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The Red Thread Ch. 3: The Flower
Chapter 3: The Flower
“Good, the point is… what we’ll do with Tokijin now”.
Miroku slowly walked around the sword stuck into the ground while he held his sacred sutras in his hand in case the sword gained back that demonic aura it once had. Sango shook her head and Inuyasha just started to remove the dirt from his aori. Shippo climbed the hanyou’s head and hit it with his tiny hands.
“You’re an idiot, Inuyasha, go and tell Kagome you’re sorry for what you said!”
“Keh!” he held Shippo so he would stop hitting him and tossed him aside, “I won’t apologize to her, she’s who put her foot in it”.
Sango glared at him, to which made Inuyasha turn pale in surprise.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Because you don’t know when to shut up” she told him off.
“What do you mean?”
The woman rolled her eyes before answering.
“You really don’t get it, do
:iconstarebelle:Starebelle 1 0
The Red Thread Ch. 2 Abandonment
Chapter 2: Abandonment
“Kagome, where have you been?” asked Shippo with a worried voice and jumped to the woman’s shoulder.
She smiled barely and caressed the red head of the little fox to soothe him. Sango and Miroku also looked at her dubiously, but they preferred to remain silent waiting for their friend’s answer.
“I just wanted to go for a walk,” she lied trying to belittle the issue with a quick movement of her hand “I found a wounded animal in the way so I got caught up in trying to help him.”
“And could you help him?” asked Sango with a little smile.
She nodded.
“Only a bit, he seemed reluctant to receive help.”
“You should be really careful with those kinds of wild creatures from the forest, miss Kagome” stated Miroku concerned “some out there are really dangerous, and helping one of them could be risky, without mentioning that if the creature is wounded, it could attack you to defend itse
:iconstarebelle:Starebelle 1 0
The Red Thread, Chapter 1: The Poisoned Shard
Dawn was close and, with the first sunbeams sneaking through the leaves of the different trees, the forest was turning into an orange paradise, the birds began to wake from their dreams, flapped their wings and tweeted to welcome the new day, the water down the stream not too far away sloshed joyfully among the rocks, filling the atmosphere with a peaceful music. The panorama began to clear up little by little until the bright sunlight matched the glowing gold in the eyes of the youkai* leaning against a tree while staring at his surroundings. His cold look was lost in the distance. That night he had not returned to where his subordinate and the girl he protected were sleeping, but he had gone to that place, to the outskirts of that village. There, far away, he could sight the well through which she had disappeared not long ago, now that she was gone, peace returned. He squinted when he began to t*hink about that again, in that moment in which he had seen the figure of that woman who h
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elf X centaur .yaoi tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,807 85
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Mother-son chat
Loki: Mum, how did you and dad met?

Mundur: --Not appropiate for kids-- 
Rainy goodbye
Coloured version of "Taki sketch" i did some days ago :)
Taki Sketch
A quick 10-min sketch I just made. Seems by the few time and energies I have to draw something new and proper, this seems to be my means of escape from daily life xD
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I'm an Argentinian girl of 18 years old!! Yeah everything is wonderfully hot here in the south of America... -.- 
I consider myself a writer -I'm working in my book which will be published hope next year if University lets me!!!!- a (normal) artist who is learning each time more and a future english translator!!! And also hopefully a traveler!!! :la:

Well I don't have much to say... only that I have a wonderful best friend in all the world -literally- and she's :iconxxwhiterussianxx: yay hello! Loviu! :la: :la: :la: 

I'm a fan of many things, you know, some manga and anime -still there's a LOT I don't watch it-, a gamer and a Sherlock fan!
Oh yeah... and I have a serious yaoi problem.... I LOVE IT! Damn you boys why do you have to be so sexy together! RUN AWAY WOMEN! RUN AWAY! 

Well, hope that's all for now xD Wish me a lot of luck!

:iconpikadanceplz: Pikachu dances for comments! (?


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Mica (ex AikoHitomi15)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I consider myself a writer -I'm working in my book which will be published hope next year if University lets me!!!!- a (normal) artist who is learning each time more and a future english translator!!! And also hopefully a traveler!!! :la:

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    1.You really love our OC's 2.Powder blue  3.Air 'cause you are cheerful, you want to travel far and you've got hidden power  4. pfff Mika XD only 'cause you got the same name (maaaaybe Hinata...or Bambi! XD)  5.HOW is the poodle? is she ok? is she happy?  6.your kind nature is by far my favorite one of your traits already got one! Twin old chest, older then me...older then all of us 9. coffee actually 'cause your the reason i started drinking coffee when i was a teen, so i could stay up longer XD so now the smell of coffee reminds me of you every fucking time 10. now you do me 
Starebelle Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
5) she's ok, and yes she sure is happy, I should show u the videos we have of her. She loves her toys and spetially her squishy ball she takes to anyone and presses against your legs when she wants you to throw it so she can go after it. She also learned to sit, shake hands and play dead and now when you say "let me look at you" (in spanish) she lies on her back so you can scratch her tummy. She's really talented!

9) I really feel bad for knowing that xD I am the reason why ur a coffeedict (coffee+addict) xD

Now mine:

1)You have something for the gods up there... xD
2) Green, because I relate you to DA and its colour is green
3) You remind me fo water, mainly because u can be both peaceful and stormy in a same week (spetially when u have to defend your ideals) xD
4) You remind me of Tomoyo from "Sakura", a really loyal and devoted friend :)
5) Here, this is one for u to feel ahsamed of: underwear colour wearing now? XD (unless u dont have any, then THAT would be kinky)
6) I like how of a good friend and adviser you are, you're also like a walking dictionary and the older sister I never had, ni know i can always count on u :hug:
7) TwinnyWinnyBobinny
8) My night table with all university stuff caterred all over it (a just finished book, pin ups with mails, batteries, money and some acid candy pills) and my bag on the floor, oh and also my winter boots, I am feeling like a mess today
9) You remind me of a cake, remember when we met and that printed cake u had to sent me and I had to print? I bet it tasted like ink
10) well u already did one xD
CaffeineInducedDream Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
5) *sobbing* oh my god she's such an inspiration to us all!

9) that's ok i got you hooked on porn so we're both to blame XDXD

1) bitch i might XD your fault anyway

3) that's tru 

4) i could have sword you'd go for deadpool XD 

5) how dare you, shame me on my ow blog, they are turquoise XD

9) nah i'm a cake 'cause i'm sweet and high in fat~ XD *finger guns* yooo
CaffeineInducedDream Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
here is your daily reminder that your awesome and that i love you.

You are a dragon in human skin,powerful and unstoppable you bend to the will of no mortal,you ride eternal.
Starebelle Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww twinny! :hug:  you're so cute!!!! thank u for being my betest friend ever and ever!!! :hug: :hug: u're the best woman ever :)
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