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TotHAU Little Red Riding Hood by Starcloud12, literature

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TotHAU Little Red Riding Hood by Starcloud12, literature

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My Bio
Hi! I'm Starcloud! I come on daily, but mostly to check any new messages I have or chat! I also am on Youtube! I sometimes don't know how to respond, so don't be upset if I don't respond to you! I'm quite friendly once I get to know someone! (well, at least I think I am)
I do suffer from PTSD, though it has gotten better. I have the following link posted so I can find it on any computer, but it might be a good idea to check out for when my PTSD starts acting up: www.heal-post-traumatic-stress…

My Official Stalker is: DeathShadow--666


These are my current stats on what I'll do request/commission wise (Please note: all requests/commisions are delayed due to school, so there is going to be a wait):

Requests will take a while and will go behind any commission that I may get. I have college and a volunteer job during the breaks.
Request openings:
-Photographs (non-edited and of amateur quality)
-Charcoal drawings (which I can't scan, so I'll take photos of)
-Digital drawings (quality depends on how quickly it is done)
-MMD models (Currently unavailable unless you want to wait possibly years)
-MMD pictures (Also currently unavailable)
-Hand drawings (sometimes scanned)
-Possibly other things?

I am open for commissions unofficially, though school comes first. Feel free to commission me, but know that there will be a wait. Just talk to me to work out a price and know I'll try to make prints available of any commission I do.
Commission Openings:
-Digital art
-Traditional art


The following are pretty much my art to-do list that I probably shouldn't forget about:

Current Projects:
-Smackjeeves comics (Mostly posted on SJ)
-Wolf Len MMD model (on hiatus)

Current Requests (or rather what I think might be requests):
-Magic Neko Clive (still need to hear from those who I'm doing this for)
-Vera Atlas MMD model
-Kuroi MMD model

Current Commissions:
(None currently)


Find me elsewhere?

Favourite Visual Artist
Naoko Takeuchi-sensei
Favourite TV Shows
Sailor Moon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Vocaloid and NicoNicoDouga Chorus
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
I'm an otaku >:3
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Now I only have 318 when I had something like 1,477 previously. Anyway, I noticed I was tagged by the type of journal where one has to state some facts about themselves and then answered the questions or just the answer the questions variation, which always ends with making up questions and then tagging people. Surprising that tag is still going around. I'm lazy, so I'm just going to answer the questions. I've done the official one before even if I didn't have anyone to tag. I'm pretty sure I did it twice, so just enjoy the questions instead. From !PenJen ('s Journal that tagged me: 1. Do you have an enemy/person you don't like? I have
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I forgot to make this journal, but yeah. I got my laptop back. It was the power jack, which has been replaced. In other news, I have found a volunteer job. Plus, I figured out that I can do quick silly doodles in MSPaint (can't do them in Paint.Net due to a glitch between it and my drawing tablet). I'm also thinking of rearranging my gallery folders a bit. And there are the updates about me.
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I know some people are probably wondering why I'm not on the chats currently. The reason is that my laptop currently won't charge. It is the plug itself that has gone bad. I might take my laptop in to be repaired, but I'm not so completely trusting of repair places after one went and did stuff that I didn't want after replacing the screen of my old laptop. I would have gone with Geek Squad if they could have still worked the same way as when my hard drive on my old laptop needed replacing, but the company change how they work and I don't trust having my laptop sent to some unknown faraway place. There is another repair store nearby, so I will
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Hi - you're gifted. See you around! ~L0VELE55 (AKA greendragon1221)
it's your werechihuahua!
Welcome to Calamity - Cast Preview by Oniiix
happy birthday sis xx