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Andy and O.P.

Ah. Sweet Nostalgia. Nothing quite like the image of Andy and O.P. (Optimus Prime) heading out to the ol' fishin' hole.

For the full effect, start whistling the theme from "Transformers".

I was originally going to Photoshop color this like my last piece, but remembered that I had ink brushes and markers I hadn't touched since Christmastime.

I was quite pleased with the results of the brushes. I hope to use them more in the future.
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That is so random, but it's amusing. XD
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*O.P. killed Opie* :D
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Thanks for your enthusiasm.

I'd almost forgotten about doing this one.
Koloblican11763's avatar
Lol, read the above post, totally got the joke. Andy Griffith Show FTW.

I love the shading. It really makes Andy look good, and it gives a good look to OPs foot/ankle.

I really like the markers. They look really good and I especially like what you did with the shades of grey on OPs foot.

Good job.
RazzieMbessai's avatar
I confess I have no idea who Andy is, but I love your comic style and the colours you used - especially how you made Prime so shiny! :D
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Hey Thanks.

The joke revolves around the old TV sitcom "The Andy Griffith Show" whose hallmark was the opening theme featured Andy and his son Opie (sounds like
O-P) walking through the rural landscape to the fishing pond.

I just played with how the word sounded in order to create a sort of visual pun.
RazzieMbessai's avatar
:lmao: Now I get it! Opie / OP :D

Still never heard of the TV show but that's what I get for living in the UK - rubbish TV! :lmao: :(
amyjenc1's avatar
You really got his clothes very nice. And the metal has a great only critique wouldn't there be tree reflections on his metal?
StardustDragon's avatar
The idea was the trees are behind him and wouldn't effect the part of the foot we currently see. But thanks for noticing.
amyjenc1's avatar
Ahh I see. Well then that works alright.
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