The Hero must go On

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Published: March 17, 2009
You were someone special, your laugh meant a thousand things
You left to chase a dream, but leaving mine to shatter

In darkness you shone bright, as my light to guide me back
You took all shadow away, turned me into a hero; now you've gone away

Allthough my dream has gone
I still keep holding on
for what I must fight

Wherever you have gone
I still feel you inside of me
telling me
that I must stay strong

We had something special, you were my dream in a dream
How could you forget me so easily, while I can't let go

Even though you left me I'm still a hero, though it means so much less to me now
I must go where I am needed, and if you don't need me then it's best this way

Allthough my dream has gone
I must keep holding on
for I must fight

Wherever you have gone
I still need to be strong
the hero must go on

Through all my strife and battles I must endure the pain
of the one thing that I know: I'll never stop loving you

Allthough my dream has gone
I will keep holding on
for a hero must fight

Whoever has found you
I now pass on my dream to him / to her
believing / 'cause I am sure
that you'll find where you belong (like I will, like I must)
---------------------------------------- -------------------------
song & lyrics (c) me, Paulien van der Krift.
© 2009 - 2019 stardrop
Why not? :D
Listen to the song: [link] (it's the featued one, since the direct link doesn't work cause of the random dA smileys <_< )

I've been in a bit of a.. dark period in life since a few months, writing this song seemed one of the ways to express myself... But that's not all, lemme explain this song, but first of all understand that the child in me speaks =P
I little while ago I was watching the Power Rangers (started watching it for the sake of nostalgia, then ended up enjoying it :XD: ), and I came the episode where Kimberly (first series) leaves the team (and show) and also.. Tommy. Now, he's my ultimate childhood hero, he used to be when I was a kid and now he just still is 0_o But he loved Kim so much, it was just unbearably sad >_< I started looking up whether she would come back or not, but then I found out that in PR Zeo Tommy gets a letter from her saying she met someone else...
Shhh, I cried for like 5 hours after that and I wrote this song... The clip is a tribute to Tommy Oliver, the greatest Power Ranger of all time, the legend, the hero...

Sorry for the quality! My "studio" here is lower than low budget and it's the first time I combined guitar with midi, so it's not even all synchrone... Bear with me please! :XD:
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