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a job to do (A Watcher Story)
She stood at the top of the cliff, watching. The silent onlooker was the part she always seemed to play.
Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. The scent that met her nose was putrid. A single tear slipped from underneath her eyelid. Why? Why was she destined to be so powerless, condemned to watch history take its course?
She spun around, bewildered. It had been several millennium since she had last heard that name. She'd nearly forgotten it had once belonged to her.
"That voice I know. Have you finally come for me?"
A large black bird landed on her shoulder, its amber eyes staring deep into her mind. The eyes spoke.
"No, I have not come for you. I am the only one strong enough to carry all of them."
The two odd figures stood in silence for a moment, staring at the spectacle before them. And yet the unnerving quiet did nothing to silence the screams that still rang in her ears.
"How many?"
"I am not certain. Once it began there was n
:iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 4 0
Borderlands Custom Youtube Thumbnail by StarclansLastHope Borderlands Custom Youtube Thumbnail :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 2 0 Senpaiiii~ by StarclansLastHope Senpaiiii~ :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 7 2 Mega Banette by StarclansLastHope Mega Banette :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 4 0 Boba Fett by StarclansLastHope Boba Fett :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 5 0 Henry! by StarclansLastHope Henry! :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 6 6 Chibi Russia Halloween by StarclansLastHope Chibi Russia Halloween :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 2 0
Old english project
Dear Journal,
There was a new foreign exchange student from America in school today. It’s rare to get a foreign student here- most of them end up in one of the larger Adelphian high schools. The American’s name is Roberto Citara. I ended up sitting next to him at lunch, and I just couldn’t contain my questions. I was dying to know how different it was in the USA, and it never hurts to make a new friend.
I’ve always liked to know what’s happening in the world, so I asked him a few questions about things I’d heard were happening with America. Rob told me he thought America’s economy was improving, though it was hindered by all the political junk in the government. Speaking of political junk, I asked him his opinion of the Syrian situation. He replied that if there really had been any proof that it was the Central Syrian Government that had ordered the attack, he would have supported an air strike. But, since there wasn’t, he favored the Rus
:iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 3 8
Hetalia: Crossed Worlds~ Prologue
Germany sighed, pulling his suit coat on. "Another Vworld Conference- Somevwone's going to try to kill somevwone else by the end of this.”
He climbed into his car and drove up a ramp onto the Autobahn. He drove in silence for several minutes, savoring the calm before the chaos to come.
And his cell phone rang. Groaning internally, he answered it.
“Germany! GERMANY!!!” Italy screamed into the phone. “England and America are-a fighting again! It’s really really scary PLEASE COME SAVE ME!”
“Why’re you-a talking to that damn potato bastard again, fratello? I-A HATE YOU SO-A MUCH!”
“ Hug therapy, Romano!”
A click. Then silence.
Germany sighed again. It was going to be a long day.
:iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 7 4
Really lazy doodle by StarclansLastHope Really lazy doodle :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 1 0 really crappy doodle by StarclansLastHope really crappy doodle :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 1 0
Dark Enhancement: Prologue
He woke up to surprised voices speaking somewhere above him. He did not know where he was, or for that matter, who he was. He couldn't remember anything; his mind was just empty…
He realized with a jolt that he could understand what the men above him were saying. "Who is he? Where did he come from?"  "How am I suppose to know?!"  He looked up as one of the men kneeled over him. Staring into the man's eyes, his jaw dropped as memories that were not his flooded his mind. Childhood memories, dreams, desires… Everything about Raymond Denat, the man in front of him, became known to him.
But the memories most recent were not pleasant. People screaming fit to die as horrid experiments were performed on them. Countless corpses being burned, looking only vaguely human. The tortured cries they gave as they were killed filled echoed in his ears.
And he decided he did not want to be there.
Thus begins a tale of Dark Enhancement
:iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 1 4
JELLYFISH by StarclansLastHope JELLYFISH :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 4 16 ??? by StarclansLastHope ??? :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 1 5 Sea by StarclansLastHope Sea :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 1 6 Mandy by StarclansLastHope Mandy :iconstarclanslasthope:StarclansLastHope 4 4


Timing by eychanchan Timing :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 1,346 184 Stardew Valley: Abigail by NeoNeko5000 Stardew Valley: Abigail :iconneoneko5000:NeoNeko5000 7 1 Stardew Valley by rabbithat8 Stardew Valley :iconrabbithat8:rabbithat8 80 6 Junimo by rabbithat8 Junimo :iconrabbithat8:rabbithat8 8 0
I Woke Up One Morning...
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to build a city.
So I did, it was beautiful and made out of blocks.
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to be the very best.
So I did, I have all the Pokemon at my command.
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to prove myself innocent of killing the empress and save the heir.
So I did, and we're all happy now.
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to slay a dragon.
So I did, the village is safe now.
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to kill my past.
So I did, I feel much better about it all.
I woke up one morning and said I wanted to climb a mountain.
So I did, the Monsters are free now.
I woke up one morning in a strange new world, hungry and bent on surviving.
So I did.
I woke up one morning and there was a severe lack of food, I needed to survive.
So I did and saved the entire forest.
I woke up one morning, and humans were invading my home I needed to survive,
So I did, and I killed them.
I woke up one morning and I was on an un
:icondiamondfox413:DiamondFox413 11 4
StupidFox - 114 by eychanchan StupidFox - 114 :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 5,208 272
Holiday Card Project 2012

It's back!  With the goal of bringing a little cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the deviantART Holiday Card Project connects deviants from around the world and applies their tremendous artistic abilities in designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In past years, the Project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 1,000 deviants from 50 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed in-person by deviantART members to local Los Angeles, CA hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who submits a card will be given a free one-month Premium Membership to deviant
:iconheidi:Heidi 4,793 6,952
RAFFLE - Underworld Adopts: Lightbringers 01 by Apus-Pallidus RAFFLE - Underworld Adopts: Lightbringers 01 :iconapus-pallidus:Apus-Pallidus 143 103 Handbook 72 Ways to save the world by Wings-of-Art Handbook 72 Ways to save the world :iconwings-of-art:Wings-of-Art 103 46 if u nuts... by gamerma
Mature content
if u nuts... :icongamerma:gamerma 30 9
Happy Zelda Valentines' Day~ by finni Happy Zelda Valentines' Day~ :iconfinni:finni 961 63 Valentines 2016 by Raver1357 Valentines 2016 :iconraver1357:Raver1357 35 7 Friendliness Pellets by Mynder Friendliness Pellets :iconmynder:Mynder 45 26 [Valentine's Exchange Request] Kittens by Mareaw [Valentine's Exchange Request] Kittens :iconmareaw:Mareaw 32 11


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