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Wisp #3 - Yellow Drill

These should've been on my DeviantArt page years ago. This image and the other wisp and chaos emerald portraits I've uploaded are pieces of what was originally a larger image, which also included Super Sonic. The implication was that the wisps contained the chaos power of the seven emeralds, as denoted by the colours; something I took note of whilst playing Colours. I was going to call the piece: The Wisps Show Their True Colours, and I made the sketch for the whole image back in 2011, back when Sonic Colours was new. I'd never independently touched digital drawing before then, and it does show by the date these are being posted. But thanks to this picture, and some further practice between then and now, I can use photoshop readily, and now most of the tools: Blur, Smudge, Layering, Masking, Filters, Layer Adjustments, Brushes, Colour Replacement, Mixer Brush were all learned from doing this and others.

The whole image isn't complete at the time of uploading these pieces, and with everything together on one canvas it looked crowded, poorly composed and had too much going on. So instead of uploading that, I've separated each wisp out into its own image, and by themselves they're perfect. They're really where I've put all of my work into and you're not missing much with Super Sonic's absence.

Sonic isn't owned by me, and credit for the chaos emerald I've used goes to the achievement image from Sonic Generations. I made these pictures as proof of self production and progress, instead of letting them sit in my incomplete folder.
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