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Dude, you'll never guess what I saw today!


No, that wasn't it.


No, not that either.  It was one of the most adorablest things in the whole wide world: baby kittens! :kitty: Under the woodshed in my Mum's neighbour's yard are genuine wild baby kittens!  They're little and grey and fluffy and perfect!

Like the A*Team, they are fugitives from The Man and have to hide under a wood shed except on the A*Team it was a van and not a wood shed and they weren't kittens but the concept is the same and anyway wouldn't it have been great if the A*Team were kittens?  I mean remember how Mr. T's character always liked milk and hated to fly?  It all fits so well!

I will try to acquire pictures through the use of a camera, but kittens like to move around zippy fast and might only appear as a grey blur when captured on film.

Remember that I am a professional and if you ever see wild kittens under your Mum's neighbour's wood shed, do not attempt to look at them, take pictures of them,  or write about them.  It's probably best to just lay on the floor and cry like a little girl.  It won't accomplish anything, but people nearby might feel sorry for you and buy you a triple-fudge ice-cream.

It works especially well if you look like Mr. T.
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youve had this for like a year? :o
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Hey Buddie. . .and what did ya mean i seemed kida familar. . .do I know you?
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this is a piece of literary genius! You should submit this as a deviation (short essay). I'd fav it in a second!
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I love kittens! Can I have one? We used to have two cats named Whiskers and Pooch. Whiskers had scars all over him from fighting with other cats, but he was the sweetest cat in the whole world. Pooch acted like a dog. She even tried to bark. They had a litter of kittens together, who are still around, but are now wild and won't come near us. Our next door neighbor took our cats and gave them to an animal shelter. We didn't find out where until it was too late. *cries* So, I need a new kitten please!!!
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LOL!!! A*Team kittens. Rock on. I really hope you get pictures of them, I think it would be a great piece of work. Hehehe...it still has me laughing.
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that is the best thing i have read in MONTHS! :laughing:
omg you are awesome :lmao:
blueskys's avatar
If you like kittens, Andrew, I have many pics of them in my gallery. *blushes at shameless self-promotion*

ritzcrackaa's avatar
awww, i missed the one year anniversary of your journal entry :p
starblind's avatar
Oh well, there's always the 2nd anniversary next year. It'll still be here... :D
xbecbebex's avatar
Wow.. You don't see that too often... Thank you for the post.. You will see why... I'm watching you!! -laughs manically- in a good way of course
lovekitten27's avatar
so what ever happened to the kittens?
komic's avatar
are u going to keep 1?
u could call him mr T
and giv him a mo-hawk and bling bling chains :D

altho it might be mean to steal a baby from its mum aye?
chopstixmastuh's avatar
*ROFL* kittens R CUTE!!! ^_^
mosskat's avatar
hmm.. wild kittens...
common occurance in jamaica...
gryphon2's avatar
Awwwww! Can I have one too?! I love kitties! I have a cat at home and he's the world to me.
ex1l3d's avatar
kittens!! i saw a kitten run across the road a few months ago and he looked injured. that kitten is now sitting next to me and i call him bailey. :)
lovekitten27's avatar
aww you rescued him? :)
ex1l3d's avatar
yep, now he's my little monster. :D
lovekitten27's avatar
hehe, mines getting there. I got him from a rescue sanctuary. He is the worst kind of pest to my boyfriends mothers 14 year old cat. lol
ex1l3d's avatar
aw! mine is a terror to my other 3. they are all between 3 and 5 years old. he chases them everywhere. it's so cute.
lovekitten27's avatar
haha. imagine a 3.5lb 14 week old chasing around a (very inactive) 12lb 14 year old LOL.. thats hilarious. He went and hid under the couch, when she came running by, he stuck his paw out and grabbed her. She flew in the air so high... oh it was toooo funny!
euphoria-angel's avatar
:lol: We shall wait and see the kittens!
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