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Andrew Lenahan Sputnik

Whoo-hoo! It's my first Deviation! Well, it's actually my 20th Deviation, but my first which was created specifically for posting on DevArt!

Anyway, the point of all this is to combine several media in a single work so that each is still recognisable. Computer 3D, watercolour, photography, and ink-on-paper all make an appearance in this one, with the results being pulled together in Photoshop. Completed November 25, 2002.

Hope ya like it, all comments welcome!
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Now that's very interesting. Good use of right brain.
Raining-Love's avatar
What an interesting style! The concept of all the different things flowing together is great, you did a wonderful job. :)
Ursylla's avatar
Wow, its not often that you see MALE self-portraiters. I really like it, love the colours honey

Keep it up!
linked's avatar
Cool, I like the background and the moon the most :). Long time no see, come by and see me some time bro.

xbitterxelegiesx's avatar
whoah! really cool! nice choice of color!
Xiomega's avatar
I really like this! what a great concept! The orange tone is also masterful. +fav
poetrymachine's avatar
That is brilliant!!! Tres cool!!!
fuchikoma300's avatar
waran's avatar
You're called sputnik? Hehehe I don't think many people here know what that mean :D
xilven's avatar
*glomps* This is so wickedly awesome! There is nothin' i can say that needs improovin'...For the occasion of it being one you created specifically for deviantart,i think this is a wonderful job! One worthy of a prize....if i had any. ;)
Tailzie's avatar
Whoa, cool, Orange and cool
admin-sever15's avatar
digtastic effects.
plusone's avatar
this is really cool, i love the colors
slicethepirate's avatar
I like it. It almost feels like home.

Did you consider putting the reddish planetey thinggy behind the wire? One wonders what it would say...or at least I do.

Nevertheless, it's a fav, for good composition and smooth ideas.
seekat39's avatar
That is so cool and like one other person said it does look like a CD cover .I am adding it to my favorites
smallfrie's avatar
wow this is realy good
benza's avatar
nice one, really cool effects. like that planet too :D well done :)
Networkingguru's avatar
Great stuff! I love colaborative works, and you pulled this one off masterfully :D
dou-hong's avatar
ooooooooooooooooohhh.... pretty sphere.. xDDD good job!
killbear's avatar
Looks really cool! The wire frameing on the head looks great.
aZngRl1423's avatar
Wow...teh colors are beautiful. I love the little details..and especially i love is the head area..which is i guess the main focal point. GREAT JOB...keep up the good work =)
uhc's avatar
i could stare at this one for hours. i followed you to your page from your forum post (being curious as i am) and this just drew me in.
great use of color orange. i just love orange. i love all colors.
this deviation reminds me so on some stuff i did (and others did) in winamp advanced visualisation studio.
all i can say is - YOU REALLY PULLED this one RATHER nicely. i am impressed.

what i particularly like is the spots in the lowwer right of the artwork that seem to go up and morph into birds. the orange color leeds my mind to - sunsete, so the birds are flying into the sunset. great work. and the wire structure on top of the head is also a cool idea. looks like a really kewl cap :) you should wear it all the time if it allows you to make such beautifull artwork.

do i even need to mention that you are getting my :+fav: on this one :)
andresluis's avatar
i like that face. it so cool in digital image. ^^
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