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Arian '16 Ref [Fursona]



i finally updated his ref
i did this in one sitting and in like a half hour woah
but here it is
literally nothing changed i didnt even change the colors i just wanted to update the art
i also like how ari has progressively gotten happier in his refs over the years lmAO
anyway heres the info
he doesn't have a backstory section bc he's my fursona so//

Name: Arian (pronounced ARE-ee-ahn)
Sex: Male, but feminine
Species: Canine
Status: Single
SO: Aroflux Demisexual
Personality: Arian is really sweet and friendly, and can tolerate a lot. He's rarely angry or annoyed, and he always tries to help his friends out when they're down. He's timid and spooks easily, and he doesn't really like being in crowds or even hanging out with big groups of people. But he loves to be around his friends, hot tea, traveling, and sleeping, among other things.

Extra Info:
- You can find clothes he wears here! (i update it every now and then)
- He sometimes wears bandages around his tail, arms, or chest.
- His earrings are not optional! They are only on his right ear.
- There is no fur on his tail.
- He's feminine and can be drawn with eyelashes.
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