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Andrew Lenahan Reliquary 3

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Before we start, for those who missed the first two:

Reliquary 1 [link]
Reliquary 2 [link]

Better look at those first or else you might have trouble keeping up with the complex plot.

Right, here we go. Because you lot asked for it, here's the third and most likely final piece in the Reliquary trilogy. In a way, the order of the pieces could be said to represent the life cycle of Man (the first being an Olmec sacred Jaguar-baby, and the second being a young Balinese woman). Here, we have the dying Laocoön of Greece, which may well be the fourth most famous sculpture in history (after David, The Thinker, and the Pieta).

This is somewhat of a departure for the series, as the previous installments were significantly more obscure pieces, but there's nothing wrong with going out with a bang. If you've seen the entire sculpture, you know that Laocoön and his young sons are in the process of being devoured alive by huge serpents sent from the Gods, so it's no wonder he looks a bit stressed. He's having a really really really bad day.

As with all the previous pieces, the brushwork is really the whole show, so be sure to VIEW THE LARGE VERSION! Seriously. You shan't regret it.

This is for the people of DeviantArt, so please let me know what you think. Comments always appreciated. I'll try to have a go through your gallery as well.
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Ohhhhhhhhh I like.....^.^
Very nice!*is jealous allready*
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very nice...
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Now that is just damn fun and modern, I love the sketchy style and the harsh lighting. It took me a second or two to get but it is still amazing... Kinda leaves a lot open to the imagination.
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As Edge once said "That Totally REEKS of awesomeness!!"
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This is an interesting series and you're right about the brushstrokes. I especially liked the texture they created in reliquary 2. The brushstrokes in reliquary 1 seem like a cross between impressionistic and expressionistic which looks real good. And for reliquary 3 it's really great how you conveyed light with so few brushstrokes. I really like seeing white on black. It looks great ;)

-and now i look at the other comments and see that you've already gotten a couple like this, haha, anyway, great job
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m-i-b Photographer
well i shall comment on all 3 in one fell swoop rather than 1 for each {sorry but i am lazy}

reliquary 1 - i love the deep red of this and the white it really seems to stand out. Also the white in it looks good and contrasts the red nicely. It really doesnt seem like a painting at first
reliquary 2 - is breathtaking particularly in full view it has beautiful textures and great depth to it.
reliquary 3 - is again stunning, i love the way it seems so simple when you look closely at it and yet from further off it again looks real

this is a really really nice series, must have taken forever
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Okay bro...this is more like it.

Right off the bat, the sculpture is familiar to me. Not only do I recognize it from art history...but it's gorgeous...powerful...and all the other God-like adjectives. So that makes me want to look at this more.

So I do.

I zoom in to see the full view.

It's a little dark...and I like that you're just doing the highlights mostly...but I might like to see a LITTLE more definition on the right side.

But that's nitpicking.

The brush strokes are powerful. Just like the God. I like. And hell..I'm not even a painter, and I can pick up on those. Balance...composition...this has it all. My only question is did you use a reference photo to copy exactly...or did you do it in your head. Either way, it's great....but I'd REALLY love to hear that you didn't copy this exactly. I want to be impressed more than I already am. I know...I'm greedy. I'm a greedy commenter.

All in all...on a scale of one to ten...this gets a 7. A 8 if you did it without copying.

Powerful stuff.
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Made of stone he is for ever trapped to watch and relive the torment the pains him so. You captured that here, he's almost crying if you look close enough but because its black and white you just have to feel out the tears with you hands and when you finaly find them there the salty water on your fingertips you feel his pain and buckle to the floor you knees giving way to the wait you feel this man holding up.

So he's stays in stone or trapped on canvas for people to look at so that noone ever has to go through the pain he feels. The black and white detaching me from the painting but at the same time because it detaches me i attach myself to it and feel that pain because i know i can't detach my feeling just like that its to hard for me to do.

So i turn away even though its beauty is only surpassed by its tormented soul that is the focus and reason for it being here.

As a reminder that we are in the end only human and make mistakes. To help those in need when they need it.

I love the pain stroke affect its mavelous in its simplicity and the black and white only adds to this,

Love your work ;) (Wink)

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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i like the light angle u chose it creates a dark figure seemingly looking into light for hope --- inspiring it is ^_^

awesome job on the trilogy i love them all ^_^
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Excellent painting... i'll have to look at the other two also

well done Horns
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chaxitronHobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing painting, it looks so realistic. The detail and shadows are done very well.
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Ill have to agree with sugarmagnolia420...."VERY DALI-LIKE"
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I want to hear the cat moew...
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ritzcrackaaProfessional Photographer
damn fine work star!! i love the darkness of this, and the paint strokes look great. nice to get a little history behind it as well as the great piece you created. great job Nod

now go feed those hamsters! LOL
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makes yeh look like a god, oi, this is so kickass I just had to comment on it again :D (Big Grin)
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Just marvelous! I love the angle of his head and the lighting.... this is definitely a +fav
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good job man!
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l0kki Digital Artist
wow wow wow..... +fav my god thats so fuck** awesome
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Ooo... this one looks really cool! I love the texture! ::reads more::
This means instant Worship -ness.
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i like the darkness and the the painting.
nice job.keep up the good work.
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ive always been a sucker for high contrast peices ... philosopher ... the text needs to be less imposing
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never saw the ealier ones but this is good, the contrast of the light and the dark shadows stands out well, and coupled with the dark backing makes this an overall interesting photo
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I remember looking at the earlier ones in this series, this one would have to be my favourate methinks though. The shadows, and their contrasts gives this a real strength ... Very bold and full of emotion

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1- I didn't want to become a Burrito
2- I was Spam ing so I thought I should look at your dev
3- I hate doing this!

I like this.. it's awesome and it grows on me. Reminds me of how religous I used to be..

Comment on this? [link]

Thank ya muchly Nod

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