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More practice with Inkscape.

I figured it was high time i tried vectoring my OC Starbolt again, having gotten a bit more experience under my belt, and give him a new and cleaner look.
Anyone who has poked around my gallery will notice he's no longer an Alicorn. Im still not 100% sure how the community feels about Alicorns, however i thought Starbolt and his back-story made an interesting character. However i feel it all wasn't well received, so I decided it would be better to just make him a Pegasus.

Anyway, i cleaned up his design a bit, gave him a simpler mane/tail shape and added a little more color highlight.

I still feel i have a way to go with clean slate designs, so feel free to add feedback if you like, im always keen for tips and suggestions.

**Updated 7/3/13**

Alright then, so I have been looking back on this piece for a while now and have been feeling dissatisfied with it, so I imported the SVG file into Illustrator and began correcting the things that were bugging me. The original pose was kind of ridiculous, and i had made the legs a little too short and the body a little too long. I also re-did the stroke lines a bit smoother and had another go at the wings (I still have trouble getting Pegasus wings to look right) and added some shading.
Thanks to :icontim015: and :iconyanoda: for the helpful tips.
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you did a great job