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Sometimes In Winter

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Taken near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA in December 2002. Enjoy!
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Delightful-Delight Photographer
That's very pretty. Bravo!
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Very pretty - I'm not sure I've ever seen power lines so completely coated with snow! =)
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bexa Photographer
walking in a winter wonderland ^_^

very nice imagery of winter
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awesome picture man! the trees, the powerlines, the fence.. it all looks awesome. I think the font down at the bottom takes away from this picture, it's just eye catching and takes away from the rest of the picture. i think it's because it's the only black on the fence.. other then that. The picture is great
Chaos-Angel-of-Fire's avatar
very nice,,,,snow and frost all over,,,like my house right now,,*boo hoo*,,,(i gotta go shovel....)
CassiCloudkicker's avatar
Reminds me of Arknasas after an ice storm. You should see it... But I'm not sure if I understand the massive amount of uninhibited space at the top... looks empty - but I still like it because it reminds me of home.
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kl61 Photographer
hey...I really like that alot. The space above is not distracting at all. (I dont se how anything in any picture can be distracting. It's the picture for christ sakes. How can you be distracted from it if your looking at it ?)
I live in michigan and see this all the time. great shot
bitterness-the-star's avatar
woo, me likes the colours and composition, good use of open space! :)
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alternativebliss Photographer
it reminds me of missouri winters -shutters misouri winters ugh-
manichedgehog's avatar
I love the snow, but only wen I can watch it outta a window while I'm warm!
Englands cold but wen it snows, it just rains and melts it like 10 minutes l8a, I think I'll move country!!!!
ommyogii's avatar
I love it when it snows, and everything's covered in white, white, white. Looks like some people in heaven had a fight with feather pillows....*sighs dreamily*
quozzel's avatar
I love high-key photos! really nice!
londonxpress's avatar
Reminds me a lot of home. The snow and ice help bring out every single branch on a tree, highlighting them and adding to the complexity of the situation - nice contrast between upper and lower halves of the picture!
anduril's avatar
Beautiful shot - showcases how screwed up our weather can truely be ;) (Wink)
yokom's avatar
although the wires really detract from the picture.
yokom's avatar
very well done. i love it.
82deg's avatar
Beautiful capture...i love how everything's so pristine, pure
And i also love how the top part of the shot is so vast and spacious in contrast to the bottom part of the shot which is kinda 'cluttered'

Nice work :) (Smile)
comoda's avatar
Nice capture! ;) (Wink) I like it a lot... We rarely have snow over here :( (Sad) ^_^
vervetian's avatar
Beautiful. The black and white contrasts (although definitely dominated by white) are great.
lucidpoetress's avatar
I really love this; I meant to break out my cam. during our ice storms but I never got around to it...
kalean's avatar
Very very nice shot. quite impressive. Beautiful in a cold (NOT intending pun) distant sort of way. I like it a lot. Kinda creepy tho.
deaddog's avatar
the space adds something. this is a very still, silent piece. it really captures the loneliness of winter. the wires are like spiderwebs..
i like this piece A LOT... i need to fave it later...
well done.
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ssilenceHobbyist Photographer
Thats so fine, i love the lines and the snow.
Great done
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breidProfessional Artist
It's a lovely pic, with some extraordinary resolution on the ice textures on the limbs. I think the open sky frames it well; it emphasizes the length and eventuality of winter as an overpowering presence.
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