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Woooow long time!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 17, 2010, 3:31 AM
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Woooooooooooooooow long time, looong time!
And I have absolutely nothing to say..... Except, well, my 'new' youtube channel is dead again of course. I should have known myself better than to 'promise' to keep something up, while I'm not even all that interested :P Or better said: my interests constantly sway from one thing to another and it's hard to keep my focus on a thing. It's just a way I work and it's something I've come to accept, saying that my state of denial about myself is coming to an end.

Rant! But seriously, I don't have a lot of things to say. But those who are aware of our shifting into the age of aquarius, and eeeeverything that goes with it, will understand when I say: ammaGAWD are we there yet??? O_O
Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the ride, actually. I feel emptier and more lightweighed than ever before in my life and well.. we need to ditch all of our useless loads if we wanna make this climb up the mountain and towards 'heaven'. Things really are changing, not just here directly around me, but everywhere in the world, and I do notice it's affecting me as well, in this little personal aura in which I am embraced.

It's in fact SO long ago since I wrote here, that I'm very pleased to surprise (some of) you that.. I have a boyfriend! For over half a year already, though =P Things are shifting about in our relationship as well and things are different now that he's away fulltime, but different doesn't automatically mean bad! It's in fact all very good. A little difficult at times, but hey it's a trying era anyway, so it's all good!

Let's see, anything else... Nothing much, except I can say I'm doing very good, empty as whatnot so it's hard to say how exaaaactly I'm doing, but very good overall. Confusing eh? Yea, I think so too. Tee-hee!

Still vacation, waiting for work to start and then it's gonna be a tough ride to save up money for college. Yes, that's right, college! I'm going back to college! Didn't I mention that? Suppose I didn't... Applied Psychology is gonna be the thing, then to carreer advisor, followed by a blast off towards the life coaching profession! Ah yes, I have a plan and an actual view of the future for the first time in my life! Naturally, things always change, so I'm trying to be wise enough not to cling on too tightly to all I have planned. Going with the flow is still a useful magic formula!

Anyway, out again. Hope you all are doing well! =D Hugs all around!

Oh yea, I deleted my website. Bit of a part of deciding not to hold on to anything I'm not taking forward with me. It's cute to have a website, but in my case it's just more unneccesary load =D

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Narrin Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
Nice to hear something from you! Fijn dat het goed met je gaat.
Zoals bijna altijd lijkt het wel als je wat schrijft, loop ik de laatste tijd rond met dezelfde gedachte in mijn hoofd, dat wil zeggen Psychologie studeren dit keer... :P Haha
Veel geluk ermee :)
stardrop Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010
What, why, wat is er dan gebeurd met de kunst academie? o_o
Narrin Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Haha, niks, daar ben ik niet mee gestopt :P En ga ik ook niet, denk ik, althans niet komend studiejaar. Maar ik wil me wel gaan verdiepen in psychologie, (studie)boeken lezen. Ik weet niet of ik die weg van kunstacademie naar kunstenaar-in-dat-wereldje helemaal wil afleggen, dat is niet mijn droom... Studeren aan een universiteit stiekem wel. Maar ik ben nu gedachten aan het opschrijven die wel erg definitief klinken nu en het is eigenlijk allemaal nog wat aan het borrelen in mijn achterhoofd ;)
stardrop Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
Ahh I see uh ^_^ Misschien is de kunstacademie wel een goede uitlaatklep en inspiratie bron voor deze tijd en kun je daarna verder met je dromen?
Narrin Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
Ja precies :D
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