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Pixel Office

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My very first pixel art piece!

Done entirely in MS Paint on December 2nd, 2002.

Enjoy, and please comment... but don't ask why there's no chair! :-) (Smile)
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thetaniStudent General Artist
Cute and stylish!
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Ooh pretty, this has inspired me to try a little room like this. Isometric things have put me off before but this seems pretty self contained and... " do-able".

Thanks for the little push. :P
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That is so adorable, it reminds me of the sims! I'm not actually sure of the rules of pixel art, I used to do it ages ago, but that was before I knew about it...It's so cute I love the little details in it, I love the chart ^^ Any suggestions I would give has already been said, cute piece.
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aquamyuHobbyist Photographer
Pretty good. Does looked zoomed in and stuff... but good for your first one. :D (Big Grin)

....I know the REAL reason there is no chair. :0
I ATE IT. *runs away*
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this is not bad. but i think it looks like the zoomed view of the actual size one. if u do in mspaint, go to zoom large size and draw.
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Prolly takes a lot of patience, eh? Looking good Thumbs Up
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Why is there no chair? LOL
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1magine Digital Artist
thats pretty damn funky :) (Smile)
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great job for your first pixelation. i like the little building and the clouds out the window. great job, keep up the good work
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This is indeed awesome for a first attempt, better than alot of the stuff I see. I love pixel art and would love to create my own, but I have no shred of artistic ability in me.
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wenstrom Digital Artist
Nice little pixelation here. Thing is, it looks like it was zoomed by 200% or 300%. While this is good for analyzing the little details and the coloring on pixel art, it looks way better when you make it look smooth, which is not a hard task considering the high resolutions PCs can handle. ;) (Wink)

Nice job!
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Heh, you don't need to sit down because you're a robot?

:P (Lick)

=P (Razz)

Nice pixel work -- glad to see some people stuck to their roots and did it all in MS Paint.
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mayb its brilliant to nonpixelists??... heres my go bro..

first of all everything looks like its zoomed in reaaaal big, cuz down on ur line size, it should only be one pixel thick, not two ro four or whatever u got goin here... second if thats a window to the left then the table shadow is coming wrong or there should be a second shadow.. one thing u did do smart unlike most first timers is not using black outlines, keep it up, listen to suggestions and keep practicing, good luck, cya
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There’s no chair because starblind never needs to sit, hes a robot, lol
Seriously, its brilliant for first attempt,
I have always liked the look of pixel art, great to see you try a new style
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I like it... but why isn't there a chair?
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