips and (hopefully)hand drawn illustrations of classic ASFR themes. Several… statue stories written as well.


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