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TEC Dusty Story Season 2 Episode 6 Double, Trouble

   *Dusty POV*
Last time on TEC Dusty Story.
we arrive at the Icicle Story.
So, after we left us on the mission Athena and Sparky was having trouble for the relationship because she mentions about Federico and Mr. Toshiro.
meanwhile, we’re on a quest to rescue Cloy by Bondo the Montez Bear.
But, unfortunately, we pick the wrong girl about Darrach ex-wife, but the real one is Clare. Maybe I was trick by Chief Coloto.
So, one question can I reclaim the second Legendary Sword?
*end of POV*
Coloto: Mine apologize for tricking you once again, I just wanted to make it up to you.
Stacker: well you better not lie to me again, or you will be sorry.
Coloto: well, as I was saying, by saving my youngest daughter, your test of trial, is tag team match.
Stacker: a tag team match!? Are you saying Clare and Cloy are love triangle against Mr. Toshiro!?
Coloto: well yea, it complicated, *giggle*
well anyway, back to the tribute.
in order t
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TEC Dusty Story Season 2 Episode 5 Fire vs, Ice
*POV Dusty*
Last time on The Emerald Chronical Dusty Story.
After we save Odyssey Island against pollution, Chief Abodo declare the trial to prove my worth against Dolphin Sword, and now I defeated Alina
In the end, Alina ask us a question what’s an issue about Sparky is?
Is there a problem with father and son?
*Lorali look around for the distant*
Lorali: it looks pretty hard as I thought.
It should be another island somewhere.
Dusty: hum, I have an idea.
*Dusty pull out the Dolphin Sword*
*during the engine room, he places the Dolphin sword in front of Gauntlet, and they both began to glow. *
*and the Hologram appeared on the map*
Stacker: ah ha! Jackpot!
Just what I will be looking for!
Flare: you two are amazing sensor Dusty and sensor Stacker.
Dusty: Oh, it was nothing.
Stacker: yea, we’re just doing a teamwork.
Athena: that was a point, I better wrote down the map on the journal.
Dusty: if that’s a case, I like your ideas.
Stacker: but
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Chief Colton by StardustLive5 Chief Colton :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 0 0 Clare and Cloy by StardustLive5 Clare and Cloy :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 0 0 Icicle Island Villagers by StardustLive5 Icicle Island Villagers :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 2 0 Underwater 1 by StardustLive5 Underwater 1 :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 1 2 Vamporeon found Immunity Idol by StardustLive5 Vamporeon found Immunity Idol :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 1 3
DAPS ESPUR Episode 5 Next stop, Fiego Nation!
Sparky POV
Last time on Esper, I was having suspicions when Dusty and Athena are heading to Jade Nation Museum. And now we end up fallow them right towards the Crystal Ruins, we couldn’t defeat Scorpion King if we weren’t for Dusty new power, Myth Summon. So, after we merge of brand new cemetery team Shippuden, we are on the quest to collect four Myth Weapon at Fiego Nation.
David House
Susan: Anyway, that’s how the mission went down.
Aisu: Interesting.
Pixov: indeed.
David: Okay, all doors are locked.
Susan: Excellent. Then let’s get this party started!
Pixov: Excellent!
Aisu: Yay!
Dusty knock at a door
David: oops, I almost forgot, I was invited by your friend Susan.
Susan: wait you mean Dusty and other?
David: I believe so.

Dusty: sorry we're late. We were having a side track with most valuable.

David: that okay guy., So, let eat before you
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Happy Birthday Susan by StardustLive5 Happy Birthday Susan :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 2 2 Bondo the Montez Bear by StardustLive5 Bondo the Montez Bear :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 0 0 Dusty Hero Quest Card by StardustLive5 Dusty Hero Quest Card :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 1 0
TEC Dusty Story S2 Ep4 The way of the swordsman

Dolphin Sword
*POV Dusty*
Previous on Emerald Chronical Dusty Story
Our first destination is Odyssey Island. But we discover for laying waste with Toxic, Athena become the MVP because she got her motive to save Sparky live and so as Odyssey Island.
So, the Village thinks I save the Island because I took down the first Montez Phoenix Member Scarlet the Montez Shark.
We were having unexpected when the village was having a faults accuse Flare and other. Speaking of the devil, dose the first Legendary Sword dose excited with ex-wife Alina? You're about to find out.
*Odyssey Village*
Abodo: we are grateful for saving my village. And the most of all, you save my daughter, and you capture the criminal mastermind.
Dusty: Oh, it was nothing, we’re the student of Santa Verde Academy.
Abodo: that maybe true, so as for award for saving my daughter, you have earned the first legendary sword known as.
*Abodo present the Dolphi
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TEC Dusty Story Season 2 Episode 3 Run Away Toxic
*Montez Phoenix Volcano (Throne Room)*
Federico: mission accomplished me padre. The Swordsman was easily subdued and it is now imprisoned. you’re right about him being weak.
Ceaser: (evil laugh) excellente me mijo, the real fun can begin.
I must say, Federico, you’ve proven yourself to be loyal by betraying your friends and fellow comrades.
Federico: Former friends and comrades, my allegiances to me familiar.
You’re all I need
Ceaser: glad to hear it mijo, but let’s not pretend we don’t know what comes next
Federico: se, it’ll be here soon enough I can sense it.
Ceaser: let it wait to come to us, no matter who they said.
We will take them down, proceed with village attack, alongside the others.
Federico: as you wish father.
*Federico departed*
Ceaser: my Mijo was right, I wonder what other up to.
*Meanwhile back to S.S. Toshiro*
Hans: you detective Leg
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Shanta the Montez Shark by StardustLive5 Shanta the Montez Shark :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 1 0 Montez Phoniex Grunt by StardustLive5 Montez Phoniex Grunt :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 0 8 Adobo the Chief of Odyssey Tribe by StardustLive5 Adobo the Chief of Odyssey Tribe :iconstardustlive5:StardustLive5 0 0



Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.47.51 AM by StardustLive5

   *Dusty POV*

Last time on TEC Dusty Story.
we arrive at the Icicle Story.
So, after we left us on the mission Athena and Sparky was having trouble for the relationship because she mentions about Federico and Mr. Toshiro.
meanwhile, we’re on a quest to rescue Cloy by Bondo the Montez Bear.
But, unfortunately, we pick the wrong girl about Darrach ex-wife, but the real one is Clare. Maybe I was trick by Chief Coloto.
So, one question can I reclaim the second Legendary Sword?

