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Welcome, we are open!

[Welcome to Stardew Valley]

[These two deer will take you to Stardew Valley so we can began. Click them with your hand.]

Main Story:
[You have just inherited your grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley. The old man has left you with hand-me-down tools and a few coins. You set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving new home?]

Important Links:

[Events] [Art Prompts] [RP List] [FAQ] [Discord Info]

Things to know:

[Have fun]
[Be respectful to one another]
[ Feel free to share tips/art here]
[Stardew Valley is a game on steam for $15 USD]
[This is an RP, Drawing, Gamer, Chillin group and will remain muti-purposed]
[Feel free to join! The group is open]
Llama Emoji-79 (Fabulous) [V4] by Jerikuto[ All/Any explicit content must go into the corresponding folder! ]


Llama Emoji-77 (Hi) [V4] by Jerikuto [Please don't be shy. Join the group to submit your art here! We'd love to have you and your awesome art.]

Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] by Jerikuto [Please, 'DO NOT' advertise your Videos/YTChannels/Streams/etc here. (HOWEVER, you may advertise your Stardew-Valley related commissions.)]

Llama Emoji 41 (Sleepy) [V2] by Jerikuto [This group is for the Stardew Valley game/art/community only. Please 'NO' MLP, Ninja Turtle, Sonic, etc characters here. There are plenty of other groups for that. (Due to certain mods: [Pokemon , Final Fantasy, Anthro] replacements are allowed. Just put 'MOD' somewhere the description. This changes over time.)]

Llama Emoji 42 (Pinch Cheek) [V2] by Jerikuto [If you are art-stealing from the people of this group, prepare for the deviant police watchers to start harassing you! Stealing is bad, M'kay?]

Here is the Official


Zelda Skyward Sword Heart Piece Avatar Icon by Shattered-Earth:thumb284099852: Zelda Skyward Sword Heart Piece Avatar Icon by Shattered-Earth

Love is in the air! Can you smell it? To celebrate this day of love, draw or write about two SDV characters in a romantic situation!

Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Since this journal is a bit short-notice, this is just an art prompt and completely optional!
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser You can draw farmer/NPC, NPC/NPC, or just your farmer / NPC giving themselves a little TLC!
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Submit your art into the "Events" folder whenever you'd like.

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