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Black Jack

Mmm 1970s Tezuka manga. The series seems so cool, I wish someone would scanlate it--but it's old, no one wants to. It's one of the top manga in Japan, though. Viz only released two volumes here.

Black Jack seriously has such a sexy design. *v*

Late bday gift for a Tezuka obsessed frande. :iconodori:

Black Jack © Osamu Tezuka.
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so awesome ;v; Black Jack is my fave anime and manga ;v;
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I just know him because i'm making a info graphic of anime and manga....
I luvd him at the very moment I saw him!
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I have a feeling you did this picture in Gimp only by looking at the background. I have pictures in Gimp that I can not transfer to Deviantart. How did you do it?
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very cool^^
why there is no german version of this mangaT-T
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lovely colors , nice shading
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I haven't read the manga, but I've watched the anime. Gosh, it's SO underrated!! Black Jack ought to be one of the most amazing and charismatic characters ever created. As expected of Tezuka, the father of manga! <3

This style is very interesting. It reminds me somewhat of Akira Amano's. ^^
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yaaaaaaay black jack ilove the mandga and watch the anime XD
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I swear to God that Sweeny Todd was based on this guy o.o
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Whoever said that Black Jack was the original bishonen, I have this to say to you:


Meaning yes, he is. Especially when drawn like this! :heart:
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That hair is pretty fuckin' hot. So Jrock!
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Actually, on the back of a BJ manga (Vertical edition), there's a quote from a reviewer commenting on his "rockstar demeanor and good looks". I laughed and agreed.
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what is the series ???
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*_* Art is so pretty... *dies*
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Black Jack is awesome! :D

He looks sooo cute here! :D
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Not sure if you know this yet, but Vertical is re-releasing the Black Jack manga (they're up to Volume Five now! ^ _ ^ )

(and to everyone else, as far as 'anime hair' is concerned, the law of gravity is kind-of over-rated)

^ ^;;
stardroidjean's avatar
I do! I've yet to read it but I want to. :>
RurouniGemini83's avatar
I highly recommend it! (So far, Vertical has done an even better job of translating the manga than Viz ever did!)

There's even a few other titles by Osamu Tezuka out now, as well (One of them I've taken a liking to, is one called 'Dororo'....Check it out, when you're able!)
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I wouldn't doubt that, since Vertical actually translates and doesn't edit things to hell. XD

I have Vertical's Terra e releases. THey're great, thoguh I wish they would've translated the sound effects. It's just a little pet peeve of mine, I like to know what sounds are being made, helps set the mood, you know?
RurouniGemini83's avatar
I know what you mean (or they could at least add a glossary in the back of the manga with the sound effect translations, and the page numbers and panels that the effects belong to...There were a few manga that had had that, but I can't remember which ones... ^ ^;; )
stardroidjean's avatar
It's not that bad to put it somewhere on each page XD like out of the way. I like scanlations that do that (I prefer it over graphic editting, which is unessecary).
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