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Obliviate to Christmas this year...

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 25, 2009, 4:05 AM

Christmas is passing me by like wind in the fields this year.. I didn't think of getting and sending christmas cards, I even forgot to visit my grandmother. The usual christmas spirit I had always experienced is nowhere to be found, I felt it a little bit a while back, but it's gone now. It seems like these holidays have lost its meaning to me. They say it's a time of peace, tolerance and love, but the way I see it it's more like the time of obligation towards family, fake smiles and a lot of pretending..
Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I like being together with them, but it doesn't feel much different to do so during christmas.
Funny enough, even Yuletide raced me by without a backward glance. I used to write yulecards and spread the wishes, since that holiday has so much more meaning to me. It's not about peace and tolerance, and all the stuff that's being put into christmas instead of being spread over the year... Yuletide is about the return of the light, the slow halt of the darker days and the growth and awakening of all things on Earth..

I've thought about it and I think I know why I'm so obliviate this year.. I'm so done with 2009. I've got everything I could from this year and I wish it was 2010 already. The end of the year seemed nothing to live forward to, because my year, technically, has already ended. The next checkpoint will be the Yulemeet with our pagan brotherhood Tuatha De Lugh, which I deem not the end of the year, but more the beginning of the new, a sort of timeless place in between even..

2010 is gonna be a hell of a ride. Not just for me I think, but for a lot of people... The conjunctions that have taken place during the last few months reach their peak on the 31st of december, when the Blue moon turns Red. It will be like the starting signal for the next race, and I'm so totally ready for it. Bring it on. Whatever may come across, whatever may come in my way, I will face it like an Adventurer. The time of defense and survival is over, now it's time to grow again. I don't know what I will meet in this new year.. And I must admit; I am a bit frightened. But that's alright, because I know that once you beat your way through the obstacles, you always reach the finish line as a stronger person... Let's do it, people.

Merry Christmas and a lovely Yuletide to all of you. May the reborn light warm your faces and show you the next few steps of the way.

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Narrin Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009
I'm really curious what you're going to do next year. You're one of the few truly creative persons I've met...

Glad to hear that it will be a adventurous thing though :D

Like often when I read your blogs I realise that I feel the same, and then I wish I knew more about pagan stuff like the pagan feasts, because there is so much truth in it for me. More truth at least than in the indeed very obligate Christmas, which has no different meaning than sinterklaas has: meeting with the family and socialize... But I've survived the first day, the second will be easier :P

Why am I writing this in English? :P I'm much better in Dutch. But well, I wish you much courage and determination and suchlike for the upcoming year!!!
lennartbruins Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009
had the same feeling's about christmas as you today, family obligations, and pretending everythings alright, and tomorrow will probably bring the same crap all over again. save me from the followers of the christmas spirit please >_>

im really looking forward to the yule meet though... i hope it will be at least as awesome as last years XD

2010 is going to be awesome... im expecting you to come visit me alot in the tipi next year XD

in the meantime keep on walking.. i will be around if ya need me ^^
Feolan Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Weird, how different the years are as they go by. Different feeling, different people.

But... as 2010 begins, remind that there are always a couple of fellow travelers beside you on the Crossway.

See you next week, let's make it a party to remember
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December 25, 2009