*end of POV*

Coloto: Mine apologize for tricking you once again, I just wanted to make it up to you.

Stacker: well you better not lie to me again, or you will be sorry.

Coloto: well, as I was saying, by saving my youngest daughter, your test of trial, is tag team match.

Stacker: a tag team match!? Are you saying Clare and Cloy are love triangle against Mr. Toshiro!?

Coloto: well yea, it complicated, *giggle*
well anyway, back to the tribute.
in order to reclaim the Legendary Sword, you must defeat Clare and Cloy.
But, you can’t face my two daughters without something important.
perhaps, you need your partner.

Stacker: right, so can I get in.

Coloto: sorry, but the only challenger will select his team member.

Stacker: figure, if only I could strangle that geezer.

Dusty: let it go, Stacker. I understand how you feel. So, I can’t pick you because your wind element is not matched against Ice Element. I wish I could pick Flare because of she a fire element like Feder-

Stacker: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, drop that name already, you don’t want to freak villager out.

Dusty: yea your right.

Flare: well, maybe your right, I have to catch up to do.
There only one-party member left, but it none other them Lorali.

Lorali: WHAT?! Aww, no fair, why and my only one?

Stacker: no need to complain, as long you could tag along with Dusty.

Lorali: *blush* what the- will you stop that, you are embarrassing me in front of the villager.

Coloto: *giggle*

Dusty: fair enough, I going to choose Lorali.

*Meanwhile, Gwen and Hans are playing a chess game*

Hans: hmmm.

*Hans move the piece of pawn while he gets trap Gwen’s king*

Hans: checkmate again.

Gwen: WHAT! That’s cheating, you must be using your mind reader power.

Hans: I don’t have one.

*Hans and Gwen saw Athena storm off*

Hans: oh, hey Athena, how’s Sparky doing?

Athena: it none of your business?

Hans: Hey, what a big deal?


Hans: wow, she doesn’t have to shout at us.

Gwen: maybe is the best idea to give her some time.

Hans: fair enough.

*Meanwhile back, they began to start arena*

Coloto: alright Dusty, you know rules, if you defeat my both daughters, you earn a second Legendary Sword.

*Coloto remove the cloth*

Coloto: The White Wolf Sword.

Flare: Oh Dios mío, White Wolf Sword is made of ice.

Stacker: I know, that looks promising.

*Flare remove her clothes*

Flare: maybe this body warms me up.

Stacker: what the- could you please keep your clothes on!

Coloto: the ritual battle is now in session!

Cloy and Clare: Ice Blitz!

Lorali: what is that powerful.

Dusty: only one way and find out. Energy Summon!

*Dusty Summon the Terra Shield for trying to block Ice Blitz but it broke free*

Dusty and Lorali: AHHHHH!

*both Dusty and Lorali got hit*

Dusty: if that’s a case, I’ll use Inferno Blaster, Substitute Summon!

*Dusty switch Terra Shield against Inferno Blaster*

Dusty: Eat Fire.

*Dusty fire Inferno Blaster at Clare and Cloy but they kept dodging while they ice skating*

Dusty: that was quick, I can’t aim carefully.

Lorali: don’t worry, will slow them down.

*Lorali fly up to the mid-air*

Lorali: Gravity Push!

*Clare and Cloy dodge her attack again*

Cloy: Snow Twister!

*Cloy create the typhoon while she is spinning, and now Lorali got hit, and landed on Dusty*

Dusty: AHHH!

Lorali: sorry Dusty.

Dusty: it’s okay.

Cloy: and now the battle is ours Aurora Flash

Clare: Ice Blaster!

*they both fire them attack*

Dusty: Lorali, we better think of something.

Lorali: I'm already doing.
Gravity Pull.

*use a Gravity pull on Aurora Flash, and Ice Blaster*

Dusty: AHHH! Lorali, are you crazy, will lose.

Lorali: don’t worry it won’t AHHH YEAH!

*Lorali smash Aurora Flash and Ice Blaster together, and now it cancels each other out*

Dusty: Lorali, you save our lives.

Lorali: no problem, at least we save the battle.

Cloy: why did you mess up my attack move!?

*Lorali and Dusty heard Clare and Cloy argument*

Cloy: I couldn’t defeat our challenger if it worth for you!

Clare: Oh, give me a break, I attack our challenger first, and now you are getting in my way.

Flare: why are they fighting?

Stacker: I know what’s wrong, using a Lorali counter move is to smash their power attack, that why they are causing the argument.

Flare: maybe they didn’t finish a homework.

Dusty: okay, they are busy the argument, now our chance.
*Substitute Summon*

*Dusty switch Inferno Blaster against Emerald Star Excalibur*

Dusty: throw me over.

Lorali: you got it!
Gravity Push!

*Lorali hurl Dusty with Gravity Push and hit Cloy with Emerald Star Excalibur*


*Gravity Push hit Clare*

That's it, Cloy, you're done enough danger! Ice Blitz!

*Clare charge in at Dusty*

Cloy: I won’t let you fight on your own! Ice Blitz!

*Cloy Charge it right at Dusty*

Dusty: uh oh, I can’t escape, I don’t have enough time to switch with Icarus sandal against my Emerald Star Excalibur.

Lorali: I got your back up, Gravity Pull!

