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Interlocutors Licence

My DeviantID, an "Interlocutor's Licence"

Done entirely in Photoshop, November 27th, 2002.

PS: It's supposed to look that way (like a card which has been in one's wallet for a long time).
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lol. ur license was issued on my birthday! not the same year, obviously, but my birthday, nonetheless.
tickle-me-hellmo's avatar
oooooohhhhh, this is pretty, this inspires me to finally make a DeviantID...............
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Psh. Fuckin' Rhode Island.
Hellwolve's avatar
Entirely in Photoshop?


That's really good, IMHO..I'd almost say it's an edited photo of an license, but apperently, it's not :)
bitterness-the-star's avatar
wow, cool idea for an ID! :D
andresluis's avatar
Cooliest ID ever.^^
mikhail-mik's avatar
kewl ID! :) (Smile) very creatif
realityisokay's avatar
i wish my ID looked like this! i really like the concept, it looks great!
perrigrin's avatar
mmmm yousasessybeast *pounce*

whoopah! I likes eet it's all... Id-y. Yes. Please GOD make me a bigger dork.
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Cool ID. Looks real :D (Big Grin)
beth004's avatar
I scanned my permit and did this... it's in my devs somewhere... Giggle

Very creative if you did it from scratch. ;-) (Wink)
digitalia413's avatar
oo.. shweet! :D (Big Grin) i love the idea.. i was seriously thinking it was a real drivers license at first lol.. i'll just use the excuse that since im sick im dillusional ;) (Wink)
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Nice concept. Well done. :) (Smile)
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