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New Website: Skycastles, rantings of the New Age

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 13, 2010, 3:49 AM

I cancelled my website Paulien's Art Studio (takes some time to get it offline), simply because... I don't exactly use it for anything else but file storage nowadays. I'm not very good at blogging, often because I can't think of anything relevant to write. My thoughts go from here to there, when there's an external impulse my thoughts can spin into a totally different direction. I'm not so much good at keeping up a journal and writing one-line stories, but I'm like... a pro when it comes to ranting and random weaving of thoughts.

Soo I decided to open a new website, which won't be just for me. It will be named "Skycastles", after my failed Nanowrimo novel. I quote: "Thoughts can be like Skycastles - they can be big or small, they always float an inch above the surface of your Reason and are often difficult to grasp."
It shall be Skycastles - Rantings of the New Age. I want to put it out there for those youngsters (though it's for all ages, but I feel like youngsters are the ones who need to rant the most), who are having trouble finding their way in life, or their place in the world. These people always have lots and lots to say, though sadly there's rarely an ear prepared to listen to them. On this new website, they can create their own account and post whatever rantings come forth, on all kinds of subjects from family, relations and society to spirituality, ascension and personal philosophies. The conditions are that their posts are in English, without offensive language so it's readable for all (I don't wish for any spreading of hate or hostility), and productive. Because their rantings will have two purposes: to get it off their chests, and allowing their posts to be read by others who might find them very helpful.
I also find that if you rant your thoughts and simply spill them out, they can work very revelating for yourself as well.

The world is changing, both slowly and rapidly at the same time. Those who tend to look at the world in its whole should also have noticed. We've come to a point where you can't very well get around it anymore. I myself find it hard to settle in the world that's now at a turning point.

Sooo... is there anyone here who would like to become a Ranter on this coming website? =D

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Narrin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
Good idea!

Ik wordt zeker lid :D
stardrop Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010
Jaaa leuk! =D
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January 13, 2010