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My Bio

Bio.. New! I'm a gamer! Believe it!, I love anime! i love writing stories... just need an artist for characters XD I'm more of an idea guy than a practical one, im weeeeeeeird! but thats why my friends love me

Nicknames: Sensei, Protagonist, DM, Senpai~

Stats for Nerds:

Attack: 3.5

Defence: 4.5

Speed: 5


Luck: 69 ... (This is why "Protagonist" is a nickname, its eiher really good or relly bad!)

(Chosen by My IRL friend group)

Favourite Movies
Thor: Ragnarock, Yugioh Darkside of Dimesnions (I know it has flaws), Dr. Strange
Favourite TV Shows
... I watch a lot of anime... some notable favorites are.. One Piece, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia and Gamers... I'm a sucker for a love story...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet, Nate wants to battle, Amanda Lee
Favourite Books
... Manga
Favourite Games
Persona Series, Assassins Creed Series, Pirate Warriors Series, Spiderman (PS4)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, PS4, Nintendo 3DS
Tools of the Trade
A Tsundere Peronality
Other Interests
Professional Wrestling, TCGs (Yugioh, Magic, Pokemon, in that order) Dungeons and Dragons

How do you all feel about literature additions here? (I'm known for decent storytelling IRL, so I'm curious)

31 votes
Phone Sketch - Nagatoro Celebration
Phone Sketch - Nagatoro Celebration
Ugh, Reading... I personally prefer pictures!
Yuuki and Annie
Yuuki and Annie
Sure, I love reading, let's see your original stories!
Ino Yamanaka - Colossal Expansion Mishap
Ino Yamanaka - Colossal Expansion Mishap
Sure, as long as the reading material is size related!
Wrong Senpai Nagatoro!
Wrong Senpai Nagatoro!
How about... a manga instead? Easy to read, and can tell a story!
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Here's some questions I've been getting more often lately, so here's a journal post. "Do you role play?" Yes I do, just not on this platform. Please note, if you intend to rp with me in terms of... "Suggestive content", I rarely rp as Yuuki. She's supposed to be a very forbidden fruit type, look but don't touch. She is used on very rare and special occasions so don't expect interaction with her if you ask for rp. "Comissions are open?" Not at the moment, having trouble with my bank and the global situation isn't letting me handle it. The commissions you're seeing are from people who know me personally or have personal contact with me. I WIL
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People have been posting my stuff on certain Booru sites that are popular. So this is what its like to "make it"... Please post more, I don't have the confidence to do it myself
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Apologies, I'm taking a break from art for a while to recover from a tragedy IRL, thank you for checking out my page.

Don't worry. You can add blue skinned Luka on your request list. And I hope you like all the pic I sent you.

My other girls for you:

Btw, you're welcome.

Hi I have a quick question
Do you roleplay