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Devil May Cry Journal Css
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Published: April 17, 2008
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Feeding my current dmc obsession, here's a Devil May Cry journal css for dA ^^
It's not that wonderful though, I know I can do better. But then again... ^^
Hope you guys like it! :D
Click "Download" for the files. If you're new with journal CSS: the CssEntry.txt has to go into your journal css box, the JournalEntry.txt into your journal entry box. You can edit the text and tags to your own comforts.
Of course you can edit the banner with your own name =P

If you Download this, please leave a comment so I know who it is! ^^

Credits are included.

Note: only dA subscribers can use css for their journal!

Check out my other css designs!

Devil May Cry © Capcom
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aussie-dragonProfessional General Artist
aussie-dragon here!
thank you for creating such a beautiful journal skin *o*
I suck with CSS T___T
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portuguesedevilHobbyist General Artist
is there any way this one could be instalible? because when it comes to journel skins im completly lost
EMERALDROSEH15Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Silverwind3DHobbyist General Artist
If I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do with my journal already, I would SO use this! EPIC!!! :XD: :excited: :worship:
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Cookiefiend801Hobbyist General Artist
thank you. very cool ^_^
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Love the CSS. <3
What text is used for the banner?
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Thanks ^_^
Do you mean what font?
TammyTwilightRose's avatar
Sorry for the typo.
stardrop's avatar
Ack I don't remember.. I think it was just something like Arial.
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Hey Star ^^ how are you doing? i was wondering if i could use this journal CSS, i might become an admin to a DMC club and it'd be really great if i would be our new CSS, i'd of course say you did it completely, the only difference is the title, back when i used your old CSS for my journal...instead of Pauliens journal, perhaps something a lil different, cept i dont know how to change it
stardrop's avatar
Oh sure you can use it! You open the .psd file in the package in photoshop, then edit the text layer that says "paulien's journal". Then upload the new image and use it to replace the old one in the css code, under
Taya123's avatar
Lol do you need photoshop to do that? because i had a problem before ^^;
stardrop's avatar
Yes, because .psd is a photoshop file.
Taya123's avatar
damn...>> i dont have that lol
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Hey I just downloaded your css here, but I'm not going to use it ahead without your approval first! So, is it okay?
stardrop's avatar
Of course it is, that's why I made it! ^_^ So go ahead! As long as you don't touch the credits of course =P
daiguren-hyourinmaru's avatar
Coolio ~:XD:! Thank you so much :love:! Love you!
Ying-and-Yang-Inc's avatar
I'm curious to know if whether or not I can change the name at the top, instead of it saying [Your name] Journal where Dante and Vergil are. Other than that, I'm almost done putting this as my journal CSS. I love it!!! :love:

Hope you don't mind me using it. :)
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Of course you can, as long as you leave the credits ^^
In the package is a title.psd, if you open that in photoshop you can edit the text layer and put your own name there. And then replace the old header with the new in the css code ^^
Ying-and-Yang-Inc's avatar
Hmm...I don't have Photoshop. ._. The only "paint program" I have is Paint Shop Pro 7. I dunno if that'll work though.
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Nope, the .psd file can only be opened with photoshop, as far as I know. Sorry, sis...
Ying-and-Yang-Inc's avatar
Mmm...that is a problem. Well, guess I gotta get Photoshop. Thanks for the info.
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No prob, and good luck ^^
Ying-and-Yang-Inc's avatar
Oh, btw, it's up now. So please look if you like. :aww:

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