*Lorali yank Dusty out of here, and Clare and Cloy crash each other*

Cloy and Clare: AHHHHHHHH!

Coloto: oh dear, I told you ritual wasn’t suitable.

Clare: great, I told you, you shouldn’t come here from the arena.

Cloy: what do you mean? It was your fault for dragging me here.

Clare: my fault, it was your fault for trying to steal Darrach away for me.

Dusty: wait, did you say Darrach.

Cloy: are you trying to mention Darrach again! I hope I could chill you out.

Clare: OH YEAH!?

Cloy: YEAH!?

*Clare and Cloy are fighting each other*

Coloto: *sight* children.

Flare: don’t tell me they didn’t get along so well.

Stacker: the two ex-wives maybe stronger but fighting each other is causing then weak spot. That is not a teamwork spirit.

Coloto: alright enough!

*Coloto summon the Ice Hammer and slammed to the ground*

*Clare and Cloy is breaking up a fight*

Coloto: you two are nothing but the spoiled brat. I hate to do this, but you give me no choice. I will forfeit for you two.

Clare: Your kidding, right?

Cloy: could you at least give me a chance.

Coloto: I’m sorry but my decision is finals.

Cloy: but daddy! *growl* now look what you have done, he going to disqualify us.

Clare: I did? It was your own fault for starting a fight!

Cloy: and now we’re no longer be a sister anymore!

Clare: Fine!

Cloy: Fine! Goodbye, my ex-sister!

*Cloy and Clare storm off each other’s*

Lorali: wow, didn’t saw that coming.

Coloto: my, apologize challengers. My daughters were having a hard time for each other. So, here is a White Wolf Sword, then the quest will continue.

*Dusty try to grab it, but he hesitates*

Coloto: what are you hesitating for? Keep it, you already won fair a square.

Dusty: not really, but I wanted you to hold a prize.

Coloto: what are you saying?

Dusty: I meant what I’m going to save the World the Isie against Montez Phoenix Clan. But your daughter mentions about Mr. Toshiro.
So, tell me. Is it true your daughter was having a love triangle?

Coloto: well yea, but sometimes is pretty hard to get long what they love Darrach, but she hated each other.

Lorali: if that a case, could you give her a chance, it was my fault for created your daughter’s argument, but I wanted to make up my mistake.

Coloto: are you sure you going to take a risk? It might be too late to save Darrach.

Dusty: we can’t just leave her here, I know the Legendary Sword is really important, but the really important is to patch up your daughters.

Coloto: alright, so be it. But you be there until high noon. If you two fails to patch up my daughter, and then the Legendary Sword is yours.

Dusty: understood, thank you.

*Later on, at the huts*

Dusty: I’m telling you, you shouldn’t blame yourself for making their argument.

Lorali: I know it true, but I can’t just put you in danger.

Dusty: but Lorali, you shouldn’t- no I can’t argue either.

Lorali: huh, why not?

Dusty: well I need more time to think.

Lorali: alright.

*Dusty departed*

*Dusty walks up to hill*

Dusty: Mr. Winter? I know you didn’t hear, but if you only you could give me advice.

*Issac appeared in the cloud*

Issac: I always here for you Mr. Yuri.
Why did you ask?

Dusty: well it a bit long story, you see Lorali and I did make up the Clare and Cloy argument.
If only if you give us the advice to patch up a sibling.

Issac: Dusty, just because you felt bad for humiliating defeat against Clare and Cloy, doesn’t mean you need me. Why did you want to fight fair so badly?

Dusty: it really hard to explain Mr. Winter. Your partner has been kidnapped by Federico. That why I wanted to reclaim the Legendary Sword Fairly.

Issac: then I glad you fallow our heroes code. It not like that I was taught you, it was you who taught yourself, have you forgot what Andy taught you.

Dusty: *sigh* if I made mistake, and then I’ll make up my mistake.

Issac: that’s right, so making up mistake will patch them up.

Dusty: thank you, Mr. Winter.

*after Issac departed when cloud disappeared and then Lorali arrive*

Lorali: Dusty! Do you have a plan?

Dusty: we’ll decide to patch up with sister unbroken bond.
Maybe it not that easy to patch up, but I wanted to do it for Mr. Toshiro.
So, I wanted to prove myself to reclaim the Legendary Sword.

Lorali: just do whatever you, I’m always right behind you.

Stacker: you’re not only to support him Lorali.

Flare: we’re all right here behind you.

Stacker: don’t tell you wanted to fight fair, don’t you? What happen if you put yourself a disadvantage.

Dusty: it doesn’t matter Stacker, this is our path to choose.

Flare: *remove her clothes* Buena suerte Señor Dusty.

Stacker: I don’t under what you were saying, but can you PLEASE KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!

Flare: there no reason to scold at me Senor Stacker, I felt overheated.

*later on, while Lorali visit Clare*

Lorali: hello.

Clare: look if your Cloy, then gives more time and let it be.

Lorali: umm that was me, Lorali.

Clare: oh, sorry. I thought-

Lorali: I know you thought I was Cloy.
But we might need a talk a little bit.

Clare: I’m listening.

*Meanwhile Dusty and Cloy are having a conversation*

Cloy: you were saying it was your partners' fault for making our argument?

Dusty: yea, I don’t want to blame my partner Lorali, because of that not the way of teamwork.

Cloy: easy for you to say.

*meanwhile Lorali and Clare are having a conversation*

Lorali: we didn’t mean to sandbag you guys, I can’t just put Dusty in danger because of me.

Clare: why did you tell me in the first place.

Lorali: because, I don’t want to make you mad at me, that why I was afraid to tell you a truth.

*Montez Grunt is going to spy on two girls*

Montez Grunt: *giggle*

Clare: right, I see that.
To tell the truth, Cloy and I felt jealous for each other about Darrach.
Well, you see. Once when we were a childhood

*Clare flashback, they are having a snowball fight*

Clare: Darrach-chan, aren’t you going to have fun.

