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This piece from 1997 was my first personal picture to be widely distributed online. It was sone in Bryce 2, Ray Dream Designer, and Photoshop.

The 3D wasn't great by today's standards, but hey, I was just a kid! I'm sort of proud of all the symbolism in this one--the pyramid, apple, floating, and even body stance have individual meanings.
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Nice work. Very weird and surreal, and i like that huge shadow.
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a good representation of surrealism. :)
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GymnartHobbyist General Artist
Very nicely done. I like stuff like this.
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Very interesting. It took me a while to work out how you did the shadow. The addition of a person is a welcome break from the multiple faceless bryce creations you see on da.
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i think it looks cool ;]
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I love 3d.^^
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I remember this one; at the time I was trying to figure out how to use PhotoShop (I think it was version 4.0) for the first time and I was extremely frustrated. Then you popped off with this and I was like "DAMN HIM" ... heh. :) (Smile)

It still looks nice, and it was good to see it again.
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Don't eat the apple, Adam! Don't eat the apple!!!

Um, you have some of the strangest work I've seen. You don't do just one thing. You dabble everywhere. It's very ambitious of you, and I think you succeed in your ambition.
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I love the oddness of the pic. How did u find such a cool pic - I love the pose of the blokey. Yeah - the piece reflects ur experience at the time, but I love the idea.
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weird... i dont think so... retrospaceycool... bingo... Laughing my ass off!

I actually love teh outfit... guess yeah itd good... and the apple woulda been great had it been reallife size. the 3d bars... well they are there... I think I dont get that... the text could sure use typo help... anyway... pretty cool for 1997... :D (Big Grin)
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That's pretty cool.
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celeslovesryan Photographer
Hey, that's still better than anything I could do. I really like the shadow...
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gurrilla Interface Designer
Strange but cool yes. References to surrealism in here and it also makes me think of films like lawnmower man. Good work. Especially considering it was 97.
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thats pretty cool... a little strange too. LOL
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Yer thining of René Magritte, whose recurrent concept was that everyday objects in unusual circumstances could produce a surreal reaction (as opposed to the more otherworldy surrealism of Giger or Dali).

I'm rather inclined to agree with Magritte.
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I do like this kind of stuff (like the sputnik picture) it's unusual. I get the impression of a futuristic, 3d / photo style, of what that artist who did the paintings of men in bowler hats with apples on their faces (Can't remember the artist name) mixed with lawnmower man!!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

Your expression and attire fits so well.
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Heh...kewl :D (Big Grin)
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