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DBZ Minimalist posters

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I've never watched Dragonball Z before this month. I've wasted my life prior to this point. I started watching DBZ Kai and it's FANTASTIC, Vegeta and Goku are my boys.

I really love Minimalism, and wanted to apply it to my new found love of this series. I hope you like it :heart: I can't wait to frame these and put them on my living room wall, the original sizes are about 11x17, capable of upscaling if I so decide. I actually think I may make a green one for planet Namek / Piccolo

Made with a combination of Adobe Illustrator x InDesign x Photoshop

Designed by me
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I’m not sure how else to get in contact with you but I want to thank you for making this piece of art, because without you I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to get my first tattoo, two years ago. I have the Goku half on my right shoulder.
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Incredible! The contrast between the two planets just shows how different Vegeta and Goku are. I'm usually not into minimalist art, but I love this!
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When I see it I think it's really good on the deck of cards. Em... InDesign? What of this you did in Indesign? xD If I could know :)
And I think it's awesome ;D
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Awesome work! Saving this as a wallpaper! :D
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That was cool! :D
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Haha! Looks awesome!!!
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these are really cool in their minimalism :D
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This should be the official logo of planet Earth :)
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LOL I'd totally be ok with that XD :hug:
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Very, very cool. You just reminded me I need to watch the abridged version of this show.
Great hair. You're awesome.
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:D Thanks so much, and yeah, I'd totally recommend Kai, it's GREAT!
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Don't even know what kai is.
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