Darrach: I wish I could, but my father wants me to be serious training.
He doesn’t want to go out for the playground.

Clare: oh, I see, well don’t let the mind fool you, you might ruin your fun.

Darrach: how’s so.

Clare: well you see here but-


Ice Superhuman bully 1: ha, ha, ha, ha.

Ice Superhuman bully 2: who’s the weakest link now, ha, ha, ha.

*Darrach and Clare confront the bullies*

Clare: hey, leave her alone.

Darrach: that gone too far.

Ice Superhuman bully 1: who the heck are you?

Darrach: I’m Darrach from Toshiro Dojo, just because you have a straight, doesn’t mean you trying to sandbag that poor little girl.

Ice Superhuman bully 2: so, what? You or what army.

Sparky: like this.

*Sparky and Clare pull out a snowball*

Ice Superhuman bully 1: oh yeah, that’s your army. Okay, we’re out a number. RUN FOR THE SNOW HILL!

*all of the bullies retreat while they throw a snowball at the bullies*

Darrach: and stay out.

Cloy: thank you, mister, I feel so disgrace for my family name.

Clare: that not true, this is not the real disgrace for working as a team.
But the real disgrace is to be going out here on your own.

Darrach: Clare is right, as long I could master the Legendary Thunder Sword, I’ll be running a dojo someday! That’s why I’m going to teach you as a teamwork.

Cloy: thank you Darrach, you are a great teacher.

Darrach: I know right.

*Flashback is over*

Cloy: and that’s why I could pull off my motive, it all thanks to your teacher.

Dusty: that will be great.

Cloy: yea not so great at all, but that not enough motive, maybe Clare was right, I mess up a tag team match.

Dusty: don’t bring yourself up, having your argument will make you worst.

Cloy: but what happens if her fault.

Dusty: don’t try to change the subject, let just move on.
Well, I understand how you feel Cloy, but my friend and I were having an argument because I wanted to save my school when I was trying to confess what I am.
I almost gave up, but my friend saves my life.

Flare: Dusty, Cloy!

Dusty: what’s a holdup?

Flare: it was Lorali and Clare, they are captured by Montez Phoenix grunt.

Dusty: Not again!
That was the third time she been taking the hostage!

Cloy: umm make that one for Clare.
I hope she doesn’t bite me.

*remove her clothes*

Flare: Bominoes everybody, we better get going.

*Flare rush into a action*

Dusty: alright Flare, lead away, and KEEP YOUR CLOTHES!

*meanwhile Lorali and Clare has been captured*

Lorali: you can’t do this to us!

Clare: what do you want with us?

Zutzu Montez: that what I’m planning to Chicas

Koffy Montez: our Jefe (boss) order us to stop you and your party member.

Zutzu Montez: well, well, we have arrived.

*Dusty and Cloy confront Montez grunt*

Dusty: great, again with a Montez Grunt.

Cloy: free my sister, right now.

Zutzu: Sí pequeña (yes little girl) as long you give me your Legendary Sword, or you won’t see our hostage again.

Koffy: yea, we should incinerate those innocent chicas.

Dusty: you wouldn’t dare.

Koffy: I can, but I will.

*Koffy summon is flame in front of Lorali and Clare. *

Lorali: ahhhh!

Clare: you better do something.

Dusty: alright, I’ll hand the Legendary Sword over, but please let then go.

Zutzu: that’s more like it.

*Dusty give Cloy a wink, and both Dusty and Clare recharge their power behind their back. *

Koffy: well, I’m waiting.

Dusty: you want something done right away, but you have to fight us first.

Zutzu: sorry, what are you mean?

Dusty: now!

Cloy: Aurora Blaster!

*Aurora Blaster hit both Zutzu and Koffy eyes*


Zutuz: I can’t see it.

*Dusty pull out a Dolphin Sword to cut the rope, and set Lorali and Clare free.*

*and now they escape*

Zutzu and Koffy: oh no, they’re getting away!

Cloy and Dusty: That what you get for messing with my soulmate!

Zutuz: wait!

Koffy: have mercy!

Clare: you're too little-

Lorali: and you're too late.

Dusty: Dophine Splash!

*Dusty summon the water blast with Dolphin Sword. *

Lorali: Gravity-Rise!

Clare: Ice Blaster!

Cloy: Aroura Blaster!

*both Koffy and Zutzu got hit really hard*

Koffy and Zutuzu: AHHHHHHH!

*and they went up sky high*

Koffy: Just you wait, you brat.

Zutzu: will get you next time!

*it like a team rocket reference*

*later on, Dusty and Lorali brought Clare and Cloy back together at the village*

Lorali: Chief Coloto, sorry making your daughters arguing each other.
It was my fault for causing a sandbagging.

Dusty: I hope you could give Clare and Cloy a chance.

Coloto: I understand, but let’s go with another round of ritual battle.

Dusty: like you mean it?

Coloto: sure, but under few conditions, no fight for your partner, and no sandbagging. Breaking the rule may lead you disqualified.

Dusty: alright we accept your challenge.

Clare: same here, let finish where we started.

Coloto: alright the ritual battle still goes on.
All four you may enter the arena.

All four of them: okay!

*Clare, Cloy, Lorali and Dusty has enter arena*

Coloto: If all four of you are ready, we will finish the match where we left off. The Ritual Battle is now in session once more!

Dusty: Energy Summon!

*Dusty summon his Volt Saber*

Dusty: I’m ready.

*Dusty charge in at Cloy*

Clare: Ice Shield!

*Ice Shield block Volt Saber to deflect Dusty*

Dusty: AHHHHH!

Lorali: I better push the shield off.
Gravity Push!

Cloy: not so fast.
Blizzard Twister!

*Blizzard Twister deflect Gravity Push*

Lorali: AHHHH!

Dusty: I knew you get along so well girls.

