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Starblind Autumn 2002

608 Views title image for Autumn 2002, from a photograph I took near Harrisburg, PA.
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© 2002 - 2021 starblind
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nice contrast
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Oooh, such strong colours. The simplicity reminds me of an emo-core album cover. Hehe. When I saw the thumbnail I thought the leaves were flowers, but that's really great to find leaves that brilliant. Umm... I've just been staring at it for like, five minutes... heh.
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I love the vcolors and the contrast of yellowo n the blue sky... wow
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Nice capture for the background, but IMO you could have put a lil' more thought into the typography. Maybe increase the opacity, or use ornaments from the sides. overall Thumbs Up ^_^
deathwarrent's avatar
i dunno why i like this image so much, but it's awesome!
maybe it's because the sky gradients from light blue to blue, or how the leaves are light up and become fuzzy and blend with the sky, or how the text blends with the image the same way the leaves blend with the sky. either way, it looks amazing...
5cott-13ird's avatar
ahh, this picture is nice and refreshing. I can just feel spring crawl all around me. Nice image, along with letters makes an interesting cover and composition.

also, props for checking out my art and reading into it. No, i havnt heard compliments aling the lines of my style is like Jamie Hewletts meets Bill That-dude-who-drew-dare-devil-all-fucked-up-whos-polish-sounding-last-na me-I-cant-spell's. I dont hear any comments, period, so I guess that epxlains why.

Anyway, that little insight will keep me alive for a couple more weeks (and possible justify the tiny voice in me that believes my work is original and innovative). Thanks!
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wow really not bad... i like the blues an greens colours onn thi pic...
the lightning from behind the leafs is great!

keep going... thanks for your 'motivational' comment on my: [link]

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