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Edwinhuang - Sailor Mars Colored

By StarDragon77
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Edwinhuang - Sailor Mars Colored

It has been a while since I uploaded anything new and for that I apologize everyone.  But here we have the next in the Sailor Moon series; Sailor Mars that was drawn up by :iconedwinhuang:
Here’s the version they did: Sailor Mars (3 of 5) by edwinhuang

When I started this particular piece I knew that it was going to be a hard one.  Mainly because of two aspects.  The first was the kanji characters on Mars’ paper charm.  I had a feeling those would be hard to come by.  The second would be putting in the flames because there are two ways to do that.  One way is to make them photo-realistic, which often has a problem because they tend to look just copied and pasted in.  Secondly they tend to be jarring in their appearance.  The other way is to essentially paint them in which I have always had the hardest time doing. 

In the end after coloring Sailor Mars, I went with using a filter that Photoshop has called “render flame” which, I think adds a nice effect with the way the flames curve and bend. 

Finally, for the kanji for the Paper Charm, what I had to do was essentially find a picture of the kanji itself and do a little warping so that it matches the shape of the paper. 

As for the background, much like Sailor Mercury and Moon, I tried to re-render the transformation backgrounds from the show.  Although, in the case of Mars here, a lot of her was blocking the background.  So you can’t really see the space aspects that I put in, like the stars and such.  Along with the Sailor Mars logo that I put in, just for good measure. 

My thanks again to Edwinhuang for allowing me to make my own colored versions of these senshi.  

Stay tuned for more, my loyal watchers and followers.  

© Sailor Mercury - Sailor Moon - Naoko Takeuchi

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❤I love 🔴red
Thank you for sharing Sailors Mars
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No problem but really coudln't have done this without Edwinhuang. 
I appreciate your hard work 💜💝💟❤💛💚💙🖤
You are very welcome
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edwinhuangProfessional Digital Artist
came out great! i'm digging the flame effects
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Thanks.  That means a lot coming from such an artist as yourself.  :-)

But you should see the others. 
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Victor2KHobbyist Writer
Looks very fine
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Thank you.  :-)
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joebev910 Digital Artist
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