Stacker: I warn you not to patch Icicle Sister up, and now Lorali and Dusty are ending up disadvantage.

Flare: don’t worry about Clare and Cloy, I’m sure Dusty and Lorali will surpass a disadvantage.

Cloy: we like to thank you to patch us up.

Clare: and now we will return your favor.

Dusty: man, if only I get a chance to train my teamwork.

Lorali: going solo doesn’t work, we need our proper strategies.

Dusty: well, we might only have one strategy.
Help me lift it up.

Lorali: got it, Gravity-Rise!

*Lorali lift Dusty up really high*

Dusty: Substitute Summon!

*Dusty switch Volt Saber against Inferno*

Dusty: taste the bullet!

*Dusty fire at Cloy and Clare with Inferno Blaster*

Cloy: Blizzard Twister!

*Cloy block Inferno Blaster with Blizzard Twister*

Dusty: now Lorali!

*Dusty was hit against Blizzard Twister! *

Lorali: Gravity Push!

Clare: I won’t let you let our guard down, Ice Shield!

*Clare use an Ice Shield to block Gravity Push*

Lorali: gotcha.

Clare: huh?

Lorali: Gravity Pull!

*Lorali yank Ice Shield with Gravity Pull*

Clare: AHHHHH!

Lorali: okay it all yours.

Dusty: you got it.
Inferno Blaster!

*Dusty fire at Clare and Cloy with Inferno Blaster*

Clare and Cloy: AHHHHHHH!

Cloy: Clare are you right?

Clare: I’m fine, but those two are having a clever move.

Dusty: Oh, it was nothing.
We were just getting started.
Substitute Summon.

*Dusty switch with Inferno Blaster against Substitute Bracelet*

Dusty: take my Lorali.

*Lorali grab Dusty and they began to be multiplied*

Lorali clones and Dusty Clones: let’s get them!

*Lorali Clone and Dusty Clones charge in attack*

Cloy: yikes, which one is a real Dusty and Lorali.

Clare: it doesn’t matter, just keep fire the clone until we try.

Cloy: okay, Aurora Blaster!

Clare: Ice Blaster!

*Cloy and Clare keep fire clone while they transform into plushy. *

Flare: Oh Dios mío, that plushy are linda (cute)

Stacker: I wish Susan will see this.

*while they busy fire at the clone but Lorali and Dusty went behind Clare and Cloy*

Dusty: look like were wide open.

Lorali: let’s finish them off.

Clare and Cloy: ha!

Lorali and Dusty: huh?

Clare: Ice Blaster!

Cloy: Aroura Blaster!

*Dusty and Lorali got hit by Aurora Blaster and Ice Blaster*

Dusty and Lorali: AHHHHHH!

Dusty: oh no, I was blind, I forgot what Cloy did to Montez Grunt.

Lorali: well I’m might able to fly, but I have to use a Gravity force because my hand is frozen.

Dusty: *growl* that was a lucky break.

Flare: without Lorali Gravity. She powerless now.

Stacker: and don’t forget Dusty, but he can’t see their opponent.
That what I was afraid for his disadvantage.
They are having close to winning.

Cloy: give up Dusty, you never touch me with any kind of summoning weapon.

Clare: I froze your arm because you can’t use your Gravity power.

Dusty: right now, we underestimate Clare and Cloy.

Lorali: don’t get so downer, have you forgotten what Darrach said in the Clare and Cloy backstory.

Dusty: your right, I almost forgot the most important teamwork.
It's not like that to disgrace about Teamwork.

Lorali: the only one disgrace is solo.

Dusty and Lorali: and that is part of our teamwork.

*Lorali pick up the leftover Ice Shield*

Dusty: Substitute Summon!

*Dusty switch with Inferno Blaster against Emerald Star Excalibur*

Stacker: WHAT That crazy, he should be using it with the final blow!

Dusty: cover me Lorali, I have a plan.

Lorali: right back at cha.

*Dusty hold Lorali hand while she’s guiding Dusty*

Cloy: that was a bold move, Aurora Blaster!

*Lorali use the Ice Shield to block Cloy attack*

Cloy: oh no, I can’t get direct hit.
If I use Blizzard Twister, I’m might be going to hit Clare with Dusty and Lorali.

Clare: I’ll cover you, Ice Shield.

*Clare summon her Ice Shield*

Dusty: just what I was being hoped for.

Clare: huh?

*Lorali throw Dusty way up high. *

Clare: WHAT!

*Lorali tackle Clare Ice Shield with Ice Shield, because she pins Clare and Cloy down*

Stacker: alright, Dusty and Lorali manage to find the angle.

*Lorali jump really high and she began to float with Gravity*

Lorali: Dusty aim it at 6 o clock.

Dusty: alright!

*Dusty turn around and swing his sword down*

Dusty: Emerald Star Excalibur!

Cloy: we are so grounded!

Clare: I know!

*Clare and Cloy has been critical hit by Emerald Star Excalibur, and now they both fainted*

Coloto: the match has been decided, the winner of the ritual battle, is Team Dusty and Lorali.

Dusty: alright! Thank you for guiding me to win Lorali.

Flare: Oh, Dios mío, I know they could do it!

Stacker: both Team did fight really well.
Now that’s call fight to the finish.

Lorali: Dusty, you are so amazing!

*Lorali huge Dusty*

Dusty: no Lorali, you did.

Clare: you two did battle really well, you almost took a disadvantage again, but you manage to find a loophole.

Cloy: as you can, see, my sister and I did learn a lesson about teamwork.
Maybe Darrach is right, we almost having disgrace of tag team match.

Clare: but we got the long ways to go.

Dusty: me too, we got two Legendary Sword now, but there only five more to go.

Flare: well, I may be part of Montez Clan. But, I wanted to stop my Uncle for the destruction of World of Isie, and the World of Central.

Stacker: I know it really important for Mr. Toshiro, but Dusty and Lorali wanted to fight fair.

