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JulyVIolet - Try Guys DnD - Joshua the Wizard

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And here we have the final piece in the Try Guys Dungeons and Dragons series drawn by JulyViolet and colored by me.  This one is the character used by Keith Hasberger, the character is named Joshua, a Dragonborn Wizard who is also a traveling artist. 

Try Guys Play Dungeons and Dragons

Coloring this one was a true challenge because of the fact that it was the first time that I had colored a reptilian/dragon creature.  After coloring and doing the shadings, the rest of the picture was pretty easy.  At least until when it came to the case of the background.  Just like the other peices, I wanted to put in references to the Try Guys animal mascots.  Such as Zach's Turtle, Eugene's Tiger, Ned's chicken/rooster, and this one is a Giraffe. 

After that, I wanted to make a reference to something else that Kieth has done, which is a hot sauce that is sold by the company called "the Heatonist".  Sold here:  Keith's Chicken Sauce

When it was all done, or at least when I thought it was done, I turned to my artist friend, Hooksnfangs, for thoughts, and thanks to their suggestion I put in highlights on the scales to give it a sensation of a reptillian texture.  After that, it was suggested to have something drawn in on the canvas and that was when I knew of one final thing to put in reference to the Try Guys; their logo of the Triceratops. 

And there we have it, the Try Guys Dungeons and Dragons series is finished.  My thanks to JulyViolet for their work. 

Note:  All characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older. 

(C) Try Guys
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Keith, or Joshua looks great here. I was expecting him to have a bigger underbite, though.
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Then again, given that he's a Dragonborn here, he has a huge bite.

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Will you be drawing group shots of the Try Guys' D&D lineup?

Strangely enough, one of Yakuza's longtime protagonists also has a dragon motif.
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Nice work there, and I looked at his Chicken Sauce. Sounds interesting, sweet and spicy, or swicy! Habanero is as hot as I go--no ghost pepper chili sauce for me! If you think that my tastes are too hot, my sister-in-law makes mine look wussy. I've seen her in Mexican restaurants have the waiter give her the hottest salsa they make, like a brick red chipotle salsa. She just chows down on it with chips while I take a taste of it and decide I don't want any more because I want to taste my food and not that salsa for the rest of dinner. Right now I'm using Cholula from Mexico.

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I still want to get some of that and try it on fried chicken.