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Andrew Lenahan Snowbound

"December, in arboreal splendor quite alone
bright spark, colourfast upon the ebbing day
a perch, a moment's purchase can be shown
to pause a moment there, then flit! ...and then away!"
--Andrew Lenahan, December 2003

Taken with a Sony DSC-717 near Harrisburg PA and adjusted/bordered in Photoshop. Wallpaper sized for your convenience. Note that this piece is all about DETAIL... full view is required to "get the point" of this piece. Trust me... you'll see. ;)

This one is for everyone out there, wherever you are, whatever you celebrate, whatever you believe. Have a good holiday season and a beautiful new year. Stay safe. I love you all.
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deathxdoor's avatar
holy shit!!! this is a photograph???
starblind's avatar
Liorry's avatar
very freezing heh
I like the composition and lighting is good for the snow, makes it whiter ;)
s15jesusfreak's avatar
:wow: There's a cardinal in there! :giggle: Trees are so cool in winter! :+fav:
derte's avatar
mearaaluraoriana's avatar
I love this picture! When the snow looks like that right after the first snow fall, oh, its so beautiful, and you have a good shot of it.
crapmighty's avatar
what's the bird doing there!!! it's cold!!!

wahh it's a very surreal and eye mingling picture, the repetetions looks very deceptive, but in a whole, i really liked it! good job
Tama-chankitty's avatar
I love the teensy little splotch of red that the cardinal adds!
leadedfewell's avatar
the bird is classic... this is a great pic... +fav... come see me...
shaterddreamz's avatar
oh my how gorgeous :drool:

and is that REALLY a real bird in that?

what a fantastic capture

gosh this is beautiful
pandoraz's avatar
You're right. Full view is a must. Beautiful.

school's avatar
btw the full view is simply marvelous. You really do take great shots. I like this :+favlove: you really do deserve this seriously. It is beauty captured in its most splendurous median. or something like that. nice job once again :clap:
school's avatar
You picked a great angle to potray this my friend. Nice job :clap: I also like the way its' shot at. the angle not only captures what you're expressing but it also captures what you feel about the pic. I know that totally doesn't make sense yet but it should if you read over my comment one more time. I hope I didn't confuse you. If I did then I apologize. :hug: one more to go. I will get back to you more k about me commenting on your works. I know it would be nice to see more comments from me
snogo's avatar
wow, what a beatiful shot, full view is really a must!
great winter work, the red bird fits perfect in this shot, gives it a nice contrast
Xiomega's avatar
This is a really awesome photo! I love how the snow sits on the branches. reminds of the stuff I see outside today after a huge snow wishing I had a camera. I also have taken pictures before of snow stuff, you can check out my gallery if you want to see them. +fav
Vidz's avatar
its very beautiful ^-^ i've seen trees around where I live look like that or be covered in ice :+fav: my fav kind of scenery, right at sunset..when the sky turns pretty purple, red or pink colours, and you look at bare trees, and just see the black outline of each branch i love that ^_^
psychogizmo's avatar
Ooh, snow. I love photos of snow; don't know why. That's a great shot, too.
Firebringer's avatar
Gorgeous! Just...gorgeous! =) +fave!
camelel's avatar
hehe i liked the work from the preview but i had to open the big size, cuz i wanted to see what's that red dot which turned to be a bitd =) hehe kewl work man :D :clap:
ph0enix's avatar
damit - copostion is great and the element of pattern is amazing to, but the cardinal admakes it seriously good, glad to see some new stuff up :) i'll be back in 6 months :lmao:
raiondas's avatar
I love snow shots :)
sidetracked's avatar
That is so cool!
darkchemist's avatar
thats pretty.. i wish it would snow where i live... shit its suposed to be 70 tomorow... :(
princessmeow's avatar
i LOVE this! it's absolutely beautiful :heart:
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