Coloto: speaking of Legendary Sword, since you defeat my daughter, here your reward once gains. The White Wolf Sword.
You and your partner did prove yourself to work as a team.

Dusty: thanks, Chief Coloto.

*Dusty grab and White Wolf Sword*

Dusty: Lorali, can you join in.

Lorali: sure thing.

*Lorali grab White Wolf Sword with Dusty hand, and raise it up high*


Stacker: congratulation you too, I thought you guys are going to lose.

Flare: *remove her clothes* that was totally intense.

Stacker: Flare! How many time when I trying to scold you!? KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!

Flare: can’t help it, sensor Stacker. it was overheated but pretty fun.

Clare: speaking of fun.

Cloy: there one thing we like to celebrate for winning the ritual battle.

*Clare and Cloy pull out a snowball*

Dusty: *Gasp*

Lorali: oh no.

Clare and Cloy: SNOWBALL FIGHT!

*Clare and Cloy throw a Snowball at Dusty and Lorali*

Dusty: alright, this means war!

*Dusty and Lorali throw the snowball at Cloy and Clare*

Lorali: we declare a rematch!

*Lorali, Dusty, Clare, and Cloy*

Stacker: care to join in.

Flare: sorry, I’m not a big fan of snow.

Stacker: alright.

*Stacker join in the Snowball Fight. But Clare throw a snow at Coloto*

Colotot: oh no, you girls are so grounded.

*Coloto make a snowball and throw at Clare and Cloy*

Dusty: think fast Stacker!

*Stacker got hit with snowball*

Stacker: It’s on.

*Stacker throw and snowball at Dusty*

Flare: *giggle* wait until Dusty told Sparky about meanings of teamwork.

*Meanwhile at the Sparky cabin, he was having trouble with a flashback. *
Federico: Spanish Pathetic! You never stood a chance against a clan member. You’re mine now fool!

*Flashback is finished*

Sparky: I meant what I just said about a mission, maybe Athena was right, I’m nothing like Sparky. There only way to lift my burden.
I’m going to the next island alone.

*To Be Continue*
*POV Dusty*

Last time on The Emerald Chronical Dusty Story.
After we save Odyssey Island against pollution, Chief Abodo declare the trial to prove my worth against Dolphin Sword, and now I defeated Alina
In the end, Alina ask us a question what’s an issue about Sparky is?
Is there a problem with father and son?


*Lorali look around for the distant*

Lorali: it looks pretty hard as I thought.
It should be another island somewhere.

Dusty: hum, I have an idea.
*Dusty pull out the Dolphin Sword*

*during the engine room, he places the Dolphin sword in front of Gauntlet, and they both began to glow. *

*and the Hologram appeared on the map*

Stacker: ah ha! Jackpot!
Just what I will be looking for!

Flare: you two are amazing sensor Dusty and sensor Stacker.

Dusty: Oh, it was nothing.

Stacker: yea, we’re just doing a teamwork.

Athena: that was a point, I better wrote down the map on the journal.

Dusty: if that’s a case, I like your ideas.

Stacker: but guess what, we’re headed to the north when Alina told us about.

Camilie: The map said, we're heading to the Island of Icicle.

Flare: *gasp* Icicle!? Not the ice advantage!

Hans: what’s a big.
It just snows.

Flare: I may not afraid of water, but I’m afraid of snow.

Hans: then why don’t you take off your clothes and let it overheat.

Everyone: NO!

Hans: what, as long she happy.

*Gwen pinch at Hans' ears*

Hans: we need to talk, now.

Gwen: ouch, ouch not my ears.

*Gwen depart while she is dragging Hans with a pinch of the ears*

Dusty: well anyway, I just come up my idea.

*Dusty look at Camilie*

Camille: you’re not trying to use me, are you?

*later on, at the deck*

Camille: well I like this idea but using dimension power to travel to another island. This should make a shortcut.

Dusty: don’t worry, using the Emerald Star Excalibur will gain your power boost.

Camille: alright whatever you ready.

*Dusty hold his Emerald Star Excalibur*

Dusty: Emerald Star Boost!

*Emerald Star Boost lend Camille power*

Camille: okay Scythe, take us to Icicle Island!

*Camille use her Scythe to rip out dimension and travel through a portal*

*Meanwhile at the Icicle Island, Bondo the Montez Bear torcher the Ice Superhuman. *

Ice Superhuman: AHHHH! AHHHHHHH!

*and now the Ice Superhuman began to melt*

Ice Superhuman: ha, ha, ha, yes, more painful, power.

*Meanwhile back, the S.S. Toshiro made it to Icicle Island*

Lorali: land hoy guys. Icicle Island, straight ahead.

Dusty: it makes us feel so warm.

Stacker: that’s strange, but the snowfield I lower degrees.
It looks so chaotic

Flare: I glad it’s warm enough, however, Montez clan was up to something.
It polluted the Ice, it will make Ice Superhuman melted.

Dusty: So, what are we waiting for, let’s get investigated right away.

*later on the S.S.Toshiro made it at the port*

Sparky: any status around here?

Stacker: the island is getting worst. The Montez Phoenix took over Icicle Island.

Sparky: maybe I should let Flare go on a first adventure.

Flare: YAE!

*later on Dusty, Lorali, Stacker, and Flare are began to travel at the Icicle Village*

Lorali: how come you’re not wearing your snow gear.

Flare: don’t forget, I feel like overheating.

Stacker: that was a good point.
Wait, I hear something?

Dusty: what is it.

Stacker: I am sensing my supersonic.

*Icicle villager pops out the snow and stranded Dusty the others. *

Icicle villager 1: Halt!

Icicle villager 2: state your business.

Dusty: well, there something I wanted to ask you.

*Icicle Tribe*

Coloto: I am a chief village, they call me Coloto.
Have you come here to challenge my daughter an to reclaim the Legendary Sword.

