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An attempt to make a simple scene with Bryce from early 2002.

I modelled all this stuff myself, so if anybody needs any of the models, please let me know.

It's unfinished though, note the odd chair backs and the rather dangerous lack of any balcony railing. I'm sure that violates some sort of building code.
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coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :drool: So weird for my eyes
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dat-grrrl-jahHobbyist Artist
very cool... make me want cotton candy, peppermints, and yes, yes, pick lemonade. very nicely rendered

must fave:w00t:
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I tend to find that 3D art can be so overwhelming to the eye sometimes. But since you stuck with one color theme throughout this peice, it's not difficult to look at. Great attention to detail, and I like how one bottle is tipped over. That way it doesn't seem -too- perfect.

Oh, and the general feeling of the picture is very relaxing. I want to be there! ^_^
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Ooh, I love it! The chairs and umbrella look quite...poofy. The 3dness is good, one step off and... Oh yeah, PINK! ^^

Pretty goodly done!
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that's :crazy: I wonder how long that took to create... reminds me of this cyber lounge program I had... can't remember what it was called... wicked crazy though

hmmm :+fav: I can't resist!
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Beck-CarterHobbyist Digital Artist
PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNKKK......... @_@ kewl, though! Can't wait to see the finished version!
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Oh yea, I wouldn't want to lean back after having a meal in one of those chairs ^^'

It really in a beautiful scence, the shades of pink are well chosen and I love the clouds in the background, it's so calming. I also like the reflectional light across the floor and the shadows. It's just a nice calming picture altogether.
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bodhisattva2004Professional Artisan Crafter
Who needs a balcony when you live in candyland?....Clap I love this, it's so..... pink!
I wish I had this set for my backyard! Good job, even the clouds are real...... Flowers

+fav ........and devwatch, if your not already there :? (Confused)
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i like that render very much.
Cool work
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Me likes this, I'd love to be there now, sipping cool lemonade in the sun,,,, BUT no im in stinky, rainy England!!!!
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Chibi-NarusegawaHobbyist Digital Artist
Wha! This is awesome! It makes me think of kinda pink lemonade and my never ending quest of figuring out how they make it. I love this pic. It's beautifully done, and I appreciate the kind of calmness behind it. Great job!
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soltianProfessional General Artist
Love these colors, and the tabletop. The table appears to be floating, needs more of a shadow.
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cool....... pinks ownz...... nice enviroment.... kinda soothing... in a way.
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looks like an infrared photo, but rendered ;-) (Wink)
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Back again with a pointless story. I used to work at this little fast food stand in the mall and we made lemonade and the owner chick was a cheap fatass bitch who kept trying to fire me for doing my job and keeping my dignity. (I apologize for not letting people completely trample me when I have a million things to do, silly me) but anyhoo she'd always make the Lemonade in the "cost effective" way (she saved us a whole fraction of a penny! What a good entreprenuer [sp?]) And everyone would complain because it sucked ass and I'd do like a million refunds because our lemonade sucked! I mean gasptragedy! So when I made the lemonade and she was actually there she was all "that's too much blahblahblah" and I say "well it's funny that when I make it nobody needs a refund." and she shut up. Yea. I had to wuit anyway to move. o.O Oddly enough, it was my favorite job and I wish I could go back.

You love my babble.
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Stop attempting, you're putting all ussuns that suck to shame. :p (Lick)

BRIGHTPRETTYCOLORS! *die* I want to go there. It looks secluded. No people. And we all know that anywhere with no people is paradise. Oh yes.
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You should name this piece "Pink Lemonade" =D (Big Grin)
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Ooo, this is awesome!!! I really love it. The red and patterns helps it flow beautifully! It's really good. :-) (Smile) I can't wait to see the finished product.
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I liikkkkke it.
Pink is hot.
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this is really awesome... even without a railing it can have a care-free-drink lemonade- feeling. the pink adds to the feeling of the picture. perfectly done!
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eep sooo pink
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infinionHobbyist Photographer
thats really cool, i like the color, an the lack or bars is great gives it a reas sence of being wide open.

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I love this, goes immediately to +fav
it's so cool
Clap Clap Clap

cya around
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Building violation or ne, this is pretty shibby. ^^ The chairs remind me of peppermint. XD
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