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Edwinhuang - Sailor Mercury Colored

By StarDragon77
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After doing the coloring of Sailor Moon done by :iconedwinhuang: and seeing what else they had done, I wanted to do the others.  So I contacted Edwinhuang and asked if they could send me the linearts of the other Senshi.  And upon receiving them, I went about coloring them.  Although, after the other senshi were colored, I knew that I had a pretty high task to do.  I wanted to make it as dynamic as what was done by them but I wanted to do it in my own way.  And the way I usually do it is in reference to the original versions.  So, given that, I tried to essentially replicate as best as possible the original transformation scene or image that Sailor Mercury had.  However, at the same time, I added my own dynamic flare to it, namely the bubbles which I had to throw in since it is pretty much Mercury's weapon.  Which is the only disagreement that I would make with what Edwinhuang did with their version by using water.  My personal opinion on the matter is that water is more Neptune's weapon and bubbles is more Mercury's weapon.  So having two senshi use water magic seems a tad redundant. 

Here's the version they did: 

Sailor Mercury (4 of 5) by edwinhuang

Making the bubbles was the hardest part since the version of Photoshop I had didn't have it and there was no one in DA or anywhere else that had an adequate bubble brush that I needed.  So I went and found a tutorial on how to make your own bubble brush.  And using that along with the various added brush functions I was able to give the bubbles various sizes and spreads.  And for the final piece, I had to throw in the Sailor Moon style version of Sailor Mercury's symbol into the background.

My thanks again to Edwinhuang for allowing me to make my own colored versions of these senshi. 

Stay tuned for more, my loyal watchers and followers. 

(C) Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon - Naoko Takeuchi
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Looks fantastic!
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Thanks very much.  But couldn't have been done it without :iconedwinhuang: doing the lineart. 
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Glad you think so, but coudln't have done it without :iconedwinhuang:
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
Very awesome
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Thanks very much.  :-)  But couldn't have done it without Edwinhuang
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Whoaaaaa!! This gives me a nostalgic vibe with how it's drawn. Love it! :>
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Thanks but really a lot of the credit goes to Edwinhuang who was the one who drew it. 
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Ohhh okay, that's cool! :]
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Very good colouring :D
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Thanks but the real credit goes to Edwinhuang who drew it. 
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