Dusty: yes, but this is urgent, our teacher has been kidnapping by that Traitor Federico Montez.

*all of the villagers felt shocked what Dusty said*

Coloto: how dare you say that name, I forbid you to mention that killer name.

Dusty: yea, know it not true.

Coloto: you sight has been blinded

Guard 1: umm maybe you're changing the subject.

Coloto: my apologies for causing the outburst.
So, let back to normal. So, as I was saying.
I wish I could let my daughter accept your challenge.
However, there is only one issue. The Montez Bear clan stole my daughter away!

Dusty: here we go again.

Stacker: do we really have to defeat another Montez?

Lorali: right now, I don’t have any other choice.

Dusty: maybe I could use Emerald Star Excalibur to take down Montez army.

Coloto: I’m afraid it not that easy.

Dusty: why is that.

Coloto: because Montez Bear declare the martial law.
It could select the lottery as a tribute.
No matter how many time they capture my villager, my land gets polluted when Montez Bear clan melt my villagers away.

Lorali: that’s awful.

Dusty: I know what Montez clan up to, that Ceaser guy was trying to invade all over the World of Isie.

Stacker: yea, first the Odyssey Island, and now for Icicle Island.
I bet the Montez Clan was behind of this.

Flare: well, I don’t have my information about my uncle plot, but we must rid of pollution for the world of Isle.

Lorali: your right Flare, we don’t have any other choice, I know to retrieve the Legendary Sword is a high priority but focusing rescuing the daughter of the chief is what make us a hero.

Stacker: it looks pretty risky, but this is the only way.

Dusty: what did you say Lorali, is it hero time?

Lorali: indeed, decently hero time.

Flare: well you heard Senor Lorali *remove her clothes* IT HERO TIME!


*Meanwhile during the Sparky room*

Sparky: What and I think, I shouldn’t join up for a Dusty mission.

Athena: *knock at the door*

Sparky: look I know it you Dusty, I still need more time.

Athena: maybe it was me.

Sparky: huh? Athena.

*Athena open the door*

Sparky: sorry Athena, I thought you were Dusty.

Athena: Sorry doesn’t help you to get your motive back.
I’m still on your side Sparky. it something bothering you, I’ll be happy to help you.

Sparky: thanks for your help, but I shouldn’t join a Dusty mission.

Athena: well too late now, there no going back now.
So, tell me, are you still feeling upset? Is it because of your dad, or maybe Federico Mon-

Sparky: *stand out and shout out loud* NOBODY MENTION ABOUT MY DAD, OR FEDERICO!



Athena: no I will never give it up, I can’t afford you to let our teacher die, we lost Mr. Winter once, but we refuse to lose Mr. Toshiro again, I won’t lose you! *SLAP SPARKY CHEEK! *

*Athena Storm off while she is having a breakdown*

Sparky: Athena, I don’t what to say?

*Meanwhile back to the mountain Bondo continue to melt the Ice Superhuman*

Ice Superhuman: AHHH! AHHHHHH!!

Bondo: ha, ha, si, more pollution, Sensor Cesar will be so, please. Is it that right, Sensor Coly. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

*Montez grunt*

Montez grunt: urgent news for Bondo Montez, we have an intruder.

Bondo: don’t just stand there, don’t let then pass through the gate.
I better melt Cloy right away.

Montez grunt: yes!

*all of Montez grunt departed*

*Outside at the Mountain*

Stacker: Here we are, all of the village taking hostage what chief told us about.

Lorali: so, do we have to climb?

Dusty: we don’t have too, we could use our flying power.

Stacker: umm, I hate to tell you so, but she doesn’t have a flying power.

Dusty: don’t worry, this should do a trick.
Energy Summon Sylph Wings.

*Dusty gave Flare the Sylph wing*

Dusty: how do you look.

Flare: Mis alas se ven tan lindas. (My wings look so cute)

Dusty: I don’t know what she’s saying in Spanish, but you're welcome.

Lorali: alright then, let storm in the mountain.


*Dusty transform into Esper Form, and fly up, with Lorali Stacker and Flare*

*all of Montez grunt lunch his firepower*

Lorali: brace yourself.

Dusty: Energy Summon!

*Dusty summon Inferno Blaster, and he began to fire at Montez grunt*

Stacker: Wind Slash!

*Wind Slash hit Montez Grunts*

Flare: Mini Blaze!

*she fires the Mini Blaze like a shotgun, and now Montez Grunts got hit*

Lorali: Gravity-Rise!

*Lorali lift all of the grunts and throw it against the wall*

Dusty: okay all of the grunts is down, we're going in.

*Dusty and other went inside the mountain cave, and now they discover a hot water, and the lava fall*

Stacker: their lava and hot water.

Dusty: no wonder they are hiding.

Flare: hey look!

*Dusty and other found all of skeleton*

Stacker: brrr, it is getting to freak me out.

Dusty: I felt the same way, but take a look, it was causing a melt what Montez Bear did to Icicle Villager.

Lorali: that was awful.

Stacker: That monster!

*all of the grunt charge in*

Dusty: Speaking a devil, we have company!

Flare: standby, I got you covered.
Mini Blaze!

*Flare fire the Mini Blaze like Machine Guns, and then they took down all of the grunts*

Flare: let’s go!

*Flare and other charges in against the grunt*

Stacker: my bat sensor told me, the Darrach ex-wife is getting closer to the lab.

Flare: Dusty, it okay to use water element at the grunt, but don’t forget, I’m only Montez who immune of water.

Dusty: yea your right, it a worth my shot.
Substitute Summon!

*Dusty switch Inferno Blaster against Poseidon Tritons*

Dusty: Surf up!

*Dusty fire the water blast with his Triton, all grunt except Flare got wipe out*

Flare: WHOA-OH! This is really fun as I thought.

Stacker: now it mines turn, Wind Slash

*Spiral Twister hit all of Montez Grunt*

Lorali: how much longer until we make it to the Montez Bear Lab?
I hope we're not too late.

Dusty: don’t worry Lorali, it won’t

*Bondo watch Dusty and other fights off against all of Montez Grunt*

Bondo: *giggle* you already did.

*Bondo pick Cloy up*

Bondo: time for tribute honey bunch.

Cloy: NO, I don’t want to. Please let me go!

Bondo: too bad for you, there is no acceptable answer.

*Meanwhile back*

Dusty: Substitute Summon!

*Dusty switch Poseidon Triton against Stardust Hammer*

*it smashes all of the grunts*

Flare: Mini Blaze!

*Flare keep fire the Mini Blaze against Montez Grunt*

Stacker: we’re being going around the circle, we have to rescue her.

Lorali: don’t worry, will make a shortcut, Gravity Push!

*Lorali push against the wall with Gravity*

*Dusty and other went pass thought*

Dusty: there she is!

Cloy: you guy come here and rescue me.

Lorali: don’t worry will bust you out of here.

*Bondo smash the ground to create the lava plum*

Dusty: Yikes!

*Dusty dodge Bondo attack*

Bondo: don’t take another step.

Stacker: who are you?

Bondo: my name is Bondo Montez. The reason why I keep sacrifices the Icicle Villagers because will make the island steam.

Lorali: So, you trying polluted the Icicle island.

Bondo: bravo purple hair girl, the more they create the heat, the villager will be causing a dreadful heat. If you wanted to rescue her, you four must defeat me with the time limit.

*Bondo start the capsule heat, and she began to melt*

Cloy: oh no.

Lorali: She’s getting worst. She needs our help!

Bondo: Earth Plume!

*Bondo erupt the lava on the ground while they target at Dusty and others*

*Flare and Lorali got hit*

Flare and Lorali: AHHHHHH!

Stacker: nobody messes with our friend.

Bondo: try to mess with this.
Geyser Breath!

*Geyser breath blinded Dusty and Stacker*

Dusty and Stacker: AHH! My eyes!

Flare: *growl* Mini Blaze!

*Mini Blaze try to hit Bondo, but it not affected*

Bondo: ha, ha, ha, that’s tickle.

Lorali: no offense Flare, but your fire element is evening match against fire element.

Dusty: this should cool him off, Energy Summon!

*Dusty summon Poseidon Triton*

*he tries to fire the water power at Bondo, but he keeps missing attack*

Bondo: Blaze Claw!

*Bondo hit Dusty with Blaze Claw*

Dusty: AHHHH!
I don’t understand, how come I miss my attack.

Bondo: did I mention about Geyser breath, you took one hit, and then you lose you're accurate.

Dusty: Wait a minute?

*Dusty look at Cloy getting melting, and he began to stare at Triton*

Dusty: Lorali holds this triton and fires at Cloy.

Lorali: So, what are you going to do without your water element.

Dusty: not only I could use that water element, but there should also be two.
Legendary Summon!

*Dusty summon Dolphin Sword*

Stacker: wow, I almost forgot about Legendary Sword.

Dusty: attack me, if you dare!

Bondo: have it your way, Blaze Claw!

*Bondo began to charge in at Dusty, Lorali fire the water with Poseidon Triton and to keep Cloy safe for melting.

Bondo: huh? What are you doing, you're damaging the ritual.

Dusty: think fast!

*Dusty swift in and slice Bondo belly*


*Bondo began to faint*

Bondo: ha, ha, ha, you play well Black Spiky hair, you haven’t won this time. Vida Clan Montez Phoenix.

*and now Bondo is dead*

*Dusty break the capsule with Dolphin sword while he set Cloy free. *

Dusty: are you alright?

Cloy: I’m fine.

Lorali: here, I’ll take you back to your village.

*later on, they are heading back to the Icicle Tribe*

Coloto: thank you for saving my daughter Cloy, I am very grateful.

Dusty: Oh, it was nothing.

Lorali: and by away, I hope your daughter will be ready for the showdown.

Stacker: yeah, I’m sure Cloy is a Darrach ex-wife.

Coloto: *laugh*

Flare: What in the loco so funny.

Coloto: sorry for breaking the barging a little, I have a two daughter, not one.

Stacker: wait a minute, if she, not a Darrach’s ex-wife, could that be-

Clare: Cloy, I was so worried about you! Did you get hurt?

Cloy: I almost did Clare, but your husband crusader saves my life.

Stacker: WHAT!?


Clare: I so glad you save. I’ll protect you, no matter what.

Coloto: hm, well if that out of way, I will announce tribute for Dusty.

*Coloto turn around and he saw Stacker Glare while growling*

Coloto: ahhh, hey there.

Stacker: don’t hey there on us, you will try to lie to us, because you wanted to force us to save your fake Darrach ex-wife?

Coloto: wait, I never mention about Darrach ex-wife, I swear.

Stacker: ARE YOU!!!!

*Stacker burst out the air destruction with a twister! *

Coloto: AHHHHH! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m Sorry!

*Stacker chase after Coloto*

Stacker: come back here, or I’ll pulverize you with Wind Slash!
You are going to pay for this you fat snowman!

Clare: and by away stranger, thank you for rescuing my sister.

Dusty: no problem.

*Meanwhile at the Montez Phoenix Volcano*

Ceaser: Bondo has failed for his mission. But I could still feel his power.
It was the legendary sword, but I won’t let then seal the Phoenix king again.
We must steal the Legendary Sword right now.

*to be continued*
TEC Dusty Story Season 2 Episode 5 Fire vs, Ice
Insperation of TEC is for ZutzuCrobat55

   Ceaser Montez ZutzuCrobat55

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   Hans and Gwen…
   Lorali BlueStarEspeon  www.devian)…
   Athena MusicalMeloetta…
   Camilie redepicabsol2…

Star Guest
        Clare and Cloy…
        Chief Colton…

    Montez Grunt…
    Bondo Montez Bear…


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