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it's ok to not like things

this video, now in stamp form

i feel that it would be quite useful to the denizens of deviantart

(please note that i did NOT make the original video, i just stampitized it. just so we're clear on that one.)
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To both rapid fans and rapid haters. Both of which are very dangerous people!
HyperStripey89's avatar
Anti-Bronies. Like always. Are usually like this. All of them. They're just assholes about what they hate. Hopefully I get a pool filled with Anti-Brony blood.
Stardust-png's avatar
I don't like my little pony,but I wouldn't go rapid 
HyperStripey89's avatar
yeah, this is just an old comment. and i was pretty much a rabid brony at the time. such dark times. just to be honest, i would really want to tell my past self to fuck off. i'm basically an anti-brony now, so it's best to chill.
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AeroHybrid's avatar
To anything and for The Amazing Spider-Man reboot
ImdaBatman's avatar
words of the wise
protobutt's avatar
To the unpopular adaptations of times long past!

AuraXtreme's avatar
To Sinnoh! To Johto! To Pokéarth as a whole! *raises glass*
LexLight92's avatar
I can respect opinions of not liking something (like my favorite character, my favorite games or my favorite cartoon) as long as you don't be like "LIKING THIS IS STUPID!!1ONEONE!"
UnitDCCXXXI's avatar
To the combo break- Damn, Anarch beat me to it.
AnarchisThinker's avatar
Problem? :icontrollfaceplz:

Though seriously, it was unintential. Wasn't even a *raises glass* thing, just a request to get a stamp like this for those who like things.
UnitDCCXXXI's avatar
No problems. I did, after all, get to crack some kinda joke. Even if it wasn't quite as good as it would've been otherwise.
AnarchisThinker's avatar
Yeah, so it's alright in the end. :meow:
AnarchisThinker's avatar
Someone needs to make a stamp like this, except for those who do like things. :I
blueheron93's avatar
To the sparkle wolves *raises glass*
LumaShineSprite's avatar
To the HetaTards, MLP fans,and Crazed weeaboos *raises glass*
DarknessTare's avatar
To the Homestuck fans *Raises glass*

I like how this has become the general comment on this stamp.
Death-By-Grunge's avatar
*clinks glass*
BloodRedWolf168's avatar
To the rabid fangirls. *Raises glass*
CutieKitty183's avatar
To... well, everything. *raises glass*
Joosh-Face's avatar
It's also OK to like things, as long as you're not a dick about it.
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