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Wood Shed Kitten Molly

I actually managed to get a picture of one of the wild kittens from my recent journal entry [link] I named her Molly and she is tiny and perfect.

The shot isn't ideal because the zoom is turned all the way up to 10X (if you get too close to Molly she gets scared and zips back under the wood shed). Poor little Molly, I feel sorry for her and her family.
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what a miserable-looking cat. :lol:
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She is so adorable! :aww:
And so tiny!

And this picture is perfect.

I hope the kitties are doing allright.
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Molly is so cute.......put food out for them each day.......maybe they will get your scent off the food and little by little learn to trust you....;) (Wink) a big bag of kitten chow! It's a pretty clear capture for so far away!

rehabaddict's avatar
Hehe I likey! Thanks for giving me the link. ^^
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Aww, cute kitty!
zelda-zipple's avatar
Awwwwwww she's soooo cute!! Nice pic! I had a few wid cats living in my house in Cottondale Flordia!
perrigrin's avatar
KITTIES R SO CYOOT *glomps her and gets mauled*
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Good picture... I like how the door frames the cat :) (Smile)
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Hehe, a door stopper. Nice capture Thumbs Up
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Not a good picture you say? I think it is perfect. The geometrical lines of the cropped image gives a perfect framing for Molly. Good work!
tehcutiepie's avatar
I WUV KITTIES!!! AND THAT KITTY IS SO ADOWABLE!!! Aww ::snatches and runs away:: MINE! =P (Razz)
lavonne's avatar
AWWWWWWW!!! how kawaiii!! *huggles kittens* i luv kittens!! *cries* i wanna kitten!!! *two 20 lb. cats yowl at her from the basment* -^_^-
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That is such an adorable kitty. ^^ so tiny!!
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She is cute. The angle and the distance certaintly makes her seem so small. Although the expression on her face doesn't make her appear to be too helpless, but then what cat ever has an expression of helplessness. Very nice shot.
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poor kitty.... well composed shot!
mphillip2's avatar
Heh, you are right, that is a cute kitty! I like that!
siedhr's avatar
she's so darn cute. nice photo. hope someone saves them. :) (Smile) I'm too faraway to help.
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