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The Exmemedables

The recent film "The Expendables" was made on a budget of $82 million dollars, and was comprised on people who are best known for spewing cacthphrases.

So, for a budget of next to nothing, I have composed my own mix of internet celebrities, including classics such as Chuck Norris (something severly lacking in "Expendables"), Rick Roll and It's a Trap alongside newer memes such as Bed Intruder and Tommy Wiseau.

Not to mention my version has Arnold (from Troll 2) in the forefront rather than as a cameo.

I also included Patrick Stewart's "Facepalm" meme, liking reflecting his embarrassment of being a knight and then associated with the likes of these. haha
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Classic. Kind of. ;-)
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haha. Yeah, I have some strange sense of humor that like to juxtapose two different elements of pop culture.
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Also known for kick people asses for fun!
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you're tearing me apart Lisa?