A*Kittens 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza!

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You'll never guess what today is!


That's right!  The 2nd anniversary of my original journal entry about the wood shed kittens, which is also my only journal entry ever!

It's been a wild two years since then.  We've had an election in the US, several years worth of Olympics, some movies and things came out, and they discovered a 'shaggy shark' named Cuddles.  I think some things even happened in Canada.  Also, I had pie today.

So, then, today is a day to reflect over past victories and defeats and decisions and TKOs and all that sort of thing.  But mostly about the wood shed kittens journal entry.  Two years on, it might seem somehow rather quaint and even a bit childish, but hopefully the kittens will eventually be remembered as one of the greatest works of world literature, along with The Bible, The Illiad, and that one Dave Barry where he writes about the farting cows.

Some of you might be wondering what happened to the wood shed kittens themselves.  Well, I managed to get a picture www.deviantart.com/deviation/9… of one of them, who I named Molly.  Molly and her family were adopted, and they live very adorably in Central PA.  I have kitties of my own now.  There's a grey one and two black ones.  They are cuddly and purry.

That's all for now, but come back in two more years!

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:excited: Brilliant update! Here's to 2006's!
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Satisfying follow-up. How did I miss this in my devwatch? Maybe I took you off journalwatch because you never do this. Silly me!
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Another thought to add....(as you wrote this before the appearance of our latest edition)...Perhaps a line or two about our wonderful little Gi Gi may be appropriate. :)
I love you!!! :date:
PoisonLikeCandy's avatar
I've missed you, kiddo. You really must stop by my page every once in a while.
thecharmedmuse's avatar
You should have mentioned all the little neighbor kittens that are so adorable :) how they sneak under the fence while they think no one is watching...and how you generously fed them fish steaks...
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well, congrats! :boogie: :hug:
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