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Starblind Spring Wallpaper 2

This is somewhat of a sequel to the original Starblind Spring Wallpaper: [link]

The idea was to keep the same sort of light springtime feel of the first one, but with different (though similar) subject matter. This is the best shot out of a whole series of shots of this tree. Taken in Pennsylvania, April 20 2004.

Full view highly recommended. This can also be used as wallpaper if anyone so desires, but please ask permission if you wish to redistribute it or put it anyewhere besides your own desktop. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Thanks!
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Tzarina's avatar
Thank you... this brightens up my desktop... Exactly the picture I was searching for... :)
Innocent, simple beauty
mearaaluraoriana's avatar
Oo...that's a really nice picture of flowers. And that could be considered fantasy-like! But it's very beautiful. Lovely!
ChicaMariposa's avatar
my god...that's breathtaking.
mibi's avatar
wow... that is some gorgeous color.... the essance of pink.. the sky contrast with it well also... or should i say either way its an excellent shot... i can almost smell their scent in the breeze...
TigerNightHawk's avatar
thats a very pretty looking shot the blue sky and pink tree flower blossoms really look beautiful the color contrast is really terrific :)
crapmighty's avatar
colors look realli yummy on this one!
and the lighting is great. however i think that it'll work better if you could've focused the front flower instead of the middle one, it kinda pulls the eye away from the pink... is it possible if u take another pic? hehe!
GelbeSchafe's avatar
Wow, I love this :) The contrast of the pink on the blue is great.
My only problem is that this picture doesn't feel to have any area in clear focus ^^; It's all a bit out of focus and so I have no where to center on. There is a clump of flowers in the middle of the left edge that seem to be more in focus...

Do you know what type of tree it was?
sporadicembrace's avatar
This is beautiful, my friend... *sets as wallpaper*
zelda-zipple's avatar
Wery nice *Blind but then again I always love yoiure DA submissions. My fave colour pink. :D
Noozer's avatar
I like it, although my "logical" (that's Noozer-language for "crappy weird") side of my brain sees it as an "not-so-optimal" picture, I do find it very beautiful as a background.
inkondyte's avatar
clearest of skies, immaculate pink! :float:
prelude to heaven!
oh gosh! start writing a poem already!
slicethepirate's avatar
absolutely gorgeous.
this is why you're on my watch list.

the text is a bit tawdry, though. but i understand. the lower left corner is preferred..
bluetribalmoogle's avatar
Very nice piece of work you got here.
Chibi-Narusegawa's avatar
This is very nice! ^^ Gives me a warm feeling. XD
chopstixmastuh's avatar
oooo pirteee.. very insanely blue sky... prettiness..!~!
MikkelT's avatar
Both this one and the old one are really nice wallpapers :) I'd switch between them both if there were a larger resulution availible :o You should upload a pack of different resolutions, I'd say :)

Good job
mmiller8's avatar
Beautiful shot, *B!
selfannihilation's avatar
Absolutely beautiful; the flowers can really captivate a heart. :)
trinket's avatar
looks good, I like the focus...and it's just a really perty shot...what I like most is the colors...just so bright, yet calming and pretty, this is a beautiful picture! :clap:
gryphon2's avatar
Coool, lemme guess, is this a double flowering cherry tree? Just curious.
xbitterxelegiesx's avatar
*agh* breathtaking!!! i wish flowers like that grew